Where Are Solo Stoves Made 2024: Is It Made in USA?

Solo Stoves are made in China and Vietnam. But all of the stoves are designed in the United States.

It is an American brand, and this company’s headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

An American company named Bertram Capital invests in Solo Stove products. Solo designs stoves create less smoke and are portable at a time.

Where is Solo Stove Made

Is Solo Stove made in China?

Solo Stove’s origin lies in the United States of America. In addition, it manufactures stoves, especially for the American people.

Solo Stove makes its products in China and imports them to the United States.

The brand currently ships its products worldwide, though one must pay with a credit card.

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who makes Solo Stove

Who makes Solo Stove?

Solo Stove is one of the many brands of a company named Solo Brands Inc. Solo Brands Inc is a platform called DTC or Direct to Consumer.

The brand manufactures its merchandise in China and does itself without any external help.

However, the brand, Solo Stove, makes its products with another American company named Bertram Capital. The company invests in Solo Stove to manufacture its products.

Is Solo Stove made in China

Is Solo Stove a good brand?

If you are looking for a reputed brand that can provide a good stove, Solo Stove is one of the brands you can depend on.

There are many competitors worldwide, but few brands whose stoves can provide a campfire experience.

Solo Stove’s stove can generate powerful and efficient fire. Moreover, it is portable, and one can carry it in the woods for camping and have a fantastic experience.

where are solo stoves made

Where to buy Solo Stove?

Only the United States of America stores hold the products of Solo Stoves. In other countries, the brands are not available offline until now.

Anyways, the stoves of the brand, Solo Stove, can be ordered online. The brand ships its products all over the world through shipping.

One has to go to Solo Brands Inc.’s official website and order the desired merchandise to get that.

In addition, there are some online marketplaces where one can find Solo Stove’s products. The marketplaces are given below:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • AliExpress
  • Walmart

How much does Solo Stove cost?

Solo Stove is a brilliant product; its longevity is higher than other brands stoves. Regarding cost analysis, Solo Stove’s product cost is slightly high. But there goes a saying, buy nice or buy twice.

We have collected some of Solo Stove’s prices from its official website. Let’s check it out to know the pricing and think twice if it is higher. The price of the products is given below:

  • Yuken + Stand — $499.99
  • Bonfire (Backyard fire pit) — $299.99
  • Yuken — $449.99
  • Bonfire + Stand — $289.99
  • Yuken Backyard Bundle — $699.99
  • Bonfire Shield — $144.99

Are Solo Stoves worth buying?

Solo Stove is a brilliant brand and is famous for its stove design. Every person who camps in the woods adores the company for making such a compact and efficient stove.

Thus, it is worth buying and is an excellent value for money.

The design of the Solo Stove is so efficient that air can flow well, making wood and coal burn almost wholly. This complete combustion prevents smoke.

In addition, Solo Stove has designed its products so that one can take the stove freely anywhere. Its portability is extraordinary.

The stoves of the Solo Stove weigh only 20 pounds and are only 19.5 inches wide. So, there is no question why scouts and other hikers love this brand’s stove.

Though stoves are confined, Solo Stove’s products can give the bone fire experience. It can enhance the event of sitting around burning logs.

Moreover, stainless steel is very durable and is perfect for making the pit of the Solo Stove. Besides, it can handle the high temperature of burning wood.

Is Solo Stove ethically made?

Solo Stove is an eco-friendly product. Its design makes it eco-friendly.

While other stoves emit smoke like the Titanic chimney, Solo Stove emits a minimal amount of smoke that tends to be zero. That makes this stove very ethical and environmentally friendly.

The traditional bonfire does not burn the woods and logs. Thus, it emits a lot of smoke which is harmful to the environment. On the other hand, Solo Stoves can burn wood thoroughly.

In addition, everything can be burnt in Solo Stove, including leaves, wood, twigs, sticks, pine cones, etc. So, no part of a tree is useless to this stove, which is less wasted. It happens because there is enough ventilation to flow oxygen in the furnace.