Where is Persil Made 2024 – Is Persil Made in Germany?

Placing clothes in the sun is how women bleached clothes historically. Persil detergent introduced bubbles to replace washing boards and sun bleaching. 

Persil washing detergent came in 1907, making it over 100 years old. It is also the first brand to bring out a detergent free of phosphate. 

Let’s find out, where the Persil detergent is being made

Where is Persil Made

Here is the answer to where Persil detergent is made:

Production of Persil detergents takes mainly in Germany. Henkel, a licensee of Unilever, sells Persil in select European nations except in the UK and Ireland.

Unilever is responsible for Persil products manufactured in these regions, including Australia, New Zealand China, and France.

persil made in germany

Is Persil made in the USA?

Henkel AG produces and distributes Persil in several countries on select continents. One of these locations is the United States. Even with heavy competition from detergents like Tide, Persil remains popular in the US. 

Several grocery stores and shopping malls offer consumers access to Persil products in America. The first Persil products hit the American market in 2015.

Stiff competition from other detergents did not minimize the growth of Persil. It has continued to grow and compete with the likes of Tide.   

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Are Persil for the US market produced in the US?

Unilever produces Persil locally for the US market.

With competitors like Tide and other American detergents, Persil makes a mark with unique products. Persil brought some competition to products from Procter and Gamble. 

There might be a few products from Persil showing production in other regions. This is common worldwide and could be because of importation. There is no need for the importation of Persil because Unilever is responsible for local Persil production. 

With plenty of washing detergent options in the American market, Persil offers a better detergent because of immense research.

Such options include Persil liquid detergent and Pro-Clean. There are also Persil discs with several colors and chambers.

There is also a Persil Power Gel option. In 2015, Persil introduced Pro-Clean, a more powerful option for the American market. 

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How can you check where a specific Persil was produced?

All Persil washing detergents have labels showing production locations. There should only be two companies named. These are Unilever or Henkel. Europeans enjoy this detergent as a local product and all packaging lists the manufacturer as Henkel.

Consumers in the United States and other nations use Unilever products, some made in St. Louis.

There are centers responsible for researching and testing, but not production. The Unilever website offers information on Persil production and sales. Consumers can learn about production locations using the website.

who makes Persil laundry detergent

Who makes Persil laundry detergent?

Persil is a laundry detergent that is produced by the German company Henkel.

Henkel first began selling Persil in the United Kingdom in 1938. The detergent was not originally available in the United States, but Henkel began selling it there in 2015. Persil is now the best-selling laundry detergent in the United Kingdom.

Is Persil a German company?

Persil is a German brand, and the company producing this brand is Henkel. German professors Giessler and Bauer created Persil in 1903. It was the first washing detergent incorporating bleaching elements.

Persil is very popular in the United Kingdom, maybe more than in Germany. 

It is an Anglo-German product, sold under different names in several countries. Greek consumers will buy Persil under the brand name Dixan.

Spanish and Chinese consumers enjoy Persil under the name Wipp. In Sweden, the name Via represents Persil, and Skip is its name in France.

During the 1920s, Persil was mobile, moving across neighborhoods to market its detergents. The idea was to show consumers how useful Persil products were.

Persil hired experts in washing clothes to show consumers what they were missing. It made the company popular very quickly.  

Aside from the countries above, Persil is available in dozens of other countries. These include Ukraine, Portugal, Russia, Philippines, Lebanon, Germany, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Egypt, and Canada. 

Is Persil owned by Tide?

Tide does not own Persil, nor does it distribute or market the product.

Persil competes with Tide in the American market. Tide is an American brand of washing detergent. It is a product of Procter and Gamble and has been available locally since 1946.

Persil is a product of Henkel, a German company responsible for several household goods. Persil and Tide both have a presence in the American market, but Tide remains a locally made product. 

Who owns Persil?

Henkel AG owns the Persil brand of detergents. This company operates in several countries, along with Unilever, which is responsible for the American market as well. 

Bottom Line

This detergent is very popular among European countries and only made it to America in the 2000s. In the beginning, Americans could only purchase Persil in Walmart stores. It turns out that Persil was the first detergent to advertise using men. 

This showed that not only women could do laundry. Persil consumers enjoy their brand as a powder, liquid detergent, or capsule and in tablet forms. Persil replaced certain products including Wisk detergents. Persil pro-clean removes stains faster than Wisk. 

Pricing and market tactics helped the company gain ground in the United States. With competition from Ariel and Tide, Persil became number one in Europe. It is now a heavy competitor of Tide detergents.

For the American market, Tide offers multiple products including plant-based products. Tide focuses on several laundry requirements. The brand offers liquids, tablets, powders, and non-bio products.