Where is SPAM Made 2024 – (Who Makes + Who Eats Most)

SPAM is an American canned food manufacturing company. Its primary product is cooked pork meat, which it sells as canned food. Ham and pork shoulder are the primary ingredients of SPAM’s canned food.

During World War II, SPAM gained massive popularity for supplying preserved pork meats.

It has been nearly 85 years since this food processor began its journey, and still, its reputation is at its peak. Let’s find out where SPAM manufactures its canned foods in 2024.

Hormel Foods manufactures SPAM foods in two food processing plants in two different cities. One of the plants is in Austin, Minnesota. Another production facility or secondary facility is in Dubuque, Iowa.

where is SPAM made

The city where SPAM has a processing plant in Minnesota is also called SPAM Town USA.

SPAM has become so popular in the United States that people know SPAM’s birthplace by the company’s name rather than the city name.

SPAM supplies its canned pork meat to over fifty countries from those two food processing facilities.

Where is SPAM made in Minnesota?

Whenever you say the name of SPAM to a pork meat lover, the first thing he would say about it is Austin. It is a city in Minnesota where SPAM has a food-rectifying plant.

On 5 July 1937, SPAM came to the market for the first time in Austin, Minnesota. And Hormel Foods was the introducer of this brand to the market. Since then, SPAM has prepared canned meat there.

Even though SPAM has another meat processing plant in Dubuque, Iowa, its primary manufacturing facility is in Austin, Minnesota. The brand expanded its facility in Iowa to keep up with the market’s demand.

What state eats the most SPAM?

Hawaii is the state that takes the most SPAM. SPAM has to give extra effort in production for the Hawaiians because of their consumption rate.

In the 2018 SPAM report, the company sold nearly seven million cans in that year, in Hawaii. So, it makes an average Hawaiian consume at least SPAM’s five porky cans in a year.

Hawaiians are proud of SPAM for supplying that massive amount of canned pork meat in Hawaii. The Hawaii residents say they can open a SPAM museum in Hawaii to show their dedication to consuming SPAM cans.

Is SPAM made in Hawaii?

The answer is no. SPAM does not process pork meat in Hawaii. The consumption level of SPAM canned meat in Hawaii is so high that people sometimes think the company may produce it in Hawaii.

However, the reality is different. The SPAM canned meat Hawaiians consume comes from Austin, Minnesota. As Hawaii is an isolated island, companies are not encouraged to establish factories there.

Who brought Spam to Hawaii?

In the 1940s, during World War II, there was a scar of protein sources. So, SPAM came as a rescue hero. People started eating it as SPAM’s canned meat did not require refrigeration.

Besides, during World War II, the American islands had substantial military existence. Some of the islands, including

  • Hawaii
  • The Philippines
  • Guam
  • Okinawa

SPAM covered the military men’s protein demands on these islands. Also, the locals ate SPAM canned meat. That is how this meat processing company entered Hawaii.

The US military was the medium that introduced SPAM to Hawaiians.

Is SPAM made in China?

The answer is no. SPAM has only two food processing plants, and those two are in the United States.

However, SPAM’s parent company, Hormel Foods, has business worldwide. So, it is evident that this company has food processing plants in other countries besides the United States.

Hormel Foods has food processing plants in two other countries outside the USA. The countries, including

  • China
  • Brazil

However, those are not SPAM’s food processing plants. Hormel Foods operates these plants to sell processed food in those countries.

who consumes the most SPAM in the world

Who consumes the most SPAM in the world?

SPAM is widely famous globally. Except for some Islamic countries, SPAM trades almost in every country directly and indirectly. Let’s learn which region in this world consumes the most SPAM.

Hawaiians are at the peak of consuming SPAM’s canned pork meat. Every year, the company has to supply over seven million cans to Hawaii to fulfill the consumers’ demand in that region.

Besides Hawaii, there is an island named Guam in the western Pacific. The military outpost on that island takes massive supplies from SPAM. However, it is not nearly equal to Hawaii’s consumers’ demand.

What part of the Pig is SPAM made from?

SPAM is famous for its canned pork meat. And people enjoy having it even though canned foods’ nutritious values are questioned several times. Let’s learn which part of pork SPAM puts in its can.

When SPAM started production in 1937, it used to package pork shoulder. Generally, people do not want to eat pork shoulders. So, SPAM took advantage of collecting it at a low price and sold it canned.

However, in 2022, besides canning pork shoulder, SPAM is putting hams in its cans. People love its products as no refrigeration is needed. So, just open the can and eat.

Bottom Line

Canned pork meats will never taste like restaurant dishes. However, as emergency food, it can help to give us the necessary protein our body needs. And again, canned pork does not taste bad either.

SPAM is a company that provides quality canned pork meat. People who grew up eating SPAM’s canned meat find it delightful.

Anyways, the taste and smell experience may vary from person to person if eating for the first time.