Where is Minute Maid Orange Juice Made 2024

Minute Maid is one of the oldest US lemonade and orange juice companies in the world. And all these years, Minute Maid has been manufacturing beverages without losing its reputation.

In 1945, Florida Food Corporation started its journey as an orange juice producer by taking orders from the US Army. And now, it ended up as one of the most popular beverage brands.

Where is Minute Maid Orange Juice Made

Here is a short answer to where is Minute Maid Orange juice made:

The Coca-Cola Company manufactures Minute Maid Orange Juice at the juice processing plant in Florida, USA.

However, its headquarter is not in the Sunshine State but is in First Colony, Sugar Land, Texas. Minute Maid uses concentrate to prepare orange juice.

Where is Minute Maid apple juice made?

Minute Maid uses fruit juice concentrate. So, the juice may not come from the local fruit supply. For using concentrate form, only concentrate shipping is held, and local manufacturers just dilute before supplying to the market.

According to a report from CBC, Minute Maid imports apple juice concentrate from four countries outside the United States, including

  • Argentina
  • China
  • Chile
  • Turkey

However, besides importing apple juice concentrate, Minute Maid also creates a portion of it in the USA.

Where is Minute Maid apple juice made

Is Minute Maid orange juice made in Canada?

Canadian people are very fond of fruit beverages. And Minute Maid is a famous name in the following country. Today, the juice company prepares 95 percent orange juice for Canadian people in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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In 1960, after The Coca-Cola Company purchased Minute Maid, the company expanded its business to Canada. At that time, the company exported all the juice bottles from Florida, USA.

How much does Minute Maid Orange juice cost?

The orange juice market is currently oversaturated. Every beverage company is giving its best to survive in the competition. However, competition is a blessing for consumers as it helps to reduce pricing.

Generally, a 16 ounces of orange juice bottle takes around 1.3 dollars. So, a 59 ounces bottle would take roughly 4 dollars. In this case, Minute Maid provides its orange juices at a low price than average.

You can buy only 59 ounces of orange juice bottles from Minute Maid. And it takes around 2.98 dollars, cheaper than most other brands available.

Where can I buy Minute Maid orange juice

Where can I buy Minute Maid orange juice?

Though Minute Maid’s origin is in the USA, it is a multinational company. So, there are many countries around the globe besides the USA where you can find the company’s orange juice.

You can find Minute Maid’s juices in any retailer. However, there are online retailers from where you can buy the company’s juice in the USA, including

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Drizly
  • Sam’s Club

How long does Minute Maid orange juice last?

Generally, commercially produced orange juices last around six months to a year unopened. Again, when the liquid is opened, it would last around seven to fifteen days.

Now, speaking of Minute Maid orange juice, it lasts up to two to three months unopened and refrigerated. However, if it is opened, it would go up to two to three days.

Is Minute Maid orange juice safe to drink?

The contents that Minute Maid writes on the bottles are necessary for our bodies, including vitamin C, Potassium, Thiamin, and Folate. Besides, it is a great source to get our bodies hydrated.

However, juice cannot give us the necessary fibers that are needed for the digestive system. In addition, there is a high concentration of sugar. It would lead to some severe health issues, including

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatty Liver
  • Kidney Problems

So, it would be wise to eat regular fruits instead of drinking juice. If you love juice, use a blender machine to make it, not the juicer. Juicer separates the essential fibers from the liquid. But the blender cuts down the fibrils to tinny pieces.

Is Minute Maid orange real orange juice?

According to Minute Maid’s official statement, their orange juice is one hundred percent real. And yes, it is true. They use real oranges to produce orange fruit beverages.

However, Minute Maid does not use direct squeezing out but uses the concentrated liquid of orange extract. Again, the company does not apply any edible color, smell, or flavor to intensify the quality.

Who owns Minute Maid?

Currently, Minute Maid is under The Coca-Cola Company. The juice company first integrated with Coca-Cola in the 1960s. Before that, it was under the Florida Foods Corporation.

In 1945, Minute Maid began its journey while preparing orange beverages for the US Army. But the order was canceled, and it went to the market to cover up the loss. That is how it started producing juice commercially.

Where do Minute Maid oranges come from?

Minute Maid’s oranges grow in Florida, USA. However, it is just a marketing strategy. Florida cannot supply oranges all over the year. So, in the offseason, the company imports oranges from Brazil to cover up the raw material shortage.

Who makes Minute Maid orange?

The Coca-Cola Company manufactures Minute Maid orange juices. Before that, The Florida Foods Corporation produced it.

And the orange comes from Florida, USA. However, the orange does not grow for twelve months. So, they import oranges from Brazil during the off-season.