Where is Purell Hand Sanitizer Made 2024 – Is It in USA?

Purell is an American brand that is famous for manufacturing sanitizing. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this brand claimed that its hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs. However, Purell rejected the claim for regulatory warnings.

Where is Purell Hand Sanitizer Made

In 2010, Purell was the one that made the first Instant Hand Sanitizer that meets the standards of EcoLogo CCD-170.

Let’s find out where this widely famous brand manufactures its hand sanitizers.

Gojo Industries manufactures Purell hand sanitizers in two major spots in Ohio, United States. One of the spots is Wooster City, and the other is Cuyahoga Falls County.

According to Purell’s profile, Purell has another manufacturing facility in France. There, the company produces hand sanitizers for European countries.

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Where are Purell Wipes Made

Where are Purell Wipes Made?

Purell is a health and hygiene merchandise brand, and wipes are one of the primary products of this brand. Gojo Industries manufactures Purell wipes in the United States.

Moreover, Gojo Industries has two production spots in the USA, where it continues its wipes production. The manufacturing sites are in Wooster City, Ohio, and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

It is the same place where Purell manufactures its hand sanitizers.

Is Purell made in the USA?

Purell is a proud American brand. In 1997, Gojo Industries first introduced this sanitizer brand to Americans.

It has been 25 years since it started its manufacturing operations in the United States and is still doing so. However, Purell has a manufacturing facility in France from where the company sells its products in European countries.

But its primary product line is based in the United States, which makes this company truly a Made In USA company.

Are Purell for the US market produced in the US

Are Purell for the US market produced in the US?

Purell’s vastest selling point is the United States pharmaceutical and sanitizing market. Currently, its products are on consumers’ choice lists.

So, where does Purell manufacture its products to fulfill the consumers’ demand? Well, let’s find out.

All the products Purell has in the United States market are made in this country. Gojo Industries Ltd. manufactures Purell in Ohio.

From there, Gojo Industries distributes Purell almost everywhere. That includes the country’s hospitals, restaurants, pharmaceutical stores, etc.

How can you check where a specific Purell was produced?

It is impossible to know the pinpoint location where a specific Purell is made. However, there is a way to find out in which country it is manufactured, packed, and labeled. Let’s learn how to find this information.

Let’s assume you are checking a Purell hand sanitizer bottle. You have to look at the labeling on the bottle to find out in which country Purell was made. For that, you need to check the backside logo of the bottle.

There, in the vertical line, you will find Made In USA. Besides that line, some codes with side notes will be available there, such as Manufacture, Label, Pack, etc.

Simply go to the US Food and Drug Administration on Google, and search for results with those codes. You will find the product’s manufacturing history and contents on that website.

Anyways, there is no direct way to know where Purell products are made except the country name, which is written on the product’s labeling.

Who owns Purell?

As of 2022, Gojo Industries is the owner of Purell. It is a private consumer goods company. At the time of the Second World War in 1946, Goldie Lippman and Jerry Lippman established Gojo Industries in Akron, Ohio.

Gojo Industries is famous for manufacturing skin care and hand sanitizing products. This company has two subsidiary brands, including

  • Purell
  • Provon

However, Gojo Industries was not Purell’s owner even though it was the establisher of this brand. In 2006, Johnson & Johnson acquired Purell and acted as Purell’s owner till 2010.

In that year, Gojo Industries reacquired its brand and still is the owner of this hand sanitizer.

After its reacquiring in 2010, the company prepared an instant hand sanitizer that became the first to achieve EcoLogo CCD-170 as a hand sanitizer.

When was Purell invented?

Gojo Industries first started manufacturing Hand sanitizer in 1997 with the name Purell.

In 1998, the company issued Purell’s name in copyright law, and the brand started manufacturing as a full-time brand with full potential.

However, in 2022, Purell is not only famous for its hand sanitizer but also for other sanitizing products, including

  • Purell Wipes
  • Purell Soaps
  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners
  • Dispensers
Who makes Purell

Who makes Purell?

As of 2022, Gojo Industries is the owner and manufacturer of Purell. Moreover, this company is also responsible for Purell’s distribution, advertising, manufacturing operations, etc.

Even Gojo is the formula developer for Purell’s hand sanitizer. The company has committed to providing world-class hand sanitizers to the people of the United States and is providing them through Purell.


Choosing a sanitizer is an essential act as no one knows when germs will damage our precious health. Selecting the right one can be a life-saving decision.

Purell is trying its best to provide nearly perfect sanitizers and other sanitizing elements that can kill up to 99 percent of bacteria on our hands. Let’s appreciate its effort to make our lives safer.