Where is Made In Cookware Made 2024

As a society, we’re all growing increasingly health-conscious. Such intentions can require the right equipment to come to pass.

If you’re hoping to become a kitchen whizz, you’ll need pots, pans, and cookware that you can rely on.

Made In has an excellent reputation – but is this justified? And where does this manufacturer create their products? Read on to find out!

Where is Made In cookware made

Where is Made In cookware made 2024:

The vast majority of Made In products are manufactured in Austin, Texas.

A tiny handful of pots and pans are imported from Europe, but almost everything from this manufacturer is as American as apple pie. 

Where are Made In Pans made

Where are Made In Pans made?

If you’re investing in Made In cookware, you’ll be within your rights to wonder where the pots and pans you’re purchasing were made.

Will you be supporting an American business, aiding the domestic job market, or paying a premium in import fees for products that originate overseas?

Happily, most pots and pans from the Made In stable are created in Austin, TX.

A small handful may also be imported from Italy, but it’s a fair assumption that you’ll be holding an American-made item in your hand.

Of course, Made In also offers other kitchen products for sale. These may be imported. The range of kitchen knives sold by Made In, for example, begins life in France, while glassware is shipped from the UK.

Overall, though, Made In is a proudly American company – with production practices to match this.

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Who makes Made In cookware

Who makes Made In cookware?

Made In cookware is carefully constructed by a team of experienced professionals in Austin or artisans in France, Italy, and the UK. 

Quality control is hugely important to the Made In brand, so nothing will be thrown together without due care and attention. If you purchase cookware or table accessories from this manufacturer, the standards will be exemplary.

Is Made In cookware safe?

If you’re using kitchenware, you’ll be at least partly responsible for your own safety. Made In cannot take responsibility if you cut yourself on a kitchen knife, for example, or spill boiling water from a hot pan.

These products are sturdy enough to be considered safe, though. The knife blades will not snap under pressure, and the handles of the saucepans do not run too hot. You will be able to comfortably carry a pan from the stove to a countertop without discomfort.

Another selling point of Made In is that the pans in this range are entirely non-toxic.

No matter how much heat is applied to Made In cookware – and these pots can hold liquid at unprecedented temperatures – the products will not release any harmful chemicals. That’s an essential consideration for many users.

Is made in cookware made in US

Where can I buy Made In cookware products?

Made In is a prominent brand name in the cookware industry, so you will not struggle to find their products. 

The brand’s official website ships worldwide, so that can be the first port of call. Naturally, though, you can also find Made In products elsewhere – both online and off. 

You might struggle to find Made In cookware in Walmart or Target, but most high-end department stores will stock the brand. Meanwhile, Made In also has an official Amazon store, so you can quickly receive your items through Prime delivery.

where is madeincookware made

How much does Made In cookware cost?

As we have suggested throughout this guide, Made In cookware is of an exemplary standard. This will be reflected in the price – though many kitchen enthusiasts would declare the investment to be money well spent. 

To give you an idea of what you’ll be expected to pay for Made In cookware, the following prices for multi-item sets are correct at the time of writing. Items can also be purchased individually.

  • 6-piece starter set – $442
  • 14-piece executive set – $1,151
  • 7-piece non-stick set – $599
  • 3-piece knife set – $237 
  • 4 wine glasses – $59

If you shop around online, you may find these products cheaper – the prices we quote are based on the official Made In website. Just ensure you’re not being sold counterfeit goods if purchasing from a third party. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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where is made in cookware produced

Are Made In cookware products worth buying?

With any cookware, you get what you pay for. Pots and pans, as well as associated items, are available at an array of price points. With Made In cookware, you’ll be paying more than you would for a more basic counterpart. 

If you only cook casually and occasionally, it probably isn’t worth breaking the bank for the Made In range. If you can afford to, by all means, do so – they’re great products. You don’t necessarily need to buy such great cookware for light use, though – other, cheaper alternatives are available.

On the other hand, if you’re a budding chef that takes your cooking seriously, or you’re keen on entertaining guests with regularity, seriously consider purchasing Made In cookware.

These products’ sturdiness, quality, and safety credentials ensure they are a recommended purchase for anybody with sufficient resources and interest.

Who owns Made In cookware?

Made In is owned by the two men that initially started the business back in 2017 – Jake Kalick and Chip Malt. Kalick and Malt have been friends since their childhood in Boston and share a lifelong passion for cooking and food. 

Observing the industry, Malt and Kalick felt that insufficient attention was paid to cookware for use in the home.

Understanding that the Millennial generation, in particular, is fascinated by food culture, they felt there was a vacancy for a direct-to-consumer business model that dealt in quality products. Made In was born as a result.

Made In has gone on to serve more than just keen amateur cooks. The company also provides cookware used in professional kitchens throughout the world, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

Despite this, Jake Kalick and Chip Malt have resisted the urge to sell their business to a conglomerate, remaining hands-on in the company’s running.

where are made in pots and pans manufactured

How long does Made In cookware last?

How long your cookware lasts will depend in part upon how you use and treat it.

Naturally, if you’re cooking a range of complex meals each day, your pans will experience more wear and tear. Of course, mistreatment – such as poor-quality washing, substandard storage, or dropping them to the floor – will also hasten any need for replacements.

In theory, though, Made In cookware should be sturdy enough to last quite some time. We say in theory, simply because this is a comparatively new business.

Made In has only been trading since 2017, and it’s fair to expect kitchen products that retail at Made In’s asking prices to last at least seven or eight years. 

However long your pots and pans last, though, you can be assured that Made In will offer quality service while in operation.

They can cope with higher temperatures than many rivals, and the steel is of the highest quality. We’ll be watching out cookware for any signs of aging with interest – we have not seen any issues so far.

Is Made In cookware ethically made?

We cannot answer this question with absolute certainty. We have never toured the manufacturing plants of Made In and observed their practices. This business certainly ticks all the boxes as an ethical manufacturer, though.

The cookware produced by Made In is chemical-free, ensuring that damage to the environment will be minimal. As discussed, it also primarily stems from the USA, cutting down on air pollution through importing and ensuring that overseas labor forces are not exploited. 

Moreover, Made In also offers a recycling program for old, unwanted kitchenware. If you upgrade your kitchen and invest in a new set of pots and pans, Made In will take them off your hands and ensure they are recycled rather than dumped in a landfill.

Overall, there is no reason to question the ethics or integrity of Made In. This manufacturer clearly cares about their craft and industry, and we would be amazed to learn of any business practices that contradict this.