Where is Restoration Hardware Made 2024?

Restoration Hardware is an American home-furnishings company. This brand is prominently known for its luxury furniture collection.

They have signed the name RH on the core of consumers’ minds through their luxurious collection of furniture. RH is now leading the US and Canadian furniture market.

While purchasing the luxurious Restoration Hardware furniture, you must have wondered, “where is Restoration Hardware furniture made?

Where is Restoration Hardware Made

Here is a short answer to where is Restoration Hardware furniture made:

Restoration Hardware furniture is predominantly made in China, India, Indonesia, and the USA. They source their luxury collection mainly from China.

Although RH has announced that they will reduce sourcing furniture from China, more than 35% of RH furniture is made in China.

However, RH’s USA-made furniture also has a reputation for quality.

where is rh furniture made

Is Restoration Hardware furniture made in the USA?

Some of Restoration Hardware’s furniture line is made in the USA.

Restoration Hardware is one of the most luxurious furniture brands in the US. But, they import most of their furniture line from numerous countries. Though they don’t like to say it outright, RH’s manufacturers are located in China, India, and Indonesia.

Nonetheless, you will find some of RH’s furniture lines that are completely made in the US. These USA-made furniture lines have made their reputation high.

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Who manufactures Restoration Hardware furniture?

Restoration Hardware furniture is made by skilled craftsmen in numerous locations in the world. China has obtained top priority in this regard.

As a luxurious brand, Restoration Hardware ensures top-class furniture from famous countries. China is traditionally famous for making top-class furniture.

They have skilled craftsmen. Consequently, many companies prefer China to other countries in establishing manufacturing plants.

Under the guidelines of Restoration Hardware furniture, Inc. Restoration furniture is manufactured by skilled craftsmen in many countries. In Asia, RH manufactures its furniture line in China, India, and Indonesia.  

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Is RH furniture made in China

Is RH furniture made in China?

Yes, 35% of RH’s furniture line is made in China.

According to a report, Restoration Hardware sourced 35% of its product from China in 2018. In the previous year, their approximate import was 40% of RH’s total furniture products.

However, they have lessened this number to 25% to 30% in the 2019 fiscal year.

Currently, Restoration Hardware is trying to make all of its furniture lines in the US. As they lead the US and Canadian furniture market, the demand for USA-made furniture is rising.

Is Restoration Hardware furniture made in the USA

How much does Restoration Hardware furniture cost?

Restoration Hardware furniture is a well-known furniture brand that makes high-priced luxury products. In a particular case, Restoration Sofa averagely costs between $500 and $4500. Their dining room and living room furniture are also costly.

With built-in materials, Restoration hasn’t compromised anything. They will ensure you have high-quality furniture. RH’s furniture will last for a long time. But, you have to pay more for RH’s furniture compared to other furniture brands.  

Restoration Beds may cost you between $600 and $900. On online marketplaces, you may get a Restoration Hardware bed for a comfortable price as they give discounts. Nonetheless, Restoration Hardware Furniture is a high-priced furniture brand.   

Where to buy Restoration Hardware furniture?

You can easily purchase Restoration Hardware furniture through its retail stores, catalog, and online.

Restoration Hardware Furniture is the leading American furniture brand in the US and Canadian markets. The company currently has 36 outlets in the US and Canada. By visiting these outlets, you can easily purchase Restoration Hardware Furniture.

Apart from retail stores, you can purchase RH’s luxury furniture line online. Restoration sells its products on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

You may prefer Amazon as your favorite online platform, as they provide authentic products with a discount. You can use Amazon-affiliate promotional codes. Using these promotional codes, you can also get a discount.   

Is Simmons and Restoration Hardware furniture the same?

Like Restoration Hardware, Simmons is also one of the well-known furniture brands in the world — especially in the US and Canadian markets. Simmons sofas are manufactured by The United Furniture Industries.

However, our research didn’t find any close relationship and signing between Simmons and Restoration Hardware furniture.

Is Restoration Hardware an American company

Is Restoration Hardware an American company?

Yes, Restoration is an American company. The HQ of Restoration Hardware Furniture is located in California, United States.

In 1979, Stephen Gordon established Restoration Hardware in Eureka, California. In 1998, the company went public with its 47 retail stores. In 2001, Gary Friedman joined Restoration Hardware furniture from the famous Williams-Sonoma, Inc. as the CEO of this brand.

Under Gordon’s leadership, the Company earned notable profits. In 2021, Restoration Hardware furniture made a revenue of $3.76 billion!   

Does William Sonoma own Restoration Hardware?

No, William Sonoma doesn’t own Restoration Hardware. Rather, Williams-Sonoma is a top competitor of Restoration Hardware.

Below are the brands that are owned by Williams Sonoma:

  • Pottery Barn
  • PBteen
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • West Elm
  • Rejuvenation
  • Mark and Graham

In 2001, the former CEO of Williams Sonoma took the leadership of Restoration Hardware. Consequently, the company began growing like a tracer bullet.

Are Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn owned by the same company?

No, Restoration and Pottery Barn don’t own by the same company.

Pottery Barn is owned by Williams Sonoma. Restoration Hardware is itself a parent company. In 2013, Restorations’ business rebranded as RH.

Who is Restoration Hardware furniture owned by?

As mentioned, Restoration Hardware is itself a parent company. As a result, Restoration Hardware owns Restoration Hardware furniture. In 2013, Restoration Hardware rebranded its business by the name of “RH”.  

Is Restoration Hardware Furniture real wood?

Restoration imports most of its furniture line. While manufacturing, they use plywood and MDF (medium-density fiberwood). They import these raw ingredients from numerous countries and later make furniture in their factories.