Where is Universal Furniture Made 2024?

In the US furniture market, Universal Furniture is known as the leading provider of quality home furniture and décor.

Though its Headquarters is located in High Point, North Carolina, Universal Furniture distributes its products to various locations all around the world.

As the leading distributor of quality furniture, the first thing you should know — where is Universal Furniture made?

Where is Universal Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Universal furniture made:

Being an International importer of home furnishings, Universal Furniture manufactures its products overseas.

Universal Furniture predominantly manufactures all of its furniture in China. You will find a lot of Universal Furniture manufacturing plants in China.

Before domestic import, Universal Furniture undergoes a rigorous quality testing and certification process.

Is Universal Furniture made in China?

Yes, Universal Furniture is made in China. Being a major subsidiary of an Asian furniture brand, there are a lot of Universal Furniture manufacturing plants in China.

It has been said that Universal Furniture does have a face in the US and its feet in Asia. This furniture brand is commonly known as an International importer of home furnishings. They make their goods in China and import them to numerous locations around the world.

In the sweetest manufacturing facilities in China, Universal Furniture undergoes a rigorous quality testing and certification process. Hence, they ensure quality products before bringing them into the market.

Is Universal Furniture made in the USA?

No, Universal Furniture is not made in the USA. All of its manufacturing processes are done in Asia.

The Head Quarter of Universal Furniture is located in High Point, North Carolina. They are typically leading the furniture market in the US. Nonetheless, Universal Furniture makes its furniture items mainly in China. All of its manufacturing plants are located in numerous countries in Asia.

Consequently, you hardly find Universal Furniture in the US market which is made in the USA.  

When was Universal Furniture founded?

Universal Furniture was founded in 1968.

Since 1968, Universal Furniture has been making quality furniture for its customers. The company’s case goods, upholstery, accent, and accessory designs are developed under the brand names Universal Furniture.

Universal Furniture is part of the Household and Industrial Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Industry. Across all of its locations, 12k employees are working in the sweetest Universal Furniture manufacturing plant. Currently, the Company generates $153.72 million in sales revenue.

As a corporate family, Universal Furniture leads 9 companies. Ronald J Hoffman is playing a key role in this brand.

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How much does Universal Furniture cost?

Universal Furniture provides affordable products in the market. It has a variety of furniture collections. Universal Sofa will averagely cost you between $1k and $2k. Universal bed frames also go for a reasonable price. Their bedroom set may cost you between $7k and $12k.

In the competitive furniture market, Universal Furniture is fighting through its quality products for an affordable price. They provide made-in-China furniture worldwide. They don’t need to spend high while manufacturing their furniture as labor cost in China is comparatively low.

Talking about furniture collection, Universal Furniture provides:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Dining Tables
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Sofa

These furniture products are mid-ranged furniture items. You can easily afford these furniture items.  

Where to buy Universal Furniture?

Universal Furniture is widely available. As an International importer of furniture items, they serve their products in numerous locations around the world. In the US, you will find a lot of Universal Furniture retail stores. Outside the US, there are also a lot of distribution centers.

Apart from visiting stores, you can also purchase Universal Furniture online. You may get free home delivery service ordering on their verified web pages. Besides, Universal Furniture sells its products on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

As Amazon provides authentic products for a discount, you may prefer this platform. You can also use Amazon affiliate promotional codes on this platform. If you use these promotional codes on their platform, they will provide a certain amount of discount.

Who is Universal Furniture owned by?

Universal Furniture is owned by Samson Holding.

Samson Holding is one of China’s largest furniture makers. The company is also the owner of La-Z-Boy. In 2007, Samson Holding purchased La-Z-Boy. The company is principally engaged in the furniture business. In 2021, Samson Holding secured an annual revenue of $488.11 million.  

Is Universal Furniture real wood?

Universal Furniture is considered to be a mid-range product but most of their furniture is not solid wood.

According to their specifications, Universal Furniture is constructed using American cherry wood. These furniture items look decent although they don’t use pure solid wood while manufacturing. Universal Sofas are made of Teak Wood.

Apart from wooden items, you will find a variety of hardboards used in Universal Furniture. These hardboard items also cost you very low. Consequently, you will get your desired furniture items in the Universal furniture showroom for a cheap price.

Does Universal make its furniture?

Yes, under the instruction of Samson Holding, all Universal Furniture is manufactured in China. They make their furniture items in the sweetest manufacturing plants in China.

Universal Furniture is a Chinese brand. But, they have created a sensation in the US and Canadian markets through their affordable products. Under the instruction of Samson Holding, Universal makes its own furniture.