Where is Simply Orange Juice Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Simply Orange Juice is a product that many of us have seen in our local grocery store. The company has been serving 33 different flavors for more than twenty years.

If you’re a fan of Simply Orange Juice, you might be wondering where the delicious beverage is made.

Where is Simply Orange Juice Made

Here is a short answer to where is Simply Orange juice made:

Simply Orange Juice is made in Apopka, Florida, at a state-of-the-art facility that is designed to protect the quality and fresh taste of the orange juice.

The facility is located on a beautiful, sprawling orange grove that is home to some of the world’s most delicious oranges.

The company that makes Simply Orange Juice is called Minute Maid, and it is owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

Is Simply Orange Juice Made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Simply orange juice is made in the United States’s Sunshine state, Florida. However, some theories are floating on the internet about the orange juice market.

According to a CNBC report, Brazil is currently controlling half of the production of Simply orange juice. Besides the following company, Tropicana orange juice production is controlled by Brazil.

Currently, Brazil is controlling the US orange juice market. More than 50 percent of orange juice is bottled in the following country. Then it is imported to the USA.

Brazilian companies violate the labor act 1992 by forcing factory workers to work under low wages. It results in a lower price of orange juice on the market.

How Much Does Simply Orange Juice Cost?

In general, the average orange juice price is around 1.3 dollars in the USA. Compared with the average price, the Simply orange juice value is a little bit higher.

A 52 ounces bottle of Simply orange juice costs 3.78 dollars. At the same time, another famous brand Tropicana’s 52 ounces 3.68 dollars.

The orange juice market is full of competition. So, it would be a hassle for Simply Orange Juice Company to beat others with a higher price tag.

Where Can I buy Simply Orange Juice?

Simply is an American product and only supplies in North American countries, such as Mexico, Canada, etc. However, you may find the company’s juice unofficially on other continents.

Besides offline retailers, there are websites where you can find Simply orange sitting at home. Some of the online retailers including…

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Shop & Shop
  • Drizly
  • Sam’s Club

How Long Does Simply Orange Juice Last?

A commercially produced fruit beverage lasts between half a year to one year. Sometimes, it lasts up to two years. It largely depends on preservative usage.

However, Simply Orange Juice Company’s story is different. The company does not use any preservatives.

So, Simply orange juice lasts around eight or nine days unopened and refrigerated. However, at room temperature, the opened liquid will oxidize in half a day.

Is Simply Orange Juice Safe to Drink?

Simply Orange juice may be the world’s safest commercially produced juice. The company does not use any preservatives to make the juice last long. So, no harsh chemicals are present in the juice.

Besides, according to Simply Orange Juice Company, they do not use excessive sugar. So, it will not cause diseases like diabetes, fatty liver, etc.

Anyways, like other juices, Simply juices have no fiber in them. So, it would not be great for our bodies, though it would not cause any harm either. In physicians’ opinion, it is always better to eat raw fruit instead of drinking its juice.

Is Simply Orange Real Orange Juice?

The juice-producing company Simply is very concerned about public health. They use real oranges in their production.

Besides, unlike most other juice companies, Simply orange juice companies do not use concentrated formulas. Their processing unit simply gets the orange beverage simply by squeezing it out.

Is Simply Made by Tropicana?

Simply and Tropicana are two different companies. The two have no connections. Besides, the competition in the market is noticeable to everyone. So, most people consider Tropicana and Simply as rivals.

Simply and Tropicana are subsidiary companies of two different beverage manufacturing giants. PepsiCo Inc. owns Tropicana since 1986. On the other hand, Simply Orange Juice Company has been under The Coca-Cola Company since 2005.

Who Owns Simply Oranges?

On 29 July 2001, Minute Maid first founded the orange juice manufacturing company, Simply. Initially, it supplied orange juices in the Northeastern United States. In 2002, Simply Orange Juice began supplying in the Southern part of the country.

In 2005, The Coca-Cola Company purchased the orange juice company from Minute Maid. Currently, Simply is operating under this beverage supplying company.

Where Are Simply Orange Oranges From?

Simply Orange is a massive company, and its demand is increasing daily. Only the American farming facility cannot cover the growing demand for this company’s raw oranges.

To manufacture at such a massive scale and meet demand, the company, Simply, has to import oranges from outside the United States. The countries from where the manufacturer gets oranges are

  • Brazil
  • Mexico

Who Makes Simply Orange?

The Coca-Cola Company is the one that produces Simply orange juice. Before that, Minute Maid made and supplied Simply’s orange juice.

Besides, the Simply orange juice bottles’ design is also from The Coca-Cola Company. The distinctive features of the bottle, such as the clear plastic, narrow neck, and wide bottom, made this company’s juice more iconic.