Where is OtterBox Made 2024? (Solved & Explained)

OtterBox company is famous for manufacturing shock-resistant, dust, water, and drop-resistant mobile phone covers.

Besides manufacturing mobile phone cases, it also makes cooler boxes, charging systems, etc. In a word, the company specializes in making electronic accessories and protectors.

Let’s find out where is the products of OtterBox made.

Where is OtterBox Made

Here is Short Answer to Where is OtterBox Made:

OtterBox products are manufactured in the United States of America, China, and Mexico.

The company’s headquarter is located in the USA’s Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 1998, the company was first established to produce water-resistant boxes to carry electronic devices in the woods.

Where are OtterBox Cases Made?

OtterBox mobile phone and tablet cases are widely famous for their durability and sustainability. The company’s cases are generally made of rubber and hard plastic.

The cover of the following company protects some of the most venerable parts of an electronic device, including buttons, microphone opening, charging ports, etc. Most of the other companies do not cover all these features at the time.

OtterBox makes its low-end to premium category phone and tablet cases. Moreover, this company makes new designs every month based on new models from different companies. The company makes cases of most of the companies’ phones, including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, etc.

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Where are OtterBox Cases Made

Who Makes the OtterBox?

OtterBox manufactures very reliable products. The company gives one year warranty to its products, which is rare for a phone and tablet case manufacturing company. Though there are some terms and conditions applied.

The products of OtterBox company are made by themselves. The company has factories located in China, the United States of America, and Mexico. There, the phone case manufacturing company makes its products.

Where is OtterBox Headquarters Located?

The electronic device accessories manufacturing company OtterBox was first established in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America. Currently, the headquarter of the company is located in its establishing place.

Currently, OtterBox has a total of 550 employees working. The company has a subsidiary company named LifeProof, which is also a tablet and smartphone manufacturer. OtterBox acquired the following company on 22 May 2013.

Besides LifeProof, OtterBox has three other start-up businesses, including Wild Rock PR, Nerdy Group, and 10AK Technologies. Though there are many companies and start-ups all around the United States of America, OtterBox company’s headquarters are still located in Colorado.

Is OtterBox a Chinese Company?

OtterBox manufactures its products in three countries, including the United States of America, Mexico, and China. Though its products are made in China, it is not a Chinese company. However, the smartphone and tablet case manufacturing company supplies its products outside the USA.

The following company supplies its product all over the world. Besides, OtterBox’s products can be found on online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba.com, Google Express, etc.

Who Owns OtterBox?

The electronic accessories manufacturing company, OtterBox, is owned by Blue Ocean Enterprise. The following enterprise is one kind of management, investment, and servicing company, which is owned by Curt Richardson.

Curt Richardson was the one who founded the OtterBox Company and he was only 21 years old at that time. Currently, he is maintaining the position of owner and chairman. As the company is a private limited company, Curt Richardson is the one who holds the maximum share.

How can I Tell if my OtterBox Defender is Real

How can I Tell if my OtterBox Defender is Real?

OtterBox products are very famous all over the world. The products of that company are very effective in saving electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., from harsh environments.

So, it is obvious that the merchandise of the OtterBox company would also be duplicated more often as its demand is very high. Moreover, the defender edition is very famous as it can protect valuable devices from water, dust, shock, etc., more effectively.

Now, the question is how to avoid fake products. There are several ways to find out the differences between fake and real defender products.

Firstly, you have to examine the screen protector given on the defender protective case. The real case has a crystal-clear glass panel. On the other hand, a fake one’s glass might be not clear enough or it has a greenish texture that is not just like the real one.

After that, you have to check the texture of the back. Real OtterBox Defender has a premium texture finish on the plastic and you can feel it by touching it. On the contrary, the fake one has a rough texture on the back and does not even feel premium or close to premium.

Lastly but most importantly, OtterBox products contain a thicker outline around the company’s name. In addition, the words are also fatter, which cannot be found in fake ones.

Is OtterBox a Good Brand?

The OtterBox company’s reputation lies in its products. Consumers have rated its products 5.0 out of 5, which indicates the company’s quality. Moreover, consumers feel extremely premium in hand feeling and its cases are very lightweight.

In addition, OtterBox’s products fit in the pocket very easily, though the case design is rugged. Hundreds of thousands of people make comments about their experience, which are very encouraging for a company to read.