Where is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made 2024

Quilted Northern toilet paper is an eco-friendly sanitary brand. Their products meet the desired strength and they are conscious about your health. Hence, you will find the perfect package for you and your family in Quilted Northern.

All products of Quilted Northern are claimed to be eco-friendly. Therefore, you must check their manufacturing materials and facilities.

This article will reveal deep research on Quilted Northern highlighting “Where is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made?

Quilted Northern toilet paper is manufactured in the USA. They make all of their paper products from imported and domestically produced materials here in the USA.

Where is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made

Generally, the giant manufacturer, Georgia-Pacific, produces all sanitary products of Quilted Northern.

Georgia-Pacific is an Atlanta-based manufacturer. Hence, we can also say that Quilted Northern toilet paper is manufactured in the regions of Atlanta by Georgia-Pacific.

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Is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made in the US?

Yes, according to the question forum of Quilted Northern all products of Quilted Northern are made in the USA. To be more specific, Georgia-Pacific makes the majority of Quilted Northern sanitary products in Atlanta, USA.

The best thing about Quilted Northern is that they make eco-friendly sanitary items. For example, all products of Quilted Northern are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Quilted Northern is the only USA brand that offers eco-friendly toilet paper in the market. They make all of their toilet paper from responsible sources of trees through an innovative and efficient manufacturing process.

To learn more about Quilted Northern sustainable manufacturing in the USA, please visit this link:


For your concern, the below brands make toilet paper in the US:

  • Quilted Northern
  • Cottonelle
  • Angel Soft
  • Scott

Hence, check yours before purchasing.   

Where is Quilted Northern bathroom tissue made?

Quilted Northern bathroom tissue is made in the USA.

In the US market, Quilted Northern is well-known as a unique USA-made sanitary brand. They are determined to provide quality and eco-friendly products. Quilted Northern’s best-selling item is bathroom tissue.  

The manufacturer of Quilted Northern has claimed that all of their bathroom tissue is manufactured in the USA. As a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, all sanitary products of Quilted Northern are made in Atlanta-based manufacturing plants.

According to the bathroom tissue manufacturer of Quilted Northern, all of their products are manufactured by squeezing out more water from the paper before drying. They have named it eTAD manufacturing technology which can save 30% more water.

Hence, Quilted Northern bathroom tissue is recognized as the highest quality and eco-friendly sanitary item compared with other brands.

Is Quilted Northern toilet paper being discontinued?

According to a tweet by Quilted Northern, they are no longer manufacturing Quilted Northern Facial Tissue. They have apologized for this.

Quilted Northern became famous with their 3-Ply facial tissue in the market. This facial tissue offered softness and strength. Besides, the box looked fresh and was determined to provide a perfect smell in your home, office, or classroom.

Unfortunately, the premium Quilted Northern 3-Ply facial tissue is not manufactured anymore. They have apologized for this.

Is Quilted Northern toilet paper made in China?

No, Quilted Northern toilet paper is not made in China. Rather, all Quilted Northern sanitary products are manufactured in the USA.

Quilted Northern is one of the renowned brands that make sanitary items in the USA. They are the only marketer of eco-friendly toilet tissue in the USA.

Chinese toilet paper may contain harmful chemicals. While purchasing sanitary items, you must have worried about it. Don’t worry if you have purchased Quilted Northern. This brand is 100% USA-made and uses domestically sourced ingredients.

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft tissue is made of virgin fiber. These virgin fibers can’t be recycled. Hence, Quilted Northern Ultra Soft tissue is not made of recycled fiber.

Hence, Quilted Northern has made a partnership with Arbor Day Foundation for planting trees. However, Quilted Northern is certified by the FSC. You can trust their products.

Who makes Quilted Northern?

The Georgia-Pacific Corporation makes Quilted Northern products.

Quilted Northern is a renowned subsidiary of the giant sanitary item manufacturer in the US, Georgia-Pacific. This giant company owns sanitary brands like:

  • Angel Soft
  • Brawny
  • Vanity Fair
  • Dixie
  • Quilted Northern
  • Mardi Gras Napkins

Being a proud owner of Quilted Northern, the majority of its items are manufactured in the sweetest manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, USA.

How much does Quilted Northern toilet paper cost?

Quilted Northern is a quality and eco-friendly distributor of toilet paper. Consequently, its items cost high compared with other brands. Quilted Northern toilet paper costs 3 cents per square foot in the market.

Compared with other brands, Quilted Northern takes more for its toilet paper. Nonetheless, its toilet paper costs less than Silk Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. These brands will cost you 5 cents per square foot of toilet paper.

Quilted Northern toilet paper costs more than:

  • Scott
  • Angel Soft
  • Seventh Generation
  • Kirkland Signature

If you are searching for cheap toilet paper, you may visit the aforementioned brands.

For the more updated price, look at the below table:

Toilet PaperPrice
Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Double Rolls$8.21
Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Family Mega Rolls$25.18
Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper Mega Rolls$19.49
Angel Soft toilet Paper Mega Rolls$4.39
Great Value Ultra Strong Mega Rolls$14.74
Scott 1000 Sheets Per Rolls$17
Scott Comfort Plus Double Rolls$5.99

Where to buy Quilted Northern toilet paper?

You can purchase Quilted Northern toilet paper by visiting their retail partners and online. Quilted Northern doesn’t sell their products directly.

To find your nearest retail stores of Quilted Northern you can visit their “where to buy” section.

Apart from retail stores, you can also purchase Quilted Northern products through Amazon.   

Who owns Quilted Northern?

Indirectly, Koch Industries owns Quilted Northern.

Quilted Northern is a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Again, Koch Industries owns this giant manufacturer. Hence, Koch Industries is the true owner of Quilted Northern.