Where is Nama Juicer Manufactured 2024? – (Revealed)

In recent years, juicing has become a popular way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. But with so many juicers on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

If you’re looking for a juicer that is both high quality and affordable, you may want to consider the Nama Juicer.

But where is the Nama Juicer manufactured?

Where is Nama Juicer Manufactured

Here is the short answer to where is Nama juicer manufactured:

Hurom Ls Co., Ltd. is the one that manufactures 98% Nama juicers in South Korea. The rest of the two percent is made in Hong Kong, China.

After manufacturing, Nama juicers shipped to the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Who invented the Nama juicer?

Nama juicer is a piece of excellent technology. It requires brilliant minds to come up with this type of idea.

Joe Cross and Dan Sheehan are the inventors of Nama juicers. Using press juicers, they developed the idea of saving more nutrition while juicing.

Conventional juicers were not doing a good job of conserving essential food nutrients. So, juice from a juicer does not have the same value as the solid form. It concerned the Nama inventors to make something new.

Is Nama juicer safe?

Numerous home appliances such as blenders and juicers are used to extract juice or to make a paste. But juicers are safer than blenders for the construction used in them.

In a blender, blades rotate to slice down fruits and vegetables into the grain. There is a risk of cutting hands. Besides, the oars can come off from the pivot point, causing injury.

On the other hand, juicers are safer because the movable parts are not sharp and safely locked in the juicing case. For Nama juicers, it is safer as the material used in it does not contaminate the juice.

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How much does Nama juicers cost?

Nama juicers are more costly than most of the other juicer brands. Generally, a manual juicer would cost around 25 dollars. Besides, electric juicers cost up to 1500 dollars.

But it is not the case for Nama juicers. This brand manufactures expensive juicers that cost around 400 to 550 dollars. There are two models Nama provides, including

  • Nama J2 – 550 US dollars
  • Vitality 5800 – 399 US dollars

Well, we cannot just complain about this pricing. Nama is one of the few brands that provide more juice with less pulp. Besides, the blending technology is so good that the oxidation of juice is reduced to nearly 70 percent.

Are Nama juicers sold in stores?

Generally, juicer brands sell their products at home appliance stores. But sorry to acknowledge that Nama is not like other brands.

Nama does not sell juicers physically in stores. However, you can find their products at online retailers such as Amazon.

Where can I buy Nama juicer?

Nama juicers are only available to online shops. On Nama’s official website, you can order Nama juicers. They supply their products all over the United States through online delivery.

However, besides the USA, there are some other countries where Nama distributes its products, including

  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • European Union Countries

Nama ships its products to these countries. Of course, the shipping charge is included.

How long does Nama juicer last?

Juicer is not like other home appliances. There are no sharp edges that can wear off. Besides, the only thing the base does is rotate. So, the only thing that will end the service time of a juicer is the motor.

Nama juicer has an incredible warranty policy. The brand gives ten years of warranty to the juicer’s motor.

Though the warranty has terms and conditions, there are not many brands that are this confident about their product. So, you can use the Nama juicer with no hesitation for at least ten years.

Besides, Nama sells juicer parts separately. So, if your juicer is damaged somehow, you do not need to buy a new one again. You can simply buy the damaged part. Besides, it also depends on how often you use it.

How long does Nama juicer last

Is Nama juicer worth buying?

There are not many juicer brands that can perform like Nama juicers. The brand used its creative way to reduce the oxidation rate of the juices the juicer produces.

Juice made from a Nama juicer can be stored for up to 48 hours without oxidation. Besides, it extracts essential food minerals and nutrients efficiently. So, the waste of food nutrients reduces with the use of the Nama juicer.

Moreover, there are not many companies that can give ten years of motor warranty. So, the Nama juicer is a pretty deal for long-term users.

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Who owns Nama juicer?

Dan Sheehan is the founder of Nama Juicer. He teamed up with Joe Cross and developed this juicer. After generating the design, they collaborated with Hurom for manufacturing commercially.

Currently, Dan Sheehan is the owner of the Nama brand. In addition, he is the chief executive officer of the brand as well.

Is Nama juicer ethically made?

A product is ethically made means when the product is manufactured, no one was oppressed to work overtime. Besides, it also means no animal was harmed during the production.

However, there is no information about the Nama juicer, whether it was ethically made or not. As it is a capitalized world, we cannot be sure if it was ethically made or not.