Where is North Face Made 2024 – Is North Face USA made?

North Face garments products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, and the United States.

VF Corporation is the parent organization of the North Face that has over 30 manufacturing facilities in these countries.

where is North Face made

Based in Denver, Colorado, North Face manufactures all of its footwear, outdoor clothing, and related equipment around the world.

Since 1968, North Face has been operating its marketing and distribution operations in the United States.

After manufacturing in the Asian regions, North Face imports its products. Later, the fashion house sells its fashion line through its outlets.

Nowadays, the North Face has become a symbol of streetwear style. By the late 1990s, North Face expanded its fashion styles, focusing on street couture.

North Face fabrics are exclusive in the market. The manufacturer calls it TKA, Thermal Kinetic Advancement.

The thermal kinetic advancement fabric used by the North Face manufacturer is superior insulation and wear-resistant.

Using the exclusive TKA fleece, the North Face manufacturer makes Jackets, Pants, and Zip-ups in three different weights.

North Face outdoor clothes are world-famous for their sustainability on the most unforgiving side of a mountain. The fashion brand has aided explorers to reach the deepest heights of the Himalayas.

However, North Face products are now manufactured in various countries. The manufacturer ensures the best quality from the best location.

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is all North Face USA made

Is all North Face USA Made?

No, all North Face products are not made only in the United States. Instead, North Face products are made in numerous countries around the world.

Generally, made-in-USA North Face products are manufactured across numerous VF Corporation plants in the United States.

If any North Face products are manufactured outside the United States, the products will be labeled by the corresponding made-in tags.

Before the acquisition of VF Corporation, all North Face products were exclusively manufactured in the United States.

VF Corporation has joint production facilities around the world. As a result, all North Face products are no longer made in the United States only.

Instead, North Face operates joint manufacturing operations in numerous countries worldwide.

In this regard, North Face clothes and outdoor accessories are mostly made in Asian countries, including China, India, Bangladesh, and so on.

when was the North Face made in the USA

When was the North Face Made in the USA?

Until 2000, all North Face products had been manufactured in the United States.

North Face has a long tradition of making quality outdoor clothes and accessories. In 2000, the VF Corporation purchased the ownership of the North Face products.

From 1968 to 2000, the North Face manufacturers exclusively manufactured all of its products in the United States.

Resolving hiking problems, the North Face came to the limelight in the early 1990s. These made-in-USA North Face products were of superior quality.

Today, under the leadership of VF Corporation, the North Face manufacturer makes its products worldwide.

What Company Manufacturers North Face?

VF Corporation manufactures North Face products.

As we have mentioned, VF Corporation purchased the ownership of the North Face in 2000. The corporation purchased the North Face for $25.4 million.

By purchasing the North Face, VF Corporation first shifted its headquarters and production facilities. Before VF Corporation, the North Face manufacturers exclusively manufactured their products in the United States.

Today, VF Corporation manufactures every product of the North Face in its 30 manufacturing plants worldwide.

However, VF Corporation has a reputation and experience making high-quality, high-value branded apparel and related products worldwide.

VF Corporation has been making its products for more than 100 years.

How Can You Tell if a North Face is Real?

As North Face manufacturers have been making its products worldwide, it has become difficult to identify the real North Face products.

Nonetheless, following the below steps, you may get an idea of spotting fake North Face.

Step 01: Judging the hand tag:

Real North Face products come with dark blue colors and high-resolution images. The fake one has a lower resolution.

Step 02: Look at the Zip:

The original North Face product zip is much thicker than the fake one.

Step 03: Analyzing the Chest Logo:

Generally, the fake North Face comes with an unaligned logo. Besides, the fake North Face features a thinner font in the logo section. It is the most important and effective way to identify the real North Face.

Step 04: Analyzing the “700” Text:

The real North Face sleeve features bold and thicker “700” text. The fake ones will come with thin and puff thread.

Step 05: Judging the Product Code:

Fake North Face products may come with smaller, thinner fonts and text sizing. The real North Face comes with a white tag that is much bigger and thicker than the fake ones.

Step 06: Analyzing the Holographic Tag:

It is also an effective way to identify the fake North Face product. The real North Face holograph should always have cuts on the corners that are absent on the fake ones.

Following the circumstance, we can get an overall idea of the real North Face product.

Who Owns the North Face?

VF Corporation is the owner of the North Face.

In 2000, VF Corporation purchased the North Face. Since then, VF Corporation has been manufacturing and marketing all North Face products worldwide.

VF Corporation spent $25.4 million to purchase the small business of the North Face.

Today, VF Corporation makes more than $250 million in sales revenue annually.

From Asia to Europe, VF Corporation has more than 30 manufacturing plants. These production units are capable of making a large number of products.

After VF Corporation, the manufacturers make all the North Face products worldwide.

Currently, Todd Spaletto has been serving as the CEO of the North Face. Under his leadership, the North Face has achieved a record sales revenue.

VF Corporation has also taken expansion operations for the North Face resulting in worldwide distribution of the North Face.