Where is Peter Pan Peanut Butter Made 2024?

Peter Pan peanut butter has a long-living legacy as it was the first branded peanut butter in the United States. Peter Pan was introduced in 1920. Hence, it has a legacy of 102 years! Throughout its heritage, Peter Pan has contributed $4 billion to the US economy.

Post Consumers Brand is now producing the Peter Pan Peanut butter. The question people search about Peter Pan is: “Where is Peter Pan Peanut butter made?”  

Where is Peter Pan Peanut Butter Made

Here is a short answer to where is Peter Pan peanut butter made:

In Sylvester, Georgia, Peter Pan peanut butter is made. Peter Pan’s process lead, Joe Malinowski, has confirmed their production facilities.

Before processing, they collect the raw peanuts from 4500 peanut farmers. Most of their peanut farms are located in Southwest Georgia.  

Is Peter Pan peanut butter made in America?

Yes, Peter Pan peanut butter is made in the Southeastern region of the United States — Sylvester, Georgia.

Peter Pan is a big supporter of the US local economy. Peter Pan’s raw peanut is harvested here in Sylvester, Georgia.

According to Joe Malinowski, Peter Pan collects raw peanuts from 4,500 peanut farmers. After harvesting in Sylvester, the raw peanuts travel a long way to a plant in Sylvester.

In the sweetest manufacturing plant in Sylvester, Georgia, Peter Pan manufactures its peanut jar. Consequently, Peter Pan peanut butter is an American-made peanut butter brand.  

Who is Peter Pan owned by?

Post Holdings is the proud owner of the Peter Pan peanut butter brand.

On 8 December 2020, Post Holdings acquired the Peter Pan peanut butter brand from Conagra. The transaction was completed one month later.

In 1920, the heritage of Peter Pan was revealed by Swift & Company. Initially, it was named — E.K. Pond. In 1928, E.K. Pond was renamed Peter Pan.

After Swift & Company, the Conagra Brand purchased this growing peanut brand. Under the strict leadership of Conagra Brands, the Peter Pan peanut butter was seen as a revolutionary achievement. Currently, Peter Pan peanut butter is no longer owned by the Conagra Brand.

Who is Peter Pan owned by

Who makes Peter Pan peanut butter?

As a part of Post Holdings, Post Consumer Brands is producing the Peter Pan peanut butter.

Throughout history, Peter Pan peanut butter was first introduced by Swift & Company. After Swift, its production process took the Conagra Brands.

As of 2020, Post Consumer Brand has taken the production responsibilities of being a part of Post Holdings.

 In the second quarter of 2022 and 2021, Post Consumers Brand made sales revenue of $69.9 million and $17.4 million. Post Holdings’ fiscal report revealed that its net sales were $477.5 million in 2021.

In short, Post Consumer Brands is making a million-dollar fortune producing Peter Pan peanut butter for Post Holdings.

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Where do the peanuts in Peter Pan peanut butter come from?

Peter Pan’s raw peanuts mainly come from family-farm in Georgia. They collect raw peanuts from 4.500 peanut farmers.

The production facility of Peter Pan collects acres of peanuts from more than 4,500 farmers. Harrell is one of the family farmers who harvest raw peanuts for Peter Pan.

After harvesting, the family farmers collect acres of peanuts and sell them to the seller. After traveling 53 miles, all the raw peanuts go through the production facility in its Sylvester, Georgia plant. In the Sylvester plant, every jar of Peter Pan butter is made.

Hence, the peanuts in Peter Pan peanut butter come from the family farm in Sylvester, Georgia.  

How much does Peter Pan peanut butter cost?

Generally, a regular size 16-ounce Peter Pan peanut butter jar cost only $3. Its prices may vary regarding its size and weight.

Peter Pan peanut butter of 40 oz will cost you $5.24. On the other hand, a Peter Pan peanut butter spread of 28 ounces will cost you $3.72.

Considering the size and weight, Peter Pan peanut butter averagely costs between $3 and $6.

Where can I buy Peter Pan peanut butter?

Peter Pan peanut butter is widely available in super shops and retail stores. Considering consumers’ demand, they produce a huge amount of peanut butter every year.

Apart from super shops, Peter Pan peanut butter is available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com
  • Walmart

You can now easily purchase your favorite peanut butter online. You may prefer Amazon for online shopping as Amazon provides authentic products for a reasonable price. Besides, you may get seasonal discounts on Amazon.

What’s more, Amazon offers the usage of promotional codes. Using Amazon affiliate promotional codes, you may get a discount.  

Where is Peter Pan Peanut Butter Made

How long does Peter Pan peanut butter last?

Creamy and Crunchy variants of Peter Pan peanut butter come with a shelf life of 18 months. That means, after the production date, these variants of Peanut butter will last for 18 months.

Before 18 months of production date, Peter Pan peanut butter will not spoil. But, they may develop an off-flavor.

If the peanut butter is unopened, it will last for a couple of years.  

Why is Peter Pan peanut butter out of stock everywhere?

According to the production authority, they have temporarily rearranged their production schedule for ensuring the products are in the highest demand. Consequently, some Peter Pan products may be out of stock for a few months.  

Is Peter Pan peanut butter going out of business?

Peter Pan has made the difficult decision to transition the production of their peanut butter to a different plant. Hence, some of their products may not be available in the market. Don’t worry, they are not going out of business.


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