Where is Parker House Furniture Made 2024 – Is it US made?

From luxurious soft leather recliners to stylish media consoles, Parker House Furniture is everywhere. Since 1946, Parker House furniture has been creating a wide range of furniture collections for living rooms, Bedrooms, and Home offices.

As a renowned furniture brand, the first thing you should know is: “Where is Parker House Furniture made?

Parker House furniture is predominantly made all over the United States.

Where is Parker House Furniture Made

The first Parker House upholstery factory was located in downtown Los Angeles. They were making furniture items for the Southern California market in their Los Angeles-based manufacturing plant.

Today, Parker House Furniture is made all over the US.

Is Parker House furniture made in the US?

Yes, Parker House Furniture is made in the United States. Its first manufacturing plant is located in downtown Los Angeles.

In the furniture-making industry, Parker House furniture carries seven decades of expertise. Initially, this family-owned business made all of its furniture products in Los Angeles. Today, Parker House Furniture has factories all over the United States.

At first, Parker House focused on the Southern California market. Within a short period, the family business has grown. They are no longer confined to Southern California. Parker House furniture is sold all over the world today.

In short, the majority of Parker House Furniture is made in the USA.

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Is Parker House furniture made in China?

Parker House Furniture is a USA-based family business. The majority of its furniture collections are made in the US. Nonetheless, they source some of their key lines from China.

China is traditionally famous for its wood collection. Due to cheap labor costs and easily available raw materials, numerous brands have manufacturing facilities here in China.

Parker House Furniture is a family-owned business that has over seven decades of expertise in the furniture-making industry. All of their furniture lines are made all over the United States. The first manufacturing plant of Parker House was located in Los Angeles.

The raw materials of Parker House furniture are sourced from China. According to the manufacturing authority, Parker House imports all of its raw materials from China and makes furniture in its 200k-square foot facility in Chino, California.  

Who is the manufacturer of Parker House Furniture?

Parker House Furniture Inc. manufactures the Parker House Furniture collection worldwide.

In 1946, the Parker family established a furniture business in downtown Los Angeles. They started their family business making furniture for the Southern California market.

John Lupo is the founding member of this family-owned business. The Parker Family has now more than seven years of expertise in this business model.

Parker House Furniture Inc. is making furniture collections for households, offices, and industries. Each year, Parker House Furniture is making million-dollar revenue.  

Is Parker House Furniture good quality?

Though Parker House Furniture has obtained good reviews for manufacturing quality, some customers have experienced bad things with their purchases.

Parker House is a well-known furniture brand that makes quality furniture products. Its design quality is excellent for homes, the entertainment industry, and offices.

For over seven decades, Parker House Furniture has been making quality products. They have kept up with the changing trends. According to customer reviews, Parker House pays attention to the quality of its furniture.

Besides, the customer service of Parker House is top-notch. But, there are still some drawbacks. We have found some common complaints about Parker House Furniture. Here are the common complaints of Parker House Furniture:

  • Lengthy Delivery Time
  • Poor quality on sectional sofas, recliners, and bookcases
  • Warranty Not Adhered To

However, very few have complained about addressing these issues. If you face manufacturing defects, contact them immediately.

Does Parker House furniture use real wood?

According to the manufacturing authority of Parker House, wood and Veneers used in their furniture are hand-picked from their sources throughout Canada and the Northern United States. These woods and veneers are stock species of wood all over the world.

Parker House ensures you the best quality. They use the finest hardware and materials available. Parker House uses solid wood that ensures durability. Besides, their affordable furniture collection is also made of quality boards and veneers.

All solid wood of Parker House Furniture is hand stored for their project. They also verify color, grain, and structure before manufacturing.

How much does Parker House furniture cost?

Parker House living room furniture items may cost you under $4500. You will easily get its bed items under $1.5k. Generally, prices of furniture vary according to its quality. You can easily get furniture items for low prices. But these items won’t last for a long time.

To be more aware of Parker House Furniture’s cost, you may check their websites and online marketplaces.

Where to buy Parker House furniture?

Initially, Parker House Furniture was made targeting the Southern California market. Today, Parker House Furniture is sold worldwide.

In the US, you can easily find Parker House retail stores. By visiting these retail stores, you can purchase your favorite furniture. Its furniture items are also sold through distribution centers worldwide.

Apart from retail stores, Parker House furniture is also available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart

Parker House sells its quality furniture items through these online marketplaces. You can get discounts on these marketplaces.

Who is Parker House Furniture owned by?

Chris Lupo is now acting as the CEO of Parker House Furniture. For over seven decades, Parker House has been selling quality furniture items. John Lupo was the founder of Parker House Furniture. After his death, Chris Lupo is leading this family business.