Where is Louis Vuitton Made 2024? – Clothes, Bags & more

Louis Vuitton is a versatile brand. From handy bags to fashionable sunglasses, Louis Vuitton has it all.

In Europe as well as the US, Louis Vuitton has advanced manufacturing facilities. Generally, they make all leather collections in European countries and the United States.

where is Louis Vuitton made

Louis Vuitton footwear is exclusively made in France and Italy.

Your favorite Louis Vuitton jewelry is made in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

For easy finding, have a look at the table below where we categorized Louis Vuitton products with its manufacturing country:

ProductsManufacturing Country
BagsSpain, France, Italy, and the United States
WalletFrance, Spain, and the United States
ShoesFrance and Italy
SunglassesFrance and Italy
ClothesSpain, Italy, the United States
Where is Louis Vuitton Made in China

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Louis Vuitton products are never made in China. They don’t have any manufacturing facilities in China.

Louis Vuitton is a widely renowned fashion brand. This brand is highly famous for its premium leather goods.

China’s leather industry is well-known for producing heavy skin for straps, belts, and soles. In China, numerous brands also make shoes, bags, and jackets.

Nonetheless, Louis Vuitton doesn’t make any of its leather items in China. Rather, the brand manufactures its leather items in European countries like:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • United States

The majority of Louis Vuitton’s leather goods are manufactured in France. If we compare China and France’s leather industry, France has shown incredible success.

The French leather industry is more resilient than China.

Hence, Louis Vuitton ensures the best product from the best location.

In other words, Louis Vuitton avoids outsourcing production to China as China has a different level of oversight of output.

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where are Louis Vuitton bags made


Louis Vuitton leather products are exclusively manufactured in the United States.

There are three Louis Vuitton factories in the United States. These USA-based Louis Vuitton factories are located in the following areas: 

  • San Dimas, CA 
  • Irwindale, CA 
  • Keene, Texas 

According to the Louis Vuitton manufacturer, canvas products like Damier, Monogram, and Multicolor Canvas are made using advanced production facilities in the United States. 

Besides, Louis Vuitton has more than 530 stores in the United States. Louis Vuitton North America runs these stores, including a four-story emporium on New York’s Fifth Avenue. 

Throughout Europe and the United States, Louis Vuitton has over 20 workshops. More than 19k employees work in these Louis Vuitton factories. 

However, Louis Vuitton contributes to the local US economy by making its products exclusively in the United States.

where are Louis Vuitton sunglasses made


From leather products to fashionable sunglasses, Louis Vuitton makes most of its products in Italy.

Louis Vuitton is an industry leader with more than 19k employees and an annual revenue of $9.9 billion.

This fashion brand has advanced manufacturing facilities throughout European countries, especially Italy.

Louis Vuitton manufactures 90% of its range in Europe. A large part of Louis Vuitton’s output is produced in Italy.

More than 8k employees work in Louis Vuitton’s Italy-based manufacturing plants.  

According to a magazine report, Louis Vuitton will operate 24 manufacturing plants in Italy. Italy is becoming important for Louis Vuitton as a production hub. Why not..? 

Italian leather has been famous for its durability and high quality. 

Besides, Italy is traditionally famous for making fashionable sunglasses. You will find dozens of fashion brands and manufacturers in Italy that make their sunglasses. 

Louis Vuitton has established its leather items and sunglass production hub in Italy to ensure you the best products. 

where are Louis Vuitton shoes made


After Italy, Louis Vuitton manufactures the majority of its products in France.

Louis Vuitton makes its leather products, fragrances, sunglasses, shoes, and so on using French production facilities.

We have mentioned that 90% of Louis Vuitton’s range is manufactured in Europe. Many of Louis Vuitton’s products are exclusively manufactured in Italy and France.

Like Italy, France is famous for making quality leather products and jewelry items. The French jewelry industry earns the most revenue in the country.

In 2023, the jewelry segment in France earned a mammoth revenue of $3.77 billion. Experts have expected the French jewelry market to grow annually by 1.35%.

As a result, Louis Vuitton preferred France to make its Jewelry and leather products.

where is Louis Vuitton made in Italy


Louis Vuitton has stores in Turkey. But they don’t make any of their products in Turkey.

In Istanbul, Turkey, you will find Louis Vuitton stores. The majority of Louis Vuitton products are available in its Istanbul stores. 

Though Louis Vuitton makes 90% of its products in European countries, they don’t have any production facility in Turkey. 

Like France and Italy, Turkey is famous for making leather items and jewelry. However, Louis Vuitton prefers France and Italy to make most of its products in Turkey. 


Louis Vuitton doesn’t have any factories in Vietnam. Hence, Louis Vuitton was never made in Vietnam.

Vietnam is best known for its beautiful beaches and technological hubs. Louis Vuitton hardly makes any technological products or gadgets. It is a widely renowned fashion brand.

If you find any Louis Vuitton products tagged with “made in Vietnam,” it is undoubtedly fake. Hence, you should be aware of purchasing real Louis Vuitton products.


Louis Vuitton doesn’t make any products in Bangladesh. The company has hardly established manufacturing facilities in Asian countries.

Bangladesh is rich in manufacturing quality clothes. You will find famous clothing brands making their products in Bangladesh.

Nonetheless, Louis Vuitton hardly makes its products in Bangladesh. They prefer European countries to Asian ones in terms of manufacturing.

If you find any Louis Vuitton products tagged with “made in Bangladesh,” it is undoubtedly fake items.

Louis Vuitton has 77 stores in Asian countries. Nonetheless, there are no Louis Vuitton stores in Bangladesh.

who manufactures Louis Vuitton

Who manufactures Louis Vuitton?

lvmh moët hennessy louis vuitton, commonly known as LVMH, is the manufacturer of Louis Vuitton.

LVMH is specialized in luxury goods manufacturing. This multinational holding is based in Paris, France.

Since the 1980s, LVMH has been manufacturing quality and luxury items for Louis Vuitton.

While manufacturing, LVMH uses domestically and internationally obtained raw materials. As a result, the manufacturer can assure you of the best products.

LVMH made an estimated revenue of 64.215 billion euros in 2021, making quality products for numerous brands, including Louis Vuitton.

Where does Louis Vuitton get their materials from?

Louis Vuitton manufacturers described that most of the raw materials used in Louis Vuitton products directly come from plant, animal or mineral sources.

Besides, Louis Vuitton has been committed to supplying chains as the raw materials used in Louis Vuitton are not renewable.

Louis Vuitton manufactures its leather products by collecting raw materials from animals.

After sourcing raw materials, LVMH uses advanced manufacturing facilities to make the finest fashionable products of Louis Vuitton.

Who owns Louis Vuitton?

Bernard Arnault is the chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton. The Arnault family owns the majority stake in Louis Vuitton.

Throughout history, Louis Vuitton was established by the Arnault family.

In 1854, the Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton. Initially, Vuitton introduced flat-topped trunks. Because of their lightweight and airtight nature, Vuitton’s trunks gained enormous popularity.

Today, Vuitton’s family-owned business has become a 14 billion euro generator yearly!