Where is Lindt Chocolate Made 2024?

Lindt is a Swiss chocolate and confectionery company. Since 1845, the company has boosted its position to the leading benchmark. Today, Lindt has expanded its popularity in more than 120 countries resulting in CHF 4.52 billion in sales revenue.

While enjoying the flavor of Lindt chocolate the first thing you may wonder: “where is Lindt chocolate made

Outside the USA, Lindt chocolate is made in 11 factories in Europe. The main factory of Lindt chocolate is located in Kilchberg, Switzerland. Its museum is also located here in Kilchberg.

Where is Lindt Chocolate Made

More than 14,600 employees are working in these 12 Lindt factories under Lindt & Sprungli group.

Here are the European countries where Lindt chocolates are manufactured:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Austria

Lindt displays the world’s largest chocolate fountain in their Kilchberg museum.  

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Where is Lindt Chocolate made in the USA?

In the United States, Lindt chocolate is made in Stratham, New Hampshire.

Though Lindt is a Swiss chocolate brand, it has gained enormous popularity in the United States. To continue their supply chain, the Lindt & Sprungli group has established a large manufacturing plant in the United States.

Each year, quality chocolate products are manufactured in the Stratham, New Hampshire-based factory. Lindt’s headquarter is also located in Stratham, New Hampshire.

Lindt’s USA-based factory is located just minutes from the ocean. Therefore, they can easily export their products overseas.

Nonetheless, Lindt manufacturers are expecting fewer sales of their chocolate in North America. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are in a critical situation in the United States.   

Is Lindt Chocolate from Germany or Switzerland?

Lindt chocolate originated in Switzerland.

In 1845, David Sprungil and Rudolf Lindt founded this chocolate brand in Switzerland. Today, they have expanded their manufacturing plants in giant European countries. Lindt & Sprungli group has established a giant factory in Germany.

Though Lindt has a manufacturing plant in Germany, the chocolate brand originated in Switzerland. Consequently, Lindt chocolate comes from Switzerland despite having a manufacturing plant in Germany.

Is Lindt chocolate made in China?

No, Lindt chocolate is not made in China. It is a Swiss brand whose products are manufactured throughout Europe and the USA.

According to the Lindt manufacturers, they don’t have any manufacturing plants in China. They have added that Lindt chocolates are made in twelve manufacturing plants. Eleven factories are located in some giant European countries.

In the United States, Lindt’s factory is located in New Hampshire. However, Lindt is focusing on the e-commerce channel and distribution partnership in China. As China is one of the largest markets in the world, Lindt is focusing on more distribution in China.

Is Lindt made in the UK?

Though Lindt has 11 factories throughout Europe, there are no Lindt manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom. They have established a manufacturing plant in Austria but they don’t have a London-based manufacturing plant.

According to the manufacturers of Lindt chocolate, Lindt chocolate is made in 11 factories in Europe. Later, they distribute their chocolate products via 28 subsidiaries. Besides, there are 500 retail shops Lindt chocolate throughout the world.

Lindt’s Europe-based factories are located especially in seaside countries. Therefore, trading has become easy for them. But, they don’t have any manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom.  

Where are Lindt ingredients from?

The cocoa beans of Lindt chocolate come from:

  • Ghana
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Madagascar
  • Dominican Republic
  • Papua New Guinea

By the end of 2022, Lindt has achieved a 100% traceable and verified cocoa bean supply chain.

In 2008, Lindt launched its farming program in Ghana. In 2014, they expanded their farming program to Ecuador. There are 3k farmers in Ecuador who are continuously harvesting cocoa beans for the Lindt & Sprungli group.

In 2015, Lindt further expanded their farming program to Madagascar and trained 56k farmers! However, Lindt exports one-fifth of the cocoa beans from Ghana.

Where can I buy Lindt chocolate?

You can find Lindt shops in 500 prime locations around the world. They offer an exceptional brand experience to more than 80 million visitors per year. By visiting Lindt’s retail stores, you can easily purchase Lindt chocolate.

Besides, Lindt chocolate is available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

Visiting their verified page and these online platforms, you can also purchase Lindt chocolate.  

Is Lindt real chocolate?

The first Lindt excellence bar is made of 100% cocoa fruit. All ingredients of Lindt chocolate come from natural cocoa fruit. Lindt chocolate is also made of refined sugar.

The Lindor is made of a hollow chocolate shell. The manufacturer first makes Lindt mold. Later, they pour the chocolate into these molds.

Today, experts are claiming that Lindt is becoming heavy-handed with the vanilla in their dark chocolate. Consequently, Lindt is becoming worse than other brands.

Experts are also blaming Lindt chocolate for using a high content of alkaloids. However, Lindt gives a clean finish to their chocolate products. Lindt chocolate doesn’t leave a sticky residue in the mouth.   

Who owns Lindt Chocolate?

The Lindt & Sprungli group owns Lindt Chocolate.

Since 1845, the Lindt & Sprungli group has been making their chocolate products. The company has a long heritage of 177 years.

Under the leadership of Ernst Tanner, the Lindt & Sprungli group is making a billion-dollar fortune. In 2021, the group’s net income was CHF 490.5 million. The company now has five subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are:

  • Ghirardelli
  • Caffarel
  • Russell Stover
  • Hofbauer
  • Kufferle

Lindt is leading the chocolate market in the world.  

Where does Lindt milk come from?

Lindt milk generally comes from farming programs in numerous countries.

Since 2008, Lindt has been operating farming programs. They have trained farmers around. Lindt has farming facilities in Ghana, Madagascar, Ecuador, Peru, and so on. From these farming programs, Lindt mainly collects raw milk.