Where is Mott’s Apple Juice Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Most people prefer apple juice to the whole apple as apple juice doesn’t contain the same fiber and phytonutrients that raw apple has.

To meet consumer demands, you will find 21 reputed apple juice brands in the world. Mott’s Apple is one of these reputed brands.

While purchasing Mott’s apple the first thing you will search — “Where is Mott’s Apple made?”

Where is Mott’s Apple Juice Made

Here is a short answer to where is Mott’s Apple juice made:

Mott’s Apple Juice is predominantly made in the United States.

As some stakes of this brand are owned by an English company, it is also made in England.

But, the largest apple juice, apple sauce, and apple concentration plant, is located in Williamson, Wayne County.

Where is Mott’s organic apple juice made?

The fat-free Mott’s organic apple juice is made in Argentina, Chile, and the United States of America.

The main ingredients of Mott’s organic apple juice are:

  • Organic Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Water
  • Ascorbic Acid

Generally, apple concentrate comes from China. After these raw ingredients, Mott’s Organic apple juice is made in the aforementioned countries. In these organic juices, Kosher is also used. They process over a million apples a day in their plants. 

Where is Mott’s Applesauce manufactured

Where is Mott’s Applesauce manufactured?

Mott’s applesauce is also manufactured in the United States. But, they sometimes import raw ingredients from China violating recommended FDA levels of arsenic.

In New York State, Mott’s Apple is one of the largest purchasers of apples. In a day, Mott’s Apple processes over a million apples. Their Williamson Plant works with 140 area growers. Since 1964, Gray Orbaker’s family plant has supplied Motts with apples.

Nonetheless, Mott’s sources its apple juice concentrate from China. They also violated FDA levels of arsenic!

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Is Mott’s apple juice made in the USA?

Yes, Mott’s Apple juice is made in the USA. Their largest manufacturing plant is located in Williamson, Wayne County. Williamson is a town in New York State, USA.

Mott’s is a leading brand of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. This Company purchases millions of apples in a day from New York State. A vast part of these apples come from Gary Orbaker’s family. This family farm has supplied apples to Mott’s since 1964.

After purchasing these fresh apples, they go through apple sauce and apple juice processing in their Williamson plant. This plant works with 140 area growers. 

Does Mott’s apple juice come from China?

Like other juice makers, Mott’s imports apple concentrates from China. Besides, they were reported to import apple sauce concentrate from China with a high level of arsenic.

According to Wegmans Food Markets Inc., Mott’s has phased out Chinese concentrate in its house brand of apple juice and applesauce. Hence, Mott’s frequently uses Chinese-made apple concentrates.

Where can I buy Mott’s apple juice?

Motts mainly sells juices and sauces. Their products are widely available in retail stores and online marketplaces. You can purchase Mott’s sauces and juices from:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com
  • Mott’s official website
  • Retail stores

You may prefer Amazon to other online marketplaces as they ensure authentic products at a reasonable price. Sometimes, Amazon provides promotional codes and discounts. Shopping from Amazon will make your life easy!

How much does Mott’s apple juice cost?

The regular price of Mott’s apple juice is $2.99. Mott’s 100% original apple juice weighs 64 oz only. On the other hand, First Street 100% original apple juice (64 oz) will cost you $2.69. It comes a little cheap though!

Since 1842, Motts has not added any sugar to their apple juice. They also added no artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners to their juices and sauces. If you drink 2 cups of Mott’s juice, you will get 2000 calories, according to Mott’s claim. 

Where does Mott’s apple come from?

Mott’s apple predominantly comes from Gary Orbaker’s family farm. Mott’s apple juice brand is the largest purchaser of apples in New York State. Gary Orbaker’s family farm has become the largest supplier of Mott’s apples.

After purchasing a high volume of apples from Orbaker’s family farm, they continue processing in their largest plant. They purchase apples from New York State and process them in the same state. Mott’s largest processing plant is located in New York State.

Who makes Mott’s apple?

Samuel R. Mott and Jamoti Hunter are the founders of Mott’s Apple. Keurig Dr. Pepper is the current owner of this Apple Juice company. All of their products are made in their sweetest manufacturing plants.

Mott’s is an American company that was established in 1842. Throughout history, Samuel R. Mott was the first person to make apple cider and vinegar. Consequently, Mott is the first chef of Mott’s apple juice and sauce. 

How long does Mott’s apple juice last?

Mott’s apple juice that is boxed or kept in a sealed bottle can last for around two to three months. Fruit juice concentrate or canned apple juice will last more than nine months if you unopened and store it in a cool, dark place.

After opening, continuously refrigerated apple juice will last for 7 to 10 days. 

Is Mott’s apple juice real?

Yes, Mott’s apple juice is 100% real. Mott’s apple juice pack with ripe apple flavor is 100% fruit juice and delivers two servings of fruits. Mott’s apple juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C that contains no sugar and colors.