Where is Liberty Furniture Made 2024 – Is it made in USA?

Liberty Furniture will amaze you if you are searching for superior quality and stylish furniture.

Since 1992, Liberty Furniture has been making high-quality and affordable furnishings. This Atlanta-based furniture brand works with industry-leading designers.

Where is Liberty Furniture Made

Before purchasing any furniture products, you should know the brand’s factories. This article will discuss Liberty Furniture highlighting “Where is Liberty Furniture made?

In the United States, there are multiple assembly plants where Liberty Furniture is made. More than 80% of Liberty Furniture is made in the USA.

Some of their products are made in Mexico. Today, Liberty Furniture has 30 factories in the United States and Mexico.

Liberty Furniture assembly plants in the US are located as below:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Georgia
  • Illinois

In these manufacturing plants, maintain consistent inventory levels and utilize product flow management tools.

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Is Liberty furniture made in the USA?

Yes, the majority of Liberty Furniture is made in the USA. According to the authority, more than 80% of Liberty Furniture is made in the United States. The rest of the furniture products are manufactured in Mexico.

In the United States, Liberty Furniture is one of the renowned furniture brands. This furniture brand was born in a small town in North Carolina by five men. Today, with over 30 factories, Liberty Furniture is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.

Below are the key items that are manufactured in the USA:

  • Liberty Furniture Beds
  • Liberty Furniture Dresser
  • Nightstand
  • Furniture Desk
  • Liberty Furniture Entertainment Center
  • Liberty Furniture Buffet
  • Dining Table

The materials of Liberty Furniture are also sourced from American suppliers.

Is Liberty furniture made in China?

No, Liberty Furniture is not made in China. It’s completely a USA and Mexican-made furniture brand. They hardly import materials from China.

The authority of Liberty Furniture has ensured that more than 80% of Liberty furniture is made in the USA. The rest of their items are made in Mexico. They have 30 manufacturing plants in the US and Mexico.

A large number of Liberty factories are located in South Carolina and Virginia. This USA-made furniture is held to higher quality and safety standards. Besides, Liberty Furniture is often more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t have to be supplied.

Who is the manufacturer of Liberty Furniture?

Liberty Furniture Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of Liberty Furniture.

Under the instructions of Liberty Furniture Industries, Inc. Liberty Furniture manufactures:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining products
  • Home office Furniture
  • Entertainment Furniture

This private furniture company was founded in 1992. The HQ of Liberty Furniture Industries, Inc. is located in the greater Atlanta area, Southern United States.

Is Liberty Furniture good quality?

To be wise, it is difficult to decide which furniture brand is good or to go with. The best parameter you should consider when addressing furniture is durability and built-in materials quality.

Liberty Furniture offers a wide range of furniture including:

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Office Collections
  • Bedroom

This brand has a long legacy and unbeatable craftsmanship. From the bedroom to the living room, Liberty Furniture products are beautiful and durable.

Apart from material quality, Liberty Furniture makes the community happy. This furniture brand donated $1 million to Cobb Community. Liberty Furniture does a lot of charity work and connects individuals, families, and businesses.  

Liberty Furniture is a budget-friendly furniture brand. They use durable, high-quality, and the best veneers to make affordable furniture. The company works with industry design leaders in their sweetest factories to ensure high-quality furniture products.

Does Liberty Furniture use real wood?

Liberty Furniture uses premium hardwood and veneers to build beds, chairs, tables, and storage units of solid wood construction.

The best thing about using solid wood is that you can easily repair your furnishing products. Besides, solid wood furniture is more durable than particle board or other materials.  

Most of the furnishing products of Liberty Furniture are made using premium solid wood. They are committed to providing their customers with home furniture of outstanding quality and finish.

Liberty Furniture has made premium solid wood furniture for over 25 years. They have strived to become one of the top sellers of high-quality wood products. Besides, you can get this Liberty Furniture for an affordable price.  

How much does Liberty furniture cost?

According to the furniture items, the price of Liberty Furniture may vary. In general, you can get these premium furniture items below $1k easily.

To fully furnish your room may cost you $3k or more. In this regard, Liberty Furniture will be your best option as they provide a wide range of furniture collections for an affordable price.

Liberty Bed Frame will cost you only $700 to $1k. Compared to other brands, Liberty Furniture is an affordable furniture brand. To be more precise, you can check numerous online platforms.

Where to buy Liberty furniture?

Being a renowned furniture brand, Liberty Furniture is widely available. These furniture products are available in their authorized retail stores. By visiting these retail stores, you can easily shop for Liberty Furniture.

Apart from retail stores, you can also get Liberty furniture online. Through their website, you can easily purchase Liberty furniture. Besides, these premium furniture products are available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair

You may prefer Amazon as they provide seasonal discounts. You can also use promo codes on Amazon that will give you discounts.

Who owns Liberty Furniture Industries?

Jason Brian is now the current owner of Liberty Furniture.

According to numerous financial magazines, the annual revenue of Liberty Furniture varies from $25 million to $100 million. All credits go to the owner of Liberty Furniture, Jason Brian. He is now working as the CEO and president of Liberty Furniture.

Where is Liberty Furniture’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Liberty Furniture is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Liberty Furniture is a USA-based furniture brand. More than 80% of their furniture products are manufactured in the USA. This furniture brand operates all of its corporate and official works in its Atlanta-based office.