Where is Tapatio Made 2024? – Mexico or USA?

If you want to make chicharrones, popcorn, or other snacks more delicious, Tapatio would be a remarkable condiment.

The company offers a supremely balanced hot sauce of overall flavors.

While enjoying this spicy hot sauce, you may be curious to know about its manufacturing process and facilities.

Let’s find out, where Tapatio is actually made.

Tapatio is manufactured only in the United States. It has a manufacturing facility in Vernon, California.

Despite it was invented by a Mexican family from Jalisco, it is not made in Mexico. The hot sauce brand is mainly popular among Mexican American communities.

where is Tapatio made

Although Tapatio served its spicy sauce only in the North American region in the 1970s, later it was exported to several countries including Australia.

Besides the USA & Mexico, Tapatio is also a popular hot sauce brand in Canada.

Though it is not manufactured in Canada, Tapatio has an Ontario-based importer who distributes across the whole country after imports.

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who made Tapatio

Who made Tapatio?

Jose Luis Saavedra first made Tapatio hot sauce. He is a Mexican citizen who is a former aerospace manufacturer.

Jose Saavedra invented the unique formula of Tapatio hot sauce in early of the 1970s. Then he founded California’s favorite hot sauce brand with a small manufacturing facility in Maywood.

It was his side hustle making hot a sauce brand besides his main career. In 1971, he totally focused on making Tapatio hot sauce when he was laid off from his job.

Within a decade, the company became a famous hot sauce manufacturer in the United States.

Then Jose Saavedra expanded the size of the manufacturing factory to a new 8500 square feet for constant growth of the business.

who is the owner of Tapatio

Who is the owner of Tapatio?

Jose Luis Saavedra Sr. is the owner & founder of Tapatio. He is widely known as the maker of the Mexican-style Tapatio hot sauce.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Saavedra founded the hot sauce brand and started the business with his family in a 750-square-foot warehouse.

At the time, he bottled sauces by hand & sales them through consignment.

It is actually a family-run business. Currently, Saavedra’s three children are working in the company. Previously, Saavedra revealed that he wants to run the business every day with his family.

Is Tapatio going out of business?

No, Tapatio is not going out of business. It still remains a family-run business in 2022.

Last year, the company proudly celebrated its half-century in business. It stepped into the industry with a 5-ounce bottle.

Over the years, it expanded bottle sizes according to consumer demands.

Tapatio did not officially announce going out of business. Instead, it is trying to expand its business and manufacturing facility in other regions.

Currently, the company is producing more than 200,000 bottles a day.

On the other hand, the owner of Tapatio never tried to move to another business besides hot sauce production.

Though Tapatio hot sauce originated in the United States, it is very popular in Northern Mexico.

Is Tapatio an American company?

The answer is “Yes.” Tapatio is undoubtedly an American company. Tapatio is famous in the whole of North America as California’s favorite hot sauce.

Tapatio’s first manufacturing facility was in Maywood, California. Later, the brand moved its manufacturing factory to Vemon in 1985.

In addition, it is headquartered at the same location right now.

What part of Mexico is Tapatio from?

Tapatio is from Guadalajara, a metropolis in the western part of Mexico.

Tapatio is not manufactured in Mexico but it deserves to be included in this country. Because the founder of this hot sauce brand was a resident of Mexico.

Who came up with Tapatio sauce?

Tapatio first came up with Mr. Jose Luis Saavedra Sr. He got the innovative idea to manufacture hot sauce from his mother.

Jose Saavedra decided to bring these spicy condiments-based hot sauces to American markets when he left his job.

He described during an interview with ABC7 that it was initially his mom’s recipe.

Wrap Up

In recent years, Tapatio is one of the best hot sauce manufacturers that has gained huge popularity.

With new record sales, it is a nationwide leader in the hot sauce industry.