Where is My Pillow Made 2024 – (Slippers, Sheets + More)

In many ways, MyPillow is an American success story that has given many Americans better rest at night.

That hasn’t stopped many people from wondering where is My Pillow made, along with many other rumors.

Where is My Pillow Made

Where is My Pillow made in 2024:

My Pillow is a product that is made in Minnesota at three different factories. These include Chaska, Shakopee, and Chanhassen which are all within the state of Minnesota.

It’s an America-based company that makes various pillows, bed sheets, and mattresses for the bed & accessory product industry.

Each of the MyPillow products is made in separate factories that each make products that go with the MyPillow product line.

The most common factory that is mentioned in the Chanhassen factory, which makes their pillows. The polyurethane filler is made by a separate company that supplies My Pillow products.

After each product is made it’s then shipped to storage warehouses where it waits to be sold and shipped. My Pillow has made over 41 million pillows since 2009.

Where Are My Slippers Made

Where Are My Slippers Made?

These slippers are not made in the USA and are imported from Cambodia. The cowhide is also advertised as (US) cowhide, but there aren’t many cows from the US in Cambodia.

These slippers are all manufactured in Cambodia and shipped to the USA to the My Pillow warehouses.

Many of the advertisements for MyPillow will say that these slippers are made in the US. Big web shops including Amazon all say they are Cambodian exports.

This does not make the My Pillow slippers cheaper in quality, they are just cheaper to import.

My Pillow often will import from other factories outside the US to keep their costs lower than making them domestically. The slippers are very comfortable according to the customer reviews even if they are import slippers.

Where are My Pillow sheets made

Where are My Pillow sheets made?

You might expect that My Pillow sheets are made in the USA but they are actually made in Pakistan.

Cotton is Egyptian cotton that is grown all over the world, but it’s cultivated in Pakistan for making fabric. Egyptian cotton is better since it helps keep your skin cool.

This makes it perfect for bed sheets as the fabric will absorb moisture away from your skin faster than regular cotton.

On hot nights when the heat and humidity are high, Egyptian cotton will help to have better sleep at night. It’s also cheaper to have sheets made in Pakistan.

These sheets are shipped directly to Minnesota to the My Pillow warehouses where they are sold throughout the US. Egyptian cotton is considered softer than the cotton grown in the USA.

Where is My Pillow mattress made

Where is My Pillow mattress made?

All of the MyPillow mattresses are made in the USA.

These mattresses are a combo of three layers of memory foam which helps to support your body when you sleep. This makes it easier for customers to sleep better in multiple positions all through the night.

The mattresses have all been CertiPUR-US certified, which means they have passed strict environmental testing and are considered healthy for people.

MyPillow sells many sizes that match the size of the bed that each customer wants to buy. There are also two different types of MyPillow memory foam beds.

The first type of mattress has three layers of memory foam and the second type includes all 3 layers plus coil springs for added support. The price difference will increase whenever coil springs mattresses are considered.

Are MyPillow products made in the USA

Are MyPillow products made in the USA? 

Not all of the MyPillow products are made in the USA and will often be imported products.

This is how My Pillow can keep their prices low and expand its line of bed and bedroom products. Many of the imported products are of higher quality than what’s made in the USA.

My Pillow does not say where their products are made since the pillow and mattresses are made in the US. The customers will already think that the rest of the products are made in the US or in Minnesota just like their pillows and mattresses are.

The MyPillow product line isn’t lowered on quality because of this and is careful to find products that are made well. These products will even have the MyPillow logo if the import factories have a production contract with the My Pillow Company.

Where is My Pillow made in Minnesota

Where is My Pillow made in Minnesota?

Three locations have been listed as factory spots in Minnesota for My Pillow. These include Chaska, Shakopee, and Chanhassen where each factory is located.

My Pillow does not say which factory city makes each product they are making for the My Pillow Company.

There are some company secrets that My Pillow might want to keep from being learned by the general public. It can also be that My Pillow wants to keep competitors from learning where their products are being made.

There are also trade secrets in how MyPillow pillow foam is made.

Any company trying to protect their company secrets will do this so they aren’t being copied by cheaper pillow products. It’s been confirmed that their pillows and mattresses are made in Minnesota and the US.

Is MyPillow made in China?

There are copycat versions of My Pillow that are being imported from China.

The foam is ordinary shredded rubber foam and not made from polyurethane foam. These copied versions are not the original MyPillow and often find their way into chain stores including Target and Walmart.

Many Chinese import websites are mass importing the same boxes for MyPillow and have a similar-looking product. They don’t work and will flatten or fall apart in very little time.

The MyPillow Company recommends buying from their official website to get the real product.

It’s very hard to spot copycat products that are sold in stores but the price that it’s sold for will be an instant sign. None of the My Pillow products sell under or less than their value than the real MyPillow products are sold for.

Who makes My Pillow?

My Pillow is the creation of Mike Lindell who spent many years getting MyPillow off the ground.

Mike Lindell is a native of Minnesota and was already in business running four bars across Carver County in Minnesota. He sold these bars to start a new business making the perfect pillow.

It was hard to get people interested in his pillows and found that all of the old tricks for selling his product had failed. He had help from friends and family to help store the pillows he initially made himself. Mike learned that late-night infomercials helped sell his brand.

Now his company is selling beds, pillows, sheets, and towels that are supporting his range of products sold through My Pillow. My Pillow is considered an American success story for small business ideas.

How much do My Pillow products cost?

The general range of costs for my Pillow products is ranging from $30 to $900 depending on the product that is bought. Pillows can sell for as little as $30 while coil spring beds can sell for up to $900. On their company website, they offer promo codes that give discounts.

When you watch internet programs that include Tucker Carlson or other advertising partners, you can use their promo codes for cheaper prices. If you buy these products from chain stores, you might be buying fake imported Chinese products. These look the same as their pillows and are of poor quality.

Not all stores are checking to see if their product is an official brand, especially if they are smaller discount stores. Big brand name stores will typically be careful not to purchase fake products from China.

Where is my pillow sold?

My Pillow is sold on the official MyPillow website which sells all of its signature products. You can also find many of their products selling on Amazon and through name-brand outlet stores. If you see My Pillow sold in Walmart or Target, be careful of suspicious MyPillow products.

There have been reports that fake product is being sold to these chain stores that are terrible knock-off copies. The same applies to online sellers through Amazon that aren’t the official MyPillow webshop. These fake products get bad reviews and are sold cheaper than the regular MyPillow price.

Is My Pillow going out of business?

The My Pillow Company is not going out of business and is actually doing the opposite. They have been expanding in size with their list of products that are sold. There are many news companies and reporters that do not like Mike Lindell because of his politics.

Even though his past mistakes are talked down by the press, there is a movement trying to shut down MY Pillow from making money. Walmart pulled My Pillow products off their shelves, but still sells them through their webshop online. It’s simply dirty politics that want to cancel My Pillow.

Anyone with a halfway decent education will see that My Pillow is a target for those who do not like American businesses. My Pillow will continue to grow because their product is selling better than ever because of all the bad press.

Who owns My Pillow?

Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow and typically the spokesperson for the company. His face is seen on all the advertising boxes that sell MyPillow pillows. As of 2017, 1700 employees work for the My Pillow Company within three factories in Minnesota.

Mike Lindell has become a target that is trying to cancel his name and his business. My Pillow as a national brand is now gaining more press and attention than ever before. The more the press mentions My Pillow and its founder, Mike Lindell, the more it sells its products.

Even with negative press, this had elevated My Pillow to become a household name. This is one of the oldest American success tricks that has made Mike Lindell rich and powerful.