Where is Pyrex Made 2024 – Is All Pyrex Made in USA?

Pyrex is made in the USA, Germany, and France.

The brand has a production plant in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. It is one of the largest production plants of the company and employs over 350 workers.

Where is Pyrex Made

Besides, some laboratory glassware like beakers & graduated cylinders is manufactured in Germany.

It became an icon in most American homes. Because they have been using and loving the American favorite kitchen appliance for the last 100 years.

Pyrex provides both laboratory glassware and kitchen cookware. It has a variety of kitchen cookware collections including,

  • Measuring cup
  • Glass storage container
  • Round storage butterscotch
  • Snoopy jar & mug
  • Plastic lid
  • Thermal bottle
  • Hot or cold bottle flask

Pyrex products are sold in numerous locations worldwide in two types- Pyrex USA & PYREX Europe.

Is Pyrex now made in China

Is Pyrex now made in China?

No, Pyrex is not made in China now.

According to Reuters, Pyrex marketed some of its products over false “Made in USA” claims while these are made in China.

In that case, the company had to pay a $129,416 fine and change its marketing practice.

Pyrex imported more than 110,000 cup sets from China. Later, they sold them as American-made cup sets.

The company had stopped claiming those products are American-made until their final assembly in the country. Now Pyrex products are not made in China at all.

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When did Pyrex move to China?

By early 2021, Pyrex had moved to China.

At that time, certain Pyrex measuring cups were manufactured in China. However, the company had to pay a fine due to marketing these cups over false claims as US-made.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyrex faced a great demand for its measuring cups. They were not able to manufacture enough cups.

So, the brand imported China-made measuring cups from March 2021 to May 2022 to fulfill increased consumer demands.

Is Pyrex still made in France?

The answer is “Yes.” Pyrex is still made in France.

It has a manufacturing plant at Chateauroux. French-made Pyrex glassware products are sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In 2017, the brand started production operations in the Chateauroux-based manufacturing plant.

International Cookware is responsible for distributing Pyrex kitchenware products across Europe. 

Who manufactures Pyrex?

Corelle Brands LLC & International Cookware manufacture Pyrex products.

These two companies are allowed to distribute Pyrex products in numerous locations worldwide.

According to the sources, International Cookware manufactures and distributes Pyrex products for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

On the contrary, Corelle Brands, LLC manufactures Pyrex kitchenware products for the USA, Canada, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

In 1915, Pyrex products were first manufactured and introduced by Corning Inc. But it no longer manufactures or markets consumer products.

Corelle Brands entered business as a division of the popular glassmaker Corning Inc. Now it manufactures and markets Pyrex kitchenware products.

How to tell if Pyrex is borosilicate?

A product with a capitalized “PYREX” logo is undoubtedly borosilicate.

The company revealed on its official website that International Cookware also known as “PYREX” makes glassware in France from borosilicate glass. 

It is a special blend of sand, boron, and other materials. Borosilicate glass has a high thermal shock resistance that will not crack at extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, another type of Pyrex product is made with Soda-lime glass. These products are used to make by Corelle Brands.

Who owns Pyrex?

Corning Incorporated owns Pyrex.

It is an American multinational company that manufactures glassware products, ceramics, and technologies.

Corning Inc. first introduced Pyrex products in 1915. For over 100 years, Pyrex glasses have been developed by Corning for use in chemical and life-science laboratories.

What makes Pyrex so expensive?

There are two main factors- Demand and rarity make Pyrex so expensive.

The brand manufactures and markets glassware or kitchenware products in limited-edition patterns and small quantities.

Besides, it uses high-quality materials including borosilicate for manufacturing its products. In that case, Pyrex products are expensive to produce.

In addition, the excellent condition of Pyrex products attracts customers. In this way, it influences the product’s price.

However, Pyrex glassware and kitchenware products demand is increasing day by day. As a result, it became so expensive.