Where is KUIU Made 2024 (Clothing + Hunting Gear & more)

While hunting, you have to face challenging situations. To face these challenging situations, KUIU aims to provide the most comfortable and stylish hunting apparel.

KUIU hunting gear has been tested around the world in all types of terrain and weather conditions. As a fit, comfortable, and sustained hunting gear, you may wish to know, “Where is KUIU made?”   

where is KUIU made

Where is KUIU manufactured in 2024:

All KUIU products are made in China. In 2012, KUIU transferred its manufacturing facilities from Canada to China. Though KUIU is an American brand, all of its hunting apparel is manufactured in China today. 

In 2011, Jason Hairston founded KUIU finding the necessity of comfortable hunting gear for hunters. Initially, he began making hunting apparel in Canada.

KUIU began mass production in 2017 when the San Francisco-based Main Post Partners invested $50 million.

Today, the KUIU manufacturer makes all KUIU hunting gear in China.

where is KUIU clothing made

Where is KUIU clothing made?

The manufacturer makes KUIU clothing in China.

KUIU clothing is probably the most comfortable one on the market. The fabrics used in KUIU stretch as much as 10% elastane.

According to the manufacturer, KUIU clothing is made of continuous synthetic fibers. KUIU clothing also features ultra-fine polyester fibers. Hence, KUIU clothing is capable of providing an ultra-soft feeling.

Besides, the use of quiet ultra-fine polyester fibers wicks moisture away from your skin. Consequently, KUIU hunting apparel is fit, warm, and comfortable for hunters.

The manufacturer collects most of the raw materials from Japan. After collecting raw materials from Japan, they manufacture KUIU clothing in China. KUIU also assembles most of its products in China though it is an American brand.

Where is KUIU hunting gear made?

KUIU hunting gear is made in China.

In 2020, China became the top exporter of fishing and hunting equipment in the world. China makes hunting apparel for many brands.

KUIU is an American brand that makes all of its hunting apparel in China. After designing, China collects fabrics for KUIU from Japan. Later, they manufacture your favorite KUIU hunting gear.

Since its birth, KUIU has been providing comfortable hunting apparel. Initially, they manufactured all KUIU products in Canada. Since 2012, KUIU has been manufacturing all of its hunting apparel in China.

KUIU is regarded as the lightest hunting pack available. Through its comfortable lightweight, KUIU gained popularity in the US market.  

Is KUIU an American company?

Yes, KUIU is an American company. The HQ of KUIU is located in Dixon, California.

The renowned American businessman and football player, Jason Hairston, founded KUIU in 2011. He is a hunting enthusiast. While gathering hunting experience, Hairston found the necessity of comfortable hunting apparel.

Consequently, Hairston began making comfortable hunting apparel in Canada. In 2017, KUIU began massive production after getting funding from Main Post Partners.

In the USA market, KUIU is very young. They make all of their hunting apparel in China. However, KUIU remains an American company.

Are Sitka and KUIU the same company?

No, KUIU and Sitka are not the same company. They are individual companies with different owners. W.L. Gore & Accessories owns Sitka whereas Jason Hairston owns KUIU.

Like KUIU, Sitka manufactures hunting apparel. In most cases, Sitka hunting gear comes with comfortable materials.

Nonetheless, Sitka and KUIU are not the same company. Rather, these brands are individual and manufacture their products in different places.  

Where is the KUIU headquarters?

The headquarters of KUIU is located in Dixon, California, United States. The founder of KUIU, Jason Hairston, set the company’s HQ in California. Nonetheless, all KUIU products come from China.

In China, KUIU also assembles its products. They collect a complete package of KUIU hunting apparel from China.

After collecting these complete packages, KUIU sells and distributes them to the market from California. However, KUIU runs 20-30% off sales every month.

Who currently owns KUIU?

Jason Hairston currently owns KUIU. In 2011, he founded this brand in the USA.

KUIU is a privately-owned hunting apparel manufacturer. The company mainly makes comfortable hunting gear for hunters.

As a hunting enthusiast, Jason Hairston realized the challenges of hunting. He also found the necessity of comfortable hunting gear for hunters.

As a result, Jason Hairston founded KUIU to make comfortable hunting apparel.

Wrap Up

KUIU is too young to make a great influence in the hunting gear market. The company makes quality products in China which is the main objection of many hunting enthusiasts.

However, if you want to purchase comfortable hunting gear for a comparatively cheap price, you can go for KUIU.