Where is Mikasa Made 2024? (Solved & Explained)

Mikasa is a worldwide recognized brand for making crystal stemware, dinnerware, flatware, barware, and other decorative merchandise.

This tabletop fashion brand has held its reputation for over a half-century for making quality products and designs.

Mikasa is one of the successful brands in the USA. It is an ever-growing brand. The brand is planning to grow its retail department more and more.

Anyways, let’s find out where Mikasa makes its products.

Where is Mikasa Made

Here is a short answer to where is Mikasa made:

There are an estimated 175 factories in 25 separate countries that manufacture Mikasa merchandise. This brand has no manufacturing site of its own.

Most of Mikasa’s production factories are in Austria and Germany. And the reason is its merchandise demand is high in Europe.

Is Mikasa made in the USA?

Mikasa is adored all over the world for manufacturing quality tabletop products. This brand was first founded in California, USA, by Americans. However, it does not own any manufacturing facility. So, the brand needs to use other factory facilities.

Currently, Mikasa is not inside the boundary of the United States border. Its products are produced all over the world today.

The products of Mikasa’s largest manufacturing factories lie in Europe, especially Germany and Austria. Anyways, there are around 150 factory outlets located only in the United States of America of Mikasa.

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What is Mikasa dinnerware made of?

Mikasa dinnerware is a very stylized set of products. This product would change the dining environment as well as the showcase. Mikasa’s product design is very minimalistic and sophisticated.

The texture of Mikasa’s dinnerware is very clean, and the edge of the product is very smooth and white. Moreover, the quality of the material is very high.

Generally, companies make dinnerware using porcelain as it is ideal in day-to-day life. Thus, Mikasa is not an exception. The brand also makes its product using very high-quality porcelain. The minimalist design on porcelain dinnerware makes the product more aesthetic.

Let’s find out about the raw materials used to make high-quality porcelain:

  • Clay mineral kaolinite
  • Ball Clay
  • Bone Ash
  • Feldspar
  • Steatite
  • Alabaster
  • Quartz
  • Petuntse

Where is Mikasa company located?

Mikasa has become a successful and increasing brand for making quality tabletop decorative products, especially dinnerware, flatware, etc. This brand is a division of a renowned company named Lifetime Brands.

The following company’s headquarters are in Garden City, New York, United States of America. So, Mikasa brand’s official control lies in that area.

However, the brand’s US-based distribution center is not near its headquarters. It is in two separate places, including California’s Rialto and Robbinsville, New Jersey.

Is Mikasa going out of business?

Mikasa is currently one of the fastest-growing brands in the USA. However, in 2007, the brand decided to close its retail factory outlets. At the end of the following year, Mikasa closed 86 retail shops all over the United States of America.

In 2007, the brand closed one of its retailing factory outlets named Prime Outlet Mall, located in Burlington. It was a massive loss to the economy. Mikasa dismissed 900 employees that year.

Who owns Mikasa?

In 1948, George Aratani founded a company in California and named it American Commercial Inc. In the beginning, the company was known as a wholesaler and carried the title till 1968. The company sold its products to Bloomingdales, May Department Stores Company, etc.

Anyways, American Commercial Inc. is currently known as Mikasa. In addition, it is now a division of a company named Lifetime Brands. Currently, the chief executive officer of the Mikasa brand is Anthony F. Santarelli.

Is Mikasa an American company

Is Mikasa an American company?

Mikasa was an international company whose origin is in the State of California, United States of America. So, yes, Mikasa is an American company, and Lifetime Brands is the owner of Mikasa.

The brand Mikasa’s headquarter is in New York’s Garden City. Besides, there are two distribution centers all over the United States of America. Its distribution centers are in two different states.

Though Mikasa is an American brand, its products are globally recognized. There are many factories, around 170, that make Mikasa’s products. The factories are from different countries. Anyways, Mikasa does not have any factory from which it can produce its merchandise.

Is Mikasa China good quality?

Mikasa is an affordable dinnerware company in China. If we compare its products with the companies like Lenox, we can visualize Mikasa’s merchandise affordability.

 For example, a dinner set of Lenox starts from 99.99 dollars. On the other hand, Mikasa’s dinner sets start at only 29.99 dollars.

Now, the question is, is Mikasa China a good quality product? The answer is yes. Mikasa is an affordable brand that delivers quality products to the Chinese market.

Doubting Mikasa’s products’ quality is not an issue. The main problem is Mikasa’s customer service. In addition, the customers do not get good service from the employees of the following brand. We highly suggest improving customer service, or the reputation will dissolve.

Mikasa’s privacy and refund policy say that the brand will give after-sale service for the first 90 days. But when it is time for the refund, the employees do not behave well. Moreover, storekeepers do not even help Mikasa’s customers to find a way to refund the damaged products.