Where is Louisiana Hot Sauce Made 2024

Louisiana Hot Sauce is a well-known American company that solely manufactures only hot sauces. Its bottle labeling contains the word, Original. For this reason, people also call it the Original Louisiana Hot Sauce.

It has been nearly 95 years since Louisiana Hot Sauce started its tongue-burning hot sauces. And its popularity did not decline over the years.

So, let’s find out where Louisiana Hot Sauce manufactures in 2024.

Summit Hill Foods manufactures Louisiana Hot Sauce in New Iberia, Louisiana, United States. It is the only food processing plant of Louisiana Hot Sauce from where the company supplies its hot sauce everywhere.

where is louisiana hot sauce made

Louisiana Hot Sauce was not manufactured in that manufacturing facility from the beginning. At first, it was made in the kitchen, and when it grew more prominent, it got its processing plant.

As of 2022, Louisiana Hot Sauce supplies its hot sauces in more than 100 countries, and of course, all over the United States. And all come from that single production facility.

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Who made the Louisiana hot sauce?

Louisiana Hot Sauce is one of the most popular hot sauces in the US market. So, many have gotten curious about its origin and founder. Let’s learn who made it.

In 1928, Bruce Foods was the one that first marketed Louisiana Hot Sauce. However, it did not begin on a large scale but was produced in the family kitchen. When it started to spread, it got its food processing plant.

Si Brown was the founder of Bruce Foods Corporation. He founded it as the parent company of Louisiana Hot Sauce. However, it does not have ownership of the following hot sauce company.

As of 2022, the Bruce Foods Corporation is the Largest privately owned food processor in the United States. It primarily manufactures boxed mixes and Mexican goods, including canned foods.

Is Louisiana hot sauce the same as Tabasco?

Louisiana Hot Sauce is known for its mild tough-burning sensation. However, Tabasco Hot Sauce is on a different level. There is no way that Louisiana Hot Sauce and Tabasco Hot Sauce are similar.

Tabasco sauce uses tabasco pepper, and Louisiana Hot Sauce uses cayenne pepper. Both peppers are rated from 30 thousand to 50 thousand on the Scoville scale.

Even though both tabasco and cayenne pepper has the same rate on the Scoville scale, Louisiana Hot Sauce is less hot than Tabasco. It is due to the recipe the individual company follows.

However, about the taste, Louisiana Hot Sauce’s primary flavor is vinegar and pepper and contains salt as a taste intensifier. On the other hand, Tabasco sauce is slightly sweet and with saltiness.

Where does Louisiana Hot Sauce get its peppers?

The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Co. uses one-year-old red cayenne peppers for its hot sauces. So, let’s find out where the company gets all the peppers for its hot sauce production.

The company does not say about the cayenne pepper supplier. Maybe the company has private farming lands where it grows its peppers. However, it is not officially published from where the company gets its chile for production.

There are some potential regions globally where people harvest cayenne peppers. The regions, including

  • East Africa
  • India
  • The United States
  • Mexico

Who is the owner of Louisiana Hot Sauce?

The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Co. is the owner of Louisiana Hot Sauce. And the following company is also a subsidiary firm of another multinational company named Summit Hill Foods, a Georgia-based company.

Summit Hill Foods was founded 80 years ago, in 1941. Claude Parrish was the founder of this food corporation and was the president and CEO of this company till his death in 1967.

In April 2015, Summit Hill Foods purchased The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce Co. from Bruce Foods Corporation. Since then, the company has been working as the parent company of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Besides Louisiana Hot Sauce, Summit Hill Foods is the parent company of three other food processing brands. All the brands the company has acquired are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Better Than Bouillon
  • The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Southeastern Mills
  • Shore Lunch

What happened to Louisiana hot sauce?

In April 2015, Bruce Foods Corporation sold The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce to Summit Hill Foods. However, do not worry. The production facility remains the same in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Bruce Foods has a reason to sell an extremely profitable brand like Louisiana. The company says it is now focusing on Mexican foods, seasonings, and marinades. Besides, it has a new cooking appliances section.

So, it is evident that Louisiana Hot Sauce would be the least of the company’s concerns. To focus solely on the goals Bruce Foods have selected, the company sold Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Bottom Line

It is an intensely famous way to enjoy fast foods with hot sauces. And if it is a tough-burning sauce, the taste of eating the food rises to another level.

Cayenne peppers are used to prepare Louisiana Hot Sauce. It is rated as one of the strongest peppers in the world. So, this sauce may make you fly while enjoying fast food, including nuggets, chicken wings, etc.