Where is Supreme Made 2024 – Is Supreme Made in USA?

Supreme is a widely famous American lifestyle brand that focuses on skateboards, accessories, clothing, and shoes. The brand has expanded its business in 11 mega-cities and has 14 stores worldwide.

The young generation adores the Supreme lifestyle brand very much. In 2018, the Council of Fashion Designers of America was awarded the Supreme Designer of The Year award.

Where is Supreme Made

So, let’s find out where this award-winning brand’s products are made in 2024.

VF Corporation manufactures a fair amount of Supreme products from China. However, China is not the only producer. Some other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Portugal, etc., from where VF supplies products to Supreme’s stores.

The production from these countries is not as vast as China’s.

where are supreme hoodies made

Is Supreme Made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Besides other countries, Supreme also manufactures some products in the United States of America. Moreover, the brand’s headquarters is also in this country’s state, New York.

However, it is a common strategy for every fashion and lifestyle-based company to keep production details undercover. And Supreme is no exception.

On the t-shirts of Supreme, where you would find a tag that says, Made In U. S. A. So, it is assumed that the brand manufactures t-shirts in the United States.

But Supreme never said the specific location of its factory, only the country’s name. As the USA is the birthplace of Supreme, the brand should have made most of its products here. But the brand’s most considerable supplier is in China.

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Is Supreme Made in the USA

Is the authentic Supreme Made in China?

Most of the products in Supreme’s stores are with the Made in China tag. However, there are a few collections that are non-Chinese. So, you can see that Supreme is in a massive deal with Chinese manufacturers.

When people hear that a product is from China, the first impression is always negative. There is a reason behind it.

Chinese products do not last long, and it feels like using them for a single time. Moreover, some more picky people do not even buy Chinese products.

So, how can Supreme make money from its products from China? It is easy to understand. Supreme always focuses on quality over quantity. So, even though the brand’s products come from China, every creation is quality.

Is Supreme Made in Japan

Is Supreme Made in Japan?

The answer is no. Supreme’s products are not manufactured in Japan. However, Japan is the most extensive Supreme product consumer out of 5 other countries.

Before coming to Japan, Supreme’s market value was not even close to today’s. In the early 00s, the brand entered the Japanese market. Supreme’s products raised massive hype in Japan as soon as the brand stepped in.

Instantly Supreme’s market value skyrocketed after entering Japan in 2004. In 2003, the brand’s value was only 300 million dollars. And now, It has become 2.1 billion dollars in 2021, and its yearly revenue is 500 million dollars.

On 28 December 2021, VF Corp paid the money to claim a full-fledged acquisition of the Supreme brand. However, before that, in 2003, the corporation purchased Supreme partially.

So, yes. Though Supreme’s products are not made in Japan, Japan is the one that made Supreme. It is a metaphoric tone. It may sound crazy, but it is true.

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Who makes Supreme clothes
Source: Modern-Notoriety

Who makes Supreme clothes?

The VF Corporation is the one that manufactures Supreme’s clothing lines. Not only that. VF is the parent company of Supreme.

In April 1994, James Jebbia established Supreme in Lower Manhattan, New York. Eventually, the company became a cult fashion brand. That means it is small but delivers quality products with loyalty.

The popularity of Supreme was expanding rapidly, which caught the VF Corporation’s attention.

In November 2020, VF announced to the acquisition of the brand for 2.1 billion dollars. On 28 December 2020, Supreme signed the contract with VF Corporation.

What material are Supreme shirts made of?

Supreme is a clothing industry that is known for its quality over quantity. So, we can categorize it as a cult fashion brand. Besides, Supreme always prioritizes the comfort of the user using its products.

First, you need to know the strategy of companies that have achieved popularity. They always try to hide facts from people, such as factory locations, materials used, etc.

Supreme is not an exception. The brand also hides the materials it uses to manufacture clothing.

However, people are full of curiosity. Some have figured out partially what materials Supreme uses. However, there is no guarantee that the materials people think Supreme uses are exact. Anyways, the rumored materials are given below

  • 100 percent Cotton or 9 is to 1 ratio of cotton and polyester (For tee shirts)
  • High-quality silk material (For hoodie)
Is Supreme a good brand

Where do materials come from?

No doubt that Supreme’s clothes quality is superior to other street brands. However, you know that the more a company is popular, the more secrets the company has.

Supreme manufactures its clothing in different countries, including

  • The United States of America
  • China
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Bangladesh

However, the Supreme does not reveal the factory locations. Now, let’s learn from where the brand collects fabric to manufacture garments.

Like the factory locations, the material suppliers are also confidential. Supreme does not want to publicly reveal the secrets of its clothing production chain.

However, on the internet, some websites, such as Quora, Reddit, etc., have some answers, though it is not official.

According to online resources, the fabrics used in Supreme’s clothing come from different countries, including

  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • India

Is Supreme a good brand?

In Dover Street Market, New York, Supreme is one of the top three best-selling brands after Gucci and Hermes. Now, let’s learn if the brand is overrated or is well-fitted to its reputation.

James Jebbia founded Supreme as a streetwear brand. But unlike other streetwear brands, its clothing, accessories, skateboards, etc., provide a premium experience. Besides, Supreme’s products are long-lasting.

Supreme’s tee shirts are always made with simple designs. Plain white or grey with a boxy logo design in the middle of the garment. No junky or eye-catchy design that most people do not like.

When Supreme entered Japan, it became famous overnight. Japanese Supreme stores are always selling products at full capacity. Though it has only 14 stores worldwide, its total sales are around 500 million annually.

Looking at Supreme’s material quality, design, and sales, there is no doubt that it is a good brand. When a brand can read its customer’s thoughts and supply its desired products, the brand becomes not a good but the best brand.

Is Supreme worth the money?

You must have known that Supreme’s products are more expensive than other streetwear brands. A single tee shirt of this brand costs 400 dollars which is too much even for a luxury brand.

Supreme is one of the most expensive brands in the world. Besides, its brand’s partner is a luxury brand named LVMH. LVMH’s labeling has made Supreme’s products more costly than other streetwear and luxury brands.

There is no excuse to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a tee shirt. But when it comes to showing off, Supreme is the best choice. When people see you wearing Supreme’s products, they think you are rich. That is it.

If you are rich enough to afford Supreme’s products, go for it. But other brands can provide the same quality at a lower price. However, wearing Supreme’s products would give you extra one thing which is flexing.

Is the Supreme ethically made?

Before knowing if Supreme is ethical or not let’s learn, what is the meaning of ethically made? A company can claim its product is ethically made if the product’s manufacturing does not harm the environment, people, or animals.

Now, let’s learn if Supreme makes products ethically. Sadly, the brand does not give any information about its production. So, there is no way to find out if the production is harming the environment or not. Besides, the Supreme did not describe anything on its website about it.

Besides, to be ethically manufactured, the company also has to make sure that the workers are getting wages regularly. However, in either way, we cannot say if Supreme makes its products ethically or not.