Where is Heineken Made 2024?

Heineken is a Dutch beer company that was founded in 1864. The company produces a wide variety of beer styles, including lagers, ales, and stouts.

A green glass bottle with a red star on its label is the widely acknowledged model of Heineken beer. So, let’s find out where this vintage company makes its beer in 2024.

Where is Heineken Made
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Here is a short answer to where is Heineken beer made:

Heineken beer is brewed in the Netherlands, but the company also has breweries in other countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Mexico.

Heineken is one of the largest beer producers in the world, with breweries in over 140 countries.

Where is Heineken 0.0 brewed?

In 2017, Heineken brewed a new product named Heineken 0.0. It is also known as zero alcohol beer. However, it is not the case. Heineken 0.0 contains a tres amount of alcohol, which is around 0.05 percent.

For not containing alcohol, Heineken 0.0 has gotten permission from Islamic countries, including Iran and other middle east countries. Now, let’s learn where Heineken brews its non-alcoholic version.

Heineken N. V. produces 0.0 in its primary manufacturing plant in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands. However, there are 140 other plants of the beer company. But no information about where the zero alcohol beer is manufactured except at the central plant.

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Is Heineken made in Germany?

The answer is no. Heineken does not produce beer in Germany. However, the country is one of the biggest consumers of Heineken.

Heineken is one of the largest beer-producing companies on earth. So, there are many countries over the world where the company manufactures its alcoholic beverages. The countries where Heineken has processing plants are, including

  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • China
  • Ireland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Serbia
  • New Zealand
  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Saint Lucia
  • African Countries
Where is Heineken 0.0 brewed

Where is Heineken made in the USA?

Heineken does not have a manufacturing plant in the US. To sell beer, the company has to import it from Mexico and Europe.

Though there is no plant in the USA, Heineken is the second most popular beer here. According to statistics, Corona is the number one beer company in the US. The company’s red star and the green bottle have become the seal of import quality.

In 1933, Heineken first entered the USA. The company’s first shipment came to this country from the harbor of New York. Every year, the sales in America grew rapidly and eventually became one of the most popular imported brands here.

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Is Heineken from Amsterdam?

It is time for some history lessons. On 15 February 1864, Heineken was first established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Gerard Adriaan Heineken was the one that founded this alcoholic beverage company.

Later in 1873, Gerard Adriaan Heineken hired Louis Pasteur’s student Dr. Elion and developed a yeast. For this reason, the company’s sales crossed 64 thousand hectoliters. It was massive progress for a newbie.

However, Heineken’s production is not limited to the Netherlands any longer. It is now a multinational company and has a massive demand on the market. So, to fulfill the consumers’ demand, Heineken has to produce 2.4 billion liters every year in more than 140 plants all over the world.

Thus, there is no guarantee that the alcoholic beverage of Heineken you are putting in your mouth is coming from Amsterdam. However, the taste of different plants’ beverages is nearly similar to having strict quality control measures. So, do not worry about the taste.

How much does Heineken cost?

In the USA, generally, a 12-pack 12 ounces of beer takes around 9 dollars on average. So, let’s learn how much Heineken takes for its beers.

Heineken’s 12 bottles original 5 percent alcohol beers pack take 14.73 dollars. Besides, every bottle of Heineken contains 12 ounces of beverages.

On the other hand, the Heineken 0.0’s price is slightly higher. It takes around 14.98 dollars for 12 bottles pack. This version also comes with 12 ounces of beer per bottle.

Where can I buy Heineken?

Heineken may be one of the very few companies that have been successful to export its beer to almost every corner of the world. The company supplies its beverage to 70 countries.

In the USA, you will find Heineken everywhere. Where there is a fridge in a store, there is Heineken. Besides, some online retailers also provide this beer, including

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Sam’s Club
  • Drizly

Who distributes Heineken in the US?

In 1933, Heineken first came to the USA. Now, it is the second most popular beer brand in this country. Let’s find out who is the distributor of this beer in the USA.

Harbor Distribution, Inc. is the distributor of Heineken beer. More specifically, a division of this distributor does all the work of distributing the beer, and the address is ANAHEIM, CA.

Who makes Heineken?

Heineken N. V. is the one that makes Heineken beer. In 1864, this company began its journey in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as a beer manufacturer.

Heineken has a total of 85 thousand employees in 165 plants. They are the ones who manufacture this beer.

Who owns Heineken beer?

At present, L’Arche Green N. V. or Heineken Holding is the owner of the Heineken N. V. The holding company owns a total of 52.599 percent shares and it makes that company a subsidiary of L’Arche Green N. V.

Again, the holding company’s 88.86 percent share is owned by the Heineken family and the Hoyer family owns an 11.14 percent share. So, the ownership of Heineken beer has become a loop.