Where is Michael Kors Made 2024: Purses, Watches & more

Michael Kors products are made in China.

This includes a variety of products such as handbags, watches and several other accessories.

Where is Michael Kors Made

Michael Kors produces units under Sitoy Group Holdings. This company helps with the manufacture and distribution of Michael Kors products in China.

Michael Kors products are available in Turkey, Vietnam, and Korea as well.  

where are michael kors purses made

Where are Michael Kors Purses Made?

Michael Kors purses are made in China.

Sitoy Group Holdings is responsible for producing Michael Kors purses. These purses have the highest quality, similar to or better than the competition.

The competition, in this case, is Louis Vuitton, and of course Prada. With Sitoy Group Holdings, Michael Kors purses are easy for Chinese consumers to find. 

Part of the reason for the Chinese market producing luxury goods is lower costs.

Raw materials and expertise are a huge factor as well. Chinese manufacturers are not the only ones making these purses though.

Ethiopian company Pungbook produces authentic Michael Kors purses as well. 

These purses turn out to be of the highest quality. Ethiopian manufactured Michael Kors purses are available in European markets. The Ethiopian production plants use Vietnamese, Korean, and Hong Kong raw materials.

It is nothing new to spot Michael Kors purses with manufacturing labels from several countries.  

where are michael kors bags made

Who Manufactures Michael Kors Purses?

Sitoy Group Holdings manufactures these purses for China and other markets.

This is the chief manufacturer of the designer’s merchandise. 

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michael kors watches made in which country

Where are Michael Kors Watches Made?

Switzerland is responsible for assembling some of these watches as well.

China and Indonesia are responsible for producing some of the parts found in Michael Kors watches.

It turns out the leather bands or straps are Italian products. 

Michael Kors watches found in local streets across the world are likely to be counterfeit.

If any watch is not available online, or it is much cheaper than internet prices, it is not genuine.

Michael Kors watches are top quality. This is why manufacturing is the work of Fossil Group only. 

Where are Michael Kors Watches Made

Who Makes Michael Kors Watches?

The Fossil group manufactures Michael Kors watches in China.

These watches are of the highest quality, like Michael Kors Access Collections. Fossil Group is the chief manufacturer because of this requirement for high quality.

There are no other companies licensed to produce Michael Kors watches.  

Where are Michael Kors Clothes made?

Manufacturing of Michael Kors products, including clothes, takes place in China.

It is difficult to tell which MK clothes are genuine. The company primarily sells accessories, including handbags. Unlike these accessories, MK clothes are harder to separate between real and counterfeit. 

Other nations with labels on Michael Kors products are Thailand and Sri Lanka. If you see MK clothing with these labels, it is likely to be an authentic piece of clothing. 

Where are Michael Kors Sunglasses Made

Where are Michael Kors Sunglasses Made?

China produces Michael Kors sunglasses, like many of Michael Kors’ product lines.

Some consumers claim to have shades made in Italy, with Michael Kors labels. Because these shades are not available online or in any local stores, they are most likely not real.

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Where are Michael Kors Belts Made

Where are Michael Kors Belts Made?

China makes Michael Kors belts.

Marketing and sales of these belts take place in North America. Even with the supply chain in China, if you buy it locally, it is likely to be counterfeit.

Original Michael Kors belts have proper stitching, while counterfeit ones seem rushed. 

Another authenticity check for MK belts is in the materials. All Michael Kors belts use genuine leather, while imitations use leather. This is a combination of plastic and leather.

The fake belts will seem very light to hold. They might also look old while still new. 

Where are Michael Kors Suits Made

Where are Michael Kors Suits Made?

Suits with Michael Kors are from China.

This market is responsible for the majority of the Michael Kors product line. Michael Kors suits and tuxedos are available online and in local outlets.

Because the company has high and medium quality products, you can find them in retail stores and low-end outlets.

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Michael Kors Distribution

Michael Kors distribution takes place on and offline, in stores like Macy’s in the United States of America. The company has units produced in China mainly, and once imported they, source distributors.

Becoming a Michael Kors distributor requires a heavy investment. This is why most centers sell these products at a high cost. Such outlets like Macy’s, and online stores like Brandsdistribution.com offer their products at high costs.

Several other local North American outlets are distributing Michael Kors items. The problem with wholesale distributors is that they provide plenty of knockoffs as well. 

Bottom Line

While Michael Kors manufactures and promotes high-quality products, there are plenty of imitations.

Most of the company’s product line comes from Asian markets. This makes it easier for knockoffs to become easy to buy on local streets. Even though Michael Kors products are high, it is hard to maintain standards. 

This is because their popularity makes it a profitable business. These profitable opportunities make the company a target for the black market, but finding genuine products is still possible.

Shop online or visit outlets in North America for authentic Michael Kors accessories, and clothing.