Where is Holosun Made 2024 – Is Holosun Made in USA?

Holosun is the brand name for developing new features and innovations. Since 2013, Holosun has been inventing optic and laser technologies for a broad range of shooting and hunting needs. They are committed to making superior quality equipment that astounds the customer.  

If you are searching for the best optic and laser technologies, Holosun will be your best option. If you ask “Why?” stay tuned with this article. First, let’s hover “Where is Holosun made?”   

Where is Holosun Made

Here is a short answer to where is Holosun made:

Holosun optic lasers and accessories are predominantly made in China. Within a short period, Holosun has become one of the best optic companies in the world.

All credit goes to their red dot sights. However, Holosun has expanded its manufacturing operations to the US. Their USA-based factory is located in Walnut, California.  

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Where is the Holosun 510c made?

Holosun 510c is made in China. This open reflex optical sight has been in production since 2014. The manufacturer country, China, offers three years of warranty for the 510c.

Since 2014, Holosun has been manufacturing the HS510C. This open reflex optical sight has been designed for rifle and carbine applications. The incredible feature of Holosun’s 510c is its battery life. The battery of HS510c can last more than 50k hours.

You may compare Holosun’s 510c with Eotech 512. Holosun’s 510c is smaller in every dimension than Eotech 512. Besides, Eotech 512 weighs more heavily than Holosun’s 510c. Though both models have almost the same battery life, Holosun’s 510c is the clear winner in this category.  

Where is the Holosun 507k made?

Since 2020, China has been manufacturing Holosun 507k. Holosun made-in-China HS507k is designed for concealed carry pistol applications. This model is the improvement of two optical features:

  • Addition of lock mode
  • Inadvertent setting change

Holosun’s 507k has a few more features than the 407k. Hence, the 507k cost more than that of 407k. Holosun’s 507k is better than 407k as it has multiple reticle systems with the circle dot reticle. The 407k has only 6 MOA dot reticles.

Both 407k and 507k are lightweight and small in size. Holosun used different footprints for these models. Though the 507k cost a little more, it will be your best choice.

Is Holosun made in America?

Holosun is a Chinese brand. Their laser optic technologies are predominantly made in China. Holosun also holds a large portion of the US market for its low price.

Holding a large portion of the USA market, Holosun has expanded its manufacturing facility in America. Currently, some of their optical products are manufactured in Walnut, California.

In the USA market, Holosun’s top competitor is Eotech. Holosun is a Chinese brand whereas Eotech is an American brand. Nonetheless, Holosun has earned a large portion of the US market for its comparatively low price.

As a Chinese brand, most of Holosun’s products are manufactured in China. As Holosun is typically leading the USA market of laser optics, they have established their manufacturing plant in America. Consequently, some of Holosun’s products are made in America.   

Is Holosun made in China?

Yes, Holosun is made in China. This Chinese brand is typically leading the world market of optical lasers.

In China, you will find a lot of manufacturing plants where Holosun’s optics laser is manufactured. These optical lasers are cheap and their built-in quality is also good. Consequently, Holosun’s lasers and technologies have gained enormous popularity.

As Holosun’s market is expanding, they are establishing their factories in numerous locations around the world.  

Is Holosun an American company?

No, Holosun is not an American Company. But, some of their products have been manufactured in California-based factories.

Holosun is a Chinese company. Though it is a Chinese company, they have great acceptance in the USA market. Most of their products are made in China.

As production cost in China is comparatively low, they offer an amazingly cheap rate in the market. Consequently, Holosun has earned more popularity than the USA-made Eotech brand.

What company makes Holosun?

Holosun Technologies Inc. manufactures Holosun’s optical lasers and other innovative technologies. In California, Holosun’s products are manufactured by Rua Foireann Inc.

Recently, Holosun has expanded its manufacturing facilities in the USA. In Walnut, California, Holosun’s USA-based factory is located. All of Holosun’s products are manufactured under the instruction of Holosun Technologies Inc.

In the US, Holosun’s technology is manufactured by Rua Foireann Inc.  

Is Holosun military grade?

Holosun’s Tactical Red Dot Sight is a military-grade sight.

Most of Holosun’s pistol optics are duty grade. These pistol optics are seen with law enforcement officers. They equipped their duty guns with a variety of Holosun pistol optics.

Nonetheless, Holosun’s Tactical Red Dot Sight is military-grade. This military-grade sight can be switched between a 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA circle dot for fast target acquisition by a push of a button. This optical laser can be used in a variety of different combat situations.

Hence, Holosun’s Tactical Red Dot Sight is military-grade.  

Where can I buy Holosun products?

Eight online dealers sell Holosun’s products. These online dealers are:

  • Optics Planet
  • Brownells
  • Midwayusa
  • Kenzies Optics
  • Amazon
  • PALMETTO    

In the USA, there are a lot of Holosun’s distribution centers. You can find your nearest stores by visiting this page:


Outside the United States, you can contact international dealers. To find Holosun’s authorized distributors, contact international@holosun.com.

How much do Holosun products cost?

On Amazon, Holosun’s HE510c will cost you $339.99. Generally, Holosun’s optical products cost between $250 and $400.

The best thing about Holosun is its low cost. The USA-made Eotech products cost more than Holosun. Offering an impressively low price, Holosun is typically leading the USA market of optical products.