Where is Lodge Cast Iron Made 2024

Lodge Manufacturing Company is one of the earliest cookware producers in the United States. Besides its brand, it has an acquisition over another cookware company named FINEX, a Portland, Oregon-based company.

Since 1896, Lodge Manufacturing Company has continued its operation with a reputation. Let’s find out where this century-old company manufactures its cast iron cookware in 2024.

Lodge Manufacturing Company manufactures cast iron in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA. After casting cookware in its foundry shop, the company seasons its cookware at that same plant.

where is lodge cast iron made

The cookware manufacturing company distributes its products on six continents. But all the cast iron products come from a single manufacturing facility in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

However, Lodge Manufacturing Company’s enameled cast iron products are not manufactured in the United States. The company produces these goods in the Chinese region.

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is Lodge cast iron really made in the USA

Is Lodge cast iron really made in the USA?

The answer is yes. Lodge manufactures most of its cast iron cookware in the United States. Moreover, the company produces cast iron as cookware’s raw material in its plant where it forms its kitchenware.

The bakeware and seasoned cookware of Lodge Manufacturing Company are manufactured in a single manufacturing plant in Tennessee. But this is not the case for the enameled cookware of this company.

Besides manufacturing cookware and bakeware, this cookware company was first established in the United States in 1896. It makes Lodge Manufacturing Company an American company by nationality.

Lodge Cast Iron manufacturing plant

Lodge Cast Iron has a manufacturing plant in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. More specifically, the facility is in the Cumberland Plateau near the Tennessee River.

South Pittsburg is where the founder, Joseph Lodge, established the company. And until now, the company has continued its production operation there.

In the 1950s, Lodge Manufacturing Company started adopting an automated system in its production, such as molding and casting. It is one of the first companies in America to use this system for manufacturing.

Late in 1973, the Lodge Manufacturing Company created its iconic logo that is used to this date. In the worldwide cookware market, it is a widely recognized logo. People can acknowledge the company only by seeing it.

At the manufacturing facility of Lodge cast iron cookware, the company opened its second foundry in 2017. It is so massive that it increased its production rate by 75 percent.

Is Lodge cast iron made in China

Is Lodge cast iron made in China?

The answer is yes. Even though Lodge Manufacturing Company produces most of its cast iron products in the United States, there are certain products that the company makes in China.

A third-party American company in China produces enameled cast iron products in China. Some people think that goods from the Chinese region will not last long.

But Lodge Manufacturing Company’s products from China have changed the perspective about Chinese products. The third-party American company maintains quality strictly.

The cookware of Lodge Manufacturing Company is designed to last longer. It is also true for products that the company makes in China. So, no need to worry about its longevity.

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are Lodge Dutch ovens made in the US

Are Lodge Dutch ovens made in the US?

Dutch ovens are cooking pots that you can use as a simple oven. It is widely popular in every country for its convenience in cooking. Besides, all the major cookware companies manufacture Dutch ovens, including Lodge.

Yes, Lodge manufactures Dutch ovens in the United States. However, not all the Dutch ovens the company makes are inside the country.

Lodge Manufacturing Company produces Dutch cast iron ovens in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Moreover, the company also seasons the Dutch oven in the following plant. But this is not the case for enameled Dutch ovens.

A third-party company in China that manufactures enameled cookware for Lodge Manufacturing Company, including enameled Dutch cookware. That third-party company is also an American manufacturer.

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Who makes Lodge cast iron?

Lodge Manufacturing Company makes lodge seasoned cast iron and cookware in the United States. The company’s manufacturing facility in South Pittsburg has a foundry facility where it makes cast iron cookware.

In 1896, Joseph Lodge established this cookware company. Since then, it has been operating as a private company and does not have a parent company.

Though Lodge Manufacturing Company manufactures the cast iron cookware lineup, their enameled cookware is made in China. An unknown manufacturing company in China has the authority to produce this category of this company.

Who owns Lodge Cast Iron?

As of 2022, Mike Otterman is the CEO and president of Lodge Manufacturing Company. He is a family member of the Lodge family.

Since the establishment of the Lodge cast iron cookware company, Joseph Lodge’s family members have been acting as the owners of this company. Moreover, they are also in important positions in that cookware company.

Besides owning this cookware company, the Lodge family has another brand they bought in 2002 named FINEX. Currently, that brand is working as a subsidiary brand of Lodge Manufacturing Company.


Healthy food is an essential element for a sound life. And cookware plays a vital role in this part because Poor quality cookware emits biohazardous substances.

In this case, Lodge cookware is a good choice for cooking. The company uses seasoned cast iron that is noncorrosive and does not release toxic substances while cooking.

Changing cookware every year is a pain. In this case, Lodge cookware can help with permanence because Lodge Manufacturing Company has a reputation for its cookware’s longevity.