Where is Lane Furniture Made 2024?

When you find quality and comfort, look no further than Lane Home Furnishings.

Lane furniture always features technologies. They lead the competitive furniture market through technology-based consumer research.

If you are searching, “where is Lane Furniture made?”

Where is Lane Furniture Made
Lane Furniture/Source/Lane

Here is a short answer to where is Lane Furniture made:

Lane Furniture is proudly made in the USA. Specifically, Lane Furniture is made with superior raw materials in Belden, Mississippi, and North Carolina-based factories.

Their smaller factory makes mechanisms for recliners in High Point, North Carolina.

While manufacturing, they use strong engineered wood frames and durable joint construction.

Is Lane Furniture made in China?

According to the brand, Lane Furniture is made in the USA. Their quality and comfortable products don’t come with a made in China tag. All of their furniture is made in North Carolina-based manufacturing facilities.

China is traditionally famous for its furniture works. They make finely designed quality furniture. Made-in-China furniture also comes at a cheap price. Because labor cost in China is comparatively low. Consequently, many furniture brands import or make their furniture in China.

However, the Lane Furniture authority has ensured that their furniture is completely made in the US. Their factory is located in Belden, Mississippi.   

Is Lane Furniture made in the USA

Is Lane Furniture made in the USA?

Yes, Lane Furniture is made in the USA. Using superior raw materials, Lane Furniture products are made in their Belden, Mississippi factory.

Talking about the Belden, Mississippi factory, there are 300 employees working there. This factory is typically a small factory that makes mechanisms for recliners. In the Lane manufacturing plant, they use superior raw materials and smart design.

Besides, Lane Furniture makes its products using:

  • Engineered wood frames
  • Smooth operating reclining mechanisms set
  • Mortise-and-tenon joint construction

Lane especially uses new technologies in their furniture products. All technical mechanisms are made in their Belden, Mississippi-based factory.  

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How much does Lane Furniture cost?

Lane Furniture’s price starts at $375. They provide a variety of furniture products. Lane’s furniture items are:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Home Office furniture

Lane deals with quality and technology-based furniture. As a result, Lane Furniture costs are comparatively high. Don’t worry, Lane gives value to your money. Their furniture will be long-lasting.

Where to buy Lane Furniture?

As a reputed brand, Lane Furniture is widely available in its retail stores and online marketplaces. In North Carolina, they have nine retail stores. Have a glance at Lane’s North Carolina-based retail stores:

  • Greenville, NC
  • Goldsboro, NC – East Ash St. 
  • Goldsboro, NC – Landmark Dr. 
  • Jacksonville, NC – Bell Fork Rd.
  • New Bern, NC
  • Jacksonville, NC – Lejeune Blvd.
  • Kinston, NC
  • Wilmington, NC
  • Rocky Mount, NC

Apart from retail stores, Lane Furniture is also available on online marketplaces. You can easily purchase Lane Furniture from their verified website or other marketplaces. Lane’s products are available on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com
  • Lane’s website

You may prefer Amazon as it provides authentic products for a reasonable price. Lane allows their furniture products to Amazon or other platforms. You can use promotional codes on Amazon. Using these promotional codes, you can also get a discount.

Who manufactures the Lane sofa?

The United Furniture Industries manufacture Lane sofa.

Currently, Lane Furniture is owned by the fastest growing manufacturing company — United Furniture Industries. Not only the sofa, but the United Furniture Industries also makes other Lane products.

Throughout history, Lane was established by a man named John Lane in 1912. His son, Ed Lane, had little manufacturing experience at that time. However, Lane made his company large by purchasing a reclining chair company in Mississippi.

Today, 1912’s Lane is owned by United Furniture Industries. This has earned a reputation for becoming one of the fastest-growing and largest manufacturers of upholstery and case goods in the United States. Lane products are now manufactured under their instructions.

Who owns Lane Furniture?

As mentioned, the United Furniture Industries are now the current owner of Lane.

In 1912, a man named Lane founded Lane. For numerous issues, Lane is currently owned by United Furniture Industries. This company is one of the fastest-growing and largest manufacturers of upholstery and case goods.

The United Furniture Industries, Inc. is located in Tupelo, Mississippi. The company currently has 1200 employees across all of its locations. Today, United Furniture Industries generates $327.10 million in sales.

As a corporate family, the United Furniture Industries currently maintain 11 companies. They are growing like tracer bullets.  

When did Lane stop making furniture?

In 1957, Lane stopped making furniture. Currently, the United Furniture Industries is making these furniture items under the name of Lane.

Lane was established in 1912. In 1946, they established their second plant in their Altavista-based family. Lane furniture was leading the furniture market before the second world war. However, they faced a crisis after WWII.

In an auction, the United Furniture Industries welcomed Lane and made Lane famous again. In 1957, Lane stopped making their furniture. Today’s Lane Furniture is made under the instructions of the United Furniture Industries.

How to identify Lane furniture?

Lane Furniture can be identified by:

  • Knowing its impeccable craftsmanship
  • Ensuring the Lane’s unique logo
  • Finding the serial number on the underside of the piece

Following these three criteria, you can identify Lane’s furniture.

Are Simmons and Lane the same company?

Typically, Simmons and Lane are not the same company. But, their parent company is the same. They can be said to be a sister company.

Recently, the president of the United Furniture Industries, Larry George, announced that the Lane brand will be run with their brands. The parent company currently has 11 subsidiaries.

Is Lane Furniture ethically made?

Yes, Lane Furniture is ethically made. The company provides a sound working environment. No major crises haven’t been reported. They pay their labor gently and according to their skill. Lane tries to uphold its reputation. Hence, its furniture is ethically made.