Where is Sitka Gear Made 2024 – (Clothing + Who Makes)

As a hunting enthusiast, you must want your gear to be fit, comfortable, and warm. Sitka Gear uses advanced technology and fabrics to make your hunting experience more exciting. Manufacturing facility and location is a key factor to ensure the best quality.

Hence, you may be concerned about the manufacturing location of your favorite hunting gear before purchase. Let’s find out, “Where is Sitka Gear Made?”  

where is Sitka gear made

Where is Sitka gear manufactured in 2024:

The manufacturer makes Sitka Gear in the USA. Some may address Sitka as a Chinese brand. But, the Sitka authority has confirmed that all of their products including hunting gears are manufactured in the USA.

Within a short period, Sitka Gear has established a great impact on hunting enthusiasts. The founder of Sitka, Jonathan Hart, himself is a hunter. While hunting in Montana, Jonathan felt the necessity of today’s Sitka.

Using advanced technology, the Sitka manufacturer makes most Sitka Gear in the USA.

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where is Sitka clothing manufactured

Where is Sitka clothing manufactured?

Sitka clothing is manufactured in Bozeman, Montana.

The manufacturer of Sitka makes the majority of Sitka clothing in their Montana-based manufacturing facilities. Sitka’s Montana-based factory creates new local jobs every year.

Initially, Sitka began manufacturing its clothing items with 12 employees. Later, they enlarge their factories creating more jobs and exploring more areas.

However, Sitka manufacturers make Sitka clothing with the most advanced fabrics. While manufacturing, Sitka employs Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Infinium with Windstopper, PrimaLoft, Polygiene, and so on for premium products.

With the use of high-tech materials, Sitka enables hunters to stand up to all weather. Besides, Sitka clothing will connect you with the environment in optimal comfort.

In short, the manufacturer makes your favorite Sitka clothing in Bozeman, Montana.

Where is Sitka hunting gear made?

Like Sitka clothing, the manufacturer makes Sitka hunting gear in Bozeman, Montana.

Sitka hunting gear includes:

  • Gloves & Muffs
  • Neck Gaiters
  • Hats
  • Trucker Hats
  • Bino Harness
  • Bow Sling

According to the manufacturer, Sitka is proud to bring the commitment to life. Since its birth, Sitka has been manufacturing all of its hunting gears in Bozeman, Montana.

Connecting with the local community, Sitka manufactures most Sitka hunting gear in Bozeman, Montana. While manufacturing Sitka hunting gears, the manufacturer uses Polygene in all their layers from base to mid to top.

The use of a breathable layer wicks moisture away. Hence, you will always remain fit and dry wearing Sitka Gear. 

Besides, the use of polygene will keep hunter odor-free as polygenic kills potential odor-causing microbes.

Sitka Gear stretches very well. Sitka gear is considered to be the most comfortable one for its immense elasticity. Wearing Sitka gear, you will find a comfy feeling in all positions.

The manufacturer makes these comfortable Sitka Gears in Bozeman, Montana.

is Sitka gear made in the US

Is Sitka gear made in the US?

Yes, Sitka gear is made in the United States. Specifically, the Sitka factory is located in Montana, USA.

In 2005, Jonathan Hart found the necessity of Sitka gears while gathering hunting experience. They founded Sitka gears and clothing that year and established a Sitka factory in Bozeman, Montana.

For hunters, you will find a lot of companies that make hunting apparel. Among these brands, Sitka is special for its advanced technology which will give you a comfy feeling in all positions.

On Amazon, you will find Sitka products like:

  • Men’s Hunting Traverse Cold Weather Hoodie
  • Merino Heavyweight Half-Zip
  • Mountain Optics Big Game Camo Hunting Harness

However, these Sitka hunting clothing and gear are manufactured in the United States.

Is Sitka gear made in China?

No, Sitka gear is not made in China. Rather, Sitka manufactures all of its products in Montana, United States.

You won’t find any Sitka factories in China. They are the proud USA-based manufacturer of hunting apparel.

You will find a lot of China-made hunting apparel in the market. This Chinese hunting apparel comes at a cheap price.

The worst thing about Chinese hunting apparel is its poor quality. However, Sitka doesn’t make any of its hunting apparel in China.

who owns Sitka gear

Who owns Sitka gear?

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. is the owner of Sitka gear. In 2009, this American multinational company purchased Sitka Gear.

The owner of Sitka Gear, W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., is the developer of breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex fabrics. Since 2009, this company has been manufacturing Sitka gear.  

Wrap Up

Sitka is a young company in the hunting apparel industry. Nonetheless, it has earned a huge market in the USA through its advanced technology. After W.L. Gore’s acquisition, Sitka has been manufacturing quality products using fine fabrics.