Where is Land O Lakes Butter Made 2024 – Is it in USA?

Land O’Lakes is a prominent American farming cooperative. Even though it is an agricultural cooperative, it only concentrates on the dairy industry. The National Cooperative Bank listed it in third place among the cooperatives and multiracials.

Let’s find out where this cooperative manufactures its dairy products in 2024.

Land O’Lakes has a production facility in Arden Hills’ Paul Suburb. The suburb is in Minnesota, United States. Besides butter production, the company’s headquarters is also in that state.

Where is Land O’Lakes Butter Made

To manufacture butter, Land O’Lakes needs a vast amount of milk. The milk comes from 18 hundred dairy producers from 50 different US states.

Where is Land O Lakes cheese made?

Land O’Lakes manufactures its award-winning cheese in its plant in Kiel, Wisconsin, United States. To produce cheese, the cooperative needs a massive amount of milk from the local Wisconsin farmers and dairy farms. Then, the cheese goes to independent retailers for sale.

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Is Land O’Lakes butter from Florida?

The answer is no. Land O’Lakes does not come from Florida but from Paul Suburb, Minnesota. However, the following cooperative distributes dairy products in almost all the states in the USA, and Florida is one of them.

Every company has its secrets, and Land O’Lakes is not an exception. At present, it is the owner of a thousand retailers, 18 hundred dairy producers, and seven hundred and fifty agricultural producers. So, Land O’Lakes’ butter’s raw materials may come from Florida.

Where is Land O Lakes cheese made

Where does Land O’Lakes milk come from?

Land O’Lakes does not have cows, and the cooperative has no dairy farm where it can produce milk. However, the cooperative has 3667 members in total, according to Land O’Lakes’ official website.

All the members of Land O’Lakes are independent farmers, especially dairy farm owners. So, the cooperative takes milk from the members and dairy operators. After that, the company pasteurized the milk in Minnesota and distributed it all over the USA.

Where is Land O’Lakes headquarters?

Land O’Lakes headquarters is in Arden Hills, Minnesota, United States. Besides being the headquarters in that location, the cooperative has a plant there to manufacture butter and other dairy products.

Arden Hills is the birthplace of Land O’Lakes. On 8 July 1921, representatives from more than three hundred creameries founded this cooperative in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Later on, they made headquarters in Arden Hills to maintain operations.

Who manufactures Land O’Lakes products?

Land O’Lakes is an independent cooperative organization. It has plants in Arden Hills, Minnesota and Kiel, Wisconsin, where the organization produces butter and cheese. Besides, Land O’Lakes has its pasteurization facility where it packages milk.

Moreover, the raw ingredients Land O’Lakes uses come from the members of this organization. In other words, its production ingredient manufacturing is self-dependent.

Is Land O’Lakes butter real butter?

The answer is yes. Land O’Lakes butter is natural, and it does not contain any preservatives. According to the American Healthline ranking, this cooperative manufactures the healthiest butter in the USA.

Land O’Lakes has given a statement on its website about its ingredients to produce butter. The cooperative uses just cream from milk and salt to manufacture salted butter. And for the unsalted butter, it only uses milk cream.

The cooperative does not compromise with its standards. Its butter does not contain oil. The chemical composition of Land O’Lakes butter is given below:

  • Milk Fat 80 percent
  • Water 16 to 18 percent
  • Solidified milk 2 to 4 percent

How much do Land O’Lakes products cost?

Land O’Lakes produces a wide variety of dairy products. And most of the products are cheap to buy. Cheaper pricing with good quality helps this cooperative to climb to the top of the market.

Land O’Lakes has different types of butter, and its pricing ranges from three to four dollars, which is convenient for everyone. On the other hand, cheese produced by this organization costs up to 128 dollars for a ten-pound cheese.

Besides all these, Land O’Lakes has a milk production line. The cooperative charges 4.58 dollars for 59 ounces of pasteurized milk.

Where are Land O’Lakes sold in the US?

Land O’Lakes has the largest supply chain in the United States. This cooperative distributes dairy products, including milk, butter, cheese, etc., in over 50 states. In other words, you can find Land O’Lakes products all over the country.

Besides, some online retailers sell Land O’Lakes products on various websites. So, you can buy its products sitting at home. The websites, including

  • Drizly
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Hy-vee

Do farmers own Land O’Lakes?

The answer is yes. Farmers own Land O’Lakes from its starting point. It is a dairy and agricultural cooperative, and its members are all farmers and dairy owners. They are the driving force of this cooperative.

Who owns Land O’Lakes butter company?

There was no specific owner of Land O’Lakes. Farmers from different regions gathered and created this organization. However, for general operations, the cooperative has a headquarters where some people do paperwork.

As of 2022, Beth Ford is the president and CEO of this cooperative. She handles all the paperwork of the Land O’Lakes organization.