Where is Puffy Lux Mattress Made 2024

Puffy mattresses are manufactured both in the United States & Canada.

On the other hand, the company has a small manufacturing facility in China to make other bedding products. 

where is Puffy Lux mattress made

The vast majority of Puffy Lux mattresses are made in the USA.

It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The best thing is that the Puffy company is actually operated from every manufacturing plant worldwide.

A lot of skilled manufacturers are making mattresses by using premium materials sourced from national and international sources.

Puffy mattresses are generally made of multiple premium layers like,

  • Hypoallergenic cloud cover
  • Cooling memory foam
  • Dual layers of foam for pressure relief
  • Temperature-resistant foam support
  • Contour-adapt coils
  • Grip base cover

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where is Puffy adjustable base made

Where is Puffy adjustable base made?

Puffy adjustable bases are designed & made in the USA. The manufacturing unit is based in California.

The manufacturer makes these adjustable bases by using high-grade materials and an assortment of joints so that they can be moved according to your comfortable sleep.

The Puffy base comes with some great features.

Any kind of mattress including innerspring, memory foam, or latex can fit with Puffy adjustable basses. Before sleeping, you can customize this base and adjust your leg and head height.

The Puffy adjustable bases are made of durable steel frame construction. As a result, it makes a sturdy bed for long-lasting use.

Is the Puffy mattress made in China?

No, Puffy mattresses are not made in China.

But the company has a small manufacturing facility in the Chinese mainland to make some bedding products including mattress toppers.

By the way, the company uses a specialist logistics company to deliver its bedding products to customers’ doors. Puffy mattresses are simply unique and comfortable to use.

who owns the Puffy mattress
Image: LinkedIn

Who owns the Puffy mattress?

Arthur Andreasyan is the owner and founder of Puffy. He is an American successful entrepreneur & current CEO of Puffy.

In 2016, Arthur first introduced Puffy’s bedding products to the American consumer markets.

After extensive research and product testing, he officially started manufacturing premium mattresses in California.

His first challenge was promoting his unique mattresses to customers. Within five years, the company has gained huge popularity for its top-class products.

Now, Puffy is in a favorable position in the American household industry with more than $20 million of revenue a year. Anyway, Arthur did not collaborate with any multinational company till now.

Is Puffy mattress made in Canada?

The answer is “Yes.” Puffy mattresses are made in Canada.

The company has a large manufacturing facility in this country besides the American manufacturing plant.

Every part of the Puffy mattresses is proudly made in Canada. The manufacturer uses modern technologies and the finest quality raw materials.

In North America, Canada is the second biggest consumer market for this mattress brand. Canadian-made premium Puffy foam mattresses are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Is Puffy Lux mattress sold in stores?

Yes, Puffy mattresses are sold in stores. According to the official website, there are multiple stores across the United States where you get Puffy mattresses.

If you do not find Puffy mattresses in stores, you will easily get them on the company’s website. In the American consumer market, the demand for Puffy mattresses is increasing day by day rapidly.  

The company sells its products direct-to-consumers online. Currently, the company provides three different types of mattresses.

  • The Puffy Original Mattress
  • Puffy Lux Mattresses
  • Puffy Royal Mattresses

Are Puffy products ethically made?

Yes, Puffy products are ethically made. The company has not any child labor in the production plant. Every product is made by skilled and experienced manufacturers. 

In addition, Puffy products are CertiPUR-US certified. Now, the company produces top-rated mattresses like other popular bedding products brands including,

  • Casper
  • Avocado
  • Nectar

Wrap Up

Previously, the Puffy mattress was awarded the Best Mattress of 2020.

From designers to manufacturing specialists, everybody always tries to make top-quality mattresses for your comfortable sleep as well as back pain relief.