Where is Stone and Beam Cookware Made 2024

Stone and Beam is a household product manufacturing brand. People highly praise the following brand for making good quality products and selling at a low budget price. Besides, Stone and Beam’s cookware also comes at a low cost but maintains quality standards.

The design of Stone and Beam is a very intriguing factor. Everyone loves its minimalistic design, which is a big deal for a brand’s cookware designers.

Now, let’s find out where Stone and Beam manufactures cookware products.

Where is Stone and Beam cookware made

Here is a short answer to where is Stone and Beam cookware made:

Stone and Beam manufactures cookware and other household items in China.

The brand has distribution centers in some countries, including the US, Canada, France, and Italy.

Besides, Stone and Beam have a shipping policy worldwide where Amazon can trade.

Who makes Stone and Beam cookware??

In 2017, Amazon launched two brands that are meant to manufacture household items. The two brands include Stone and Beam and Rivet.

Anyways, Rivet is a furniture and home decor brand. On the other hand, Stone and Beam produce cookware additionally. But it also creates furniture and other household items as Rivet does.

Amazon produces Stone and Beam cookware from China. Then, the brand sells these products where Amazon’s merchandising is valid.

Is Stone and Beam cookware safe?

Stone and Beam provides cookware at a low price. So, you cannot expect everything from it. Stone and Beam uses Teflon to coat the pans the brand makes.

Teflon is a biochemical substance, and its chemical name is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE in short. It is one of the most common con-stick substances industrially used since 1940.

Now, let’s understand what PTFE does to our bodies. PTFE coating does not affect food at a temperature lower than 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If the cooking temperature crosses the above limit, PTFE generates fumes.

If someone eats food adulterated with PTFE fumes, they will suffer some health issues. The health issues include headaches, chills, fever, and body aches. Anyways, these body conditions will resolve within 12 to 48 hours usually.

Again, do not get too excited as you are thinking of not raising the temperature. There is another way to be intoxicated from PTFE. After a long time of use, Teflon coating starts to wear off. The scrap Teflon would make your health problem worse.

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Where can I buy Stone and Beam cookware products?

Everyone wants to buy cookware that can give good service in its lifespan. In this case, Stone and Beam is a great brand and trustworthy. Now, a question arises to mind, where you can buy this brand’s cookware?

Stone and Beam supply its cookware in the United States of America, Canada, France, and Italy. There, you can find it in cookware stores and other offline shops.

Again, the internet is now a great medium from where you can purchase Stone and Beam cookware. The only thing is that Amazon must be available to your region to get the brand’s products.

Besides Amazon, there are some other online marketplaces where you will find Stone and Beam cookware, such as

  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • u-Buy
  • DesertCart
  • Sears

How much does Stone and Beam cookware cost?

Stone and Beam provides PTFE-coated cookware. So, the brand’s cookware is necessarily cheaper than other brands that use ceramic or granite coating.

The prices of Stone and Beam cookware are written on the Amazon webpage. Some of the cookware prices are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Amazon Brand – Stone and Beam Souce Pan with Lid, Hard-Anodized Non-Stick, 4-Quart — 33.99 dollars
  • Amazon Brand – Stone and Beam Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Kitchen Cookware Set, Pots — 133.52 dollars

Are Stone and Beam cookware worth buying?

Stone and Beam cookware’s design is very minimalistic, and no additional hassle in the cookware design. There are some specific pros that the brand delivers to its consumers at a low cost.

Though Stone and Beam’s cookware is coated with Teflon, its building material is solid. In a cookware description, Amazon has described that its inner coating material is aluminum and stainless steel. That makes Stone and Beam’s material quite durable.

The heat distribution all over the cookware is even. Thus, using Stone and Beam’s cookware is like conserving natural resources that are natural gas.

How long does Stone and Beam cookware last?

Like other companies’ cookware products, Stone and Beam’s cookware last around 2 to 5 years at most. But of course, it also vastly depends on the user who is using it.

In addition, PTFE-coated cookware has a reputation for lasting longer than other coatings, such as ceramic and granite coating. Moreover, Stone and Beam’s cookware has a strong foundation. So, it does not bend or crack due to heavy loads or falling.

Are Stone and Beam cookware ethically made?

Stone and Beam or Amazon did not confirm if the brand’s cookware is ethically made or not. However, the coating the brand uses is PTFE. So, the probability is high that Stone and Beam’s cookware is not made ethically.