Where is RC Cola Made 2024 – Is RC Cola Still Made?

RC Cola is a type of soft drink that embodies entrepreneurial spirit and individuality since its launch. The soft drink has its own crisp and clean taste. It is easy to distinguish RC Cola from other colas.

Throughout America, RC Cola has become in demand for cola drinkers. As a part of it, let’s check out; “Where is RC Cola manufactured?”

RC Cola originated in Columbas, Georgia. Then the soft drink was manufactured in America.

where is RC Cola made

Claud A.Hatcher, a young pharmacist had conveyed the decision to supply grocery stores with soft drinks that Claud produced and bottled. For some years, RC Cola was made in the British.

Initially, the beverage was called “Royal Crown” for its black color. Some other special cola products are including, chero-cola, ginger ale, etc.

Is RC cola still made?

Yes, RC Cola is still made today. This soft drink is sold in over 70 countries globally.

Although lots of changes have done, it maintains the same vibe in the South. Royal Crown Cola retains a thousand of history but remained the same for the Southern people. It provides an unforgettable taste.

Is RC Cola for the US made in the US?

Yes. Keurig Dr. Pepper is manufacturing RC Cola only for US citizens.

Besides the US, Cola is distributed and manufactured by RC Global Beverages Inc.

The US variant always maintains the quality and tastes of the RC Cola at an economical rate. Even the company uses authentic cane sugar for increasing the sweetness of soft drinks instead of fructose corn syrup.

Who manufactures RC Cola?

RC Cola is manufactured by a British manufacturer named Cadbury Schweppes.

In the US the operations are continuing under its subsidiary. But in terms of international, RC Cola is manufactured by Canada’s Cott Corporation.

In the soft-drink industry, RC Cola consistently represents a unique taste. But the company was not able to capture people’s attention because of its rival soft-drink company, Coca-Cola.

Through a native song named “RC Cola & Moon Pie”, the company is linked to a famous marshmallow-filled snack treat.

RC Cola was the first soft-drink company that brought aluminum cans, caffeine-free diet RC cola, and diet cola. In 1920, Chero-Cola was its best-selling product and aided the company to grow rapidly. During that period, they retained 700 franchise plants.

In 1923, the company had to drop the name “Cola” forcefully for rising sugar costs and high legal bills. But the high court ruled that they could use the name “Cola” again. After that RC Cola was available across the world.

Who bought out RC Cola?

RC Cola was bought by Cadbury Schweppes, a British company. In October 2000, Cadbury Schweppes bought RC Cola. Today, RC Cola runs under the authority of Plano.

Plano is a Texas-based Americas beverage company. This beverage is the biggest subsidiary of the London-based company, Cadbury Schweppes.

RC Cola company was sold because it lost its market shares against Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola held 43% of the total market shares whereas RC retained only 31%.

Royal Crown Products are not belonging to the to-ten-selling nowadays.

What is RC Cola called now?

RC Cola is called after its ingredient’s name. Some common names are including, strawberry, cane sugar, and lemon. But ginger is the original ingredient of RC Cola.

When the company was founded then it was named after Royal Crown Cola. But the name was too big to pronounce. That’s why it was shortened and called RC Cola.

Today, the cola company is called after its taste or flavor names. Some of them are;

  • RC Ginger Ale
  • RC Root Beer
  • RC Strawberry
  • Chero-Cola
  • RC Cola Lemon
  • Diet RC Cola
  • RC 100
  • Cherry RC etc.

Wrap Up

The company was launched with the dream to fulfill the demand of the consumers with its finest products. RC Cola is considered one of the top preferred soft drinks in 2009. RC Cola represents itself as a sign of freedom of choice.

But the company didn’t hold on to its position because of some strong competitors like Coca-Cola. Right now, they are trying to overcome their obstacles.