Where is Texas Pete Made 2024 – Is It Made in Texas?

Texas Pete is an American classic hot sauce brand. It is a supremely balanced hot sauce which offers you a vinegar tang with some nice aged peppers. Its popularity is increasing day by day rapidly.

It has been 93 years since Texas Pete started manufacturing these spicy hot sauces. At the time of enjoying its amusing peppery flavor, you may wonder, “where does Texas Pete actually manufacture hot sauce?”

Texas Pete currently manufactures its hot sauces only in the United States. The company has a manufacturing factory in Winston-Salem, a city in North Carolina.

where is Texas Pete made

According to the official website, Texas Pete hasn’t any production facilities outside of the United States in 2022. Besides, they didn’t announce that they would build another factory to manufacture hot sauce.

A Californian man filed a lawsuit against the maker of Texas Pete for a false labeling scheme. He claimed that he thought the sauce was made in Texas. But it wasn’t actually manufactured in Texas.

Texas Pete has only a high-facility production factory in North Carolina. The company sold its products across the United States and exported them to retailers outside of the country through a huge supply chain.

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Where is Texas Pete originally from?

Texas Pete is originally from Winston-Salem. In 1929, it started marketing hot sauce to the American consumer markets.

Texas Pete is only the name of this hot sauce. It is mainly from North Carolina.

At the time of World War II, they had sold Texas Pete along with other consumer goods to the U.S. government as soldier rations. It was the most popular hot sauce in Southeast the USA at the time.

The current factory that you have seen was built in 1942 and reshaped a couple of times within five decades. Texas Pete markets its hot sauce worldwide through distributors and its own sales organizations.

What is Texas Pete hot sauce made of?

Texas Pete hot sauce is made of several organic ingredients. Aged peppers are the main ingredient of it. The recipe for this hot sauce is simple. According to the official website, the manufacturer uses-

  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Benzoate of Soda
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Natural Flavor

After collecting the organic peppers from the field, they assembled them at the manufacturing plant to make the spicy delicious hot sauce. It takes over 20 minutes long to make Texas Pete.

The recipe for Texas Pete hot sauce has not changed yet. As a result, it has been using the same ingredients since the very beginning. But Texas Pete focuses on its best spicy test for consumer demands.

what pepper is Texas Pete made from

What pepper is Texas Pete made from?

Texas Pete uses select red cayenne peppers that are aged for around two years to make hot sauce. Green Tabasco peppers are used as the main ingredient.

They have primarily grown these red peppers in North Carolina. In addition, the company has a couple of international sources to collect quality peppers.

The manufacturer enhances the extraction of the natural capsicum from these peppers through the most important aging process. After removing seeds and other unnecessary parts they make a pure natural pulp.

Is Texas Pete only in North Carolina?

Texas Pete was first introduced in North Carolina by the end of the 1920s. Over the years, it expanded its business around the world through retailers.

Texas Pete hasn’t had any extra production facility along with the Winston-Salem factory till now. Despite manufacturing in one production unit, the company sells its hot spicy product in several countries worldwide.

who makes Texas Pete sauce

Who makes Texas Pete sauce?

The TW Garner Food Company makes Texas Pete sauce on its own. It manufactures other food products including jams and jellies besides this hot sauce and sells them to retailers.

An American man named Sam Garner is widely known as the founder of the company. He started a family business with a restaurant to survive tough times. In the beginning, the company made sauces in the family kitchen.

Due to some reasons, Sam Garner could not continue the restaurant business. But people loved homemade sauces very much at the time. Then he started marketing Texas Pete hot sauce according to consumer demands.

Which company owns Texas Pete?

As of 2022, T.W. Garner Food Company Ltd. is the owner of Texas Pete. Ann Garner Riddle is the president of this food company.

According to the official website, he revealed that TW Garner Food Company is the current owner & will be the owner forever of the hot sauce brand as well.

Though Vietti Foods became a co-packer of two of Texas Pete’s canned products, it didn’t get the ownership stake in the sauce brand at all.

Did they discontinue Texas Pete hot sauce?

Texas Pete decided to stop production due to the lack of resources. The company announced in September the end of Texas Pete Chili and the development of a new product as Hot Dog Chili Sauce.

Previously, they discontinued Texas Pete hot sauce in 2015. Because they focused on offering some exciting new products like hot dogs and hamburgers. Currently, it is one of America’s leading condiment brands in the food industry.

Wrap Up

The TW Garner Food Company manufactures hot sauce in just one production unit in the United States. Over the years, it is becoming more popular. As a result, the company might expand production facilities to meet the demand.