Where is Gillette Razors Made 2024? – Revealed!!!

Gillette razors are made in the United States, China, Brazil, Canada, Poland, and Mexico.

The company’s manufacturing plant is placed in Boston, Massachusetts.

where is Gillette razors made

This razor manufacturing company has been running since the 19th century. They came into the marketplace with the concept of a safety razor with disposable blades.

Now, this article will also assist you in providing answers to some queries like the company’s owner, other manufacturing plants, and how to identify a fake blade.

Is Gillette made in China?

The answer is YES. Their razor and blade manufacturing facility is based in Shanghai, China.

The Shanghai factory will provide Gillette with over 1 billion blades per year; Gillette spokesman of Shanghai David Fausch stated it.

In China, the manufacturing industry is named after Gillette Shanghai Ltd. At the factory, twin-blade cartridge shaving items will be manufactured.

The Chinese factory bears more than 1,000 employees. In China, Gillette will have about 70% parent control.

Both Shanghai and Gillette factories are investing an amount of $29.5 million. Besides Shanghai, Gillette equally operates other combined ventures in Shenyang.

The products of Gillette that are made in China, are;

  • Atra Plus Razor Blades
  • Mach3 Razor’s Handle
  • Mach3 Turbo Razor’s Handle
  • Mach3 Signature Edition Razor’s Handle
are any razor blades made in the USA

Are any razor blades made in the USA?

YES, there are many razor blade companies that are made in the USA.

Persona manufactures razor blades that are made in the USA. The company’s “Lab Blue” edition razor blades are still made in the USA.

Lab Blue edition is manufactured by American Safety Razor. They are manufactured from utmost grade stainless steel.

The razor blades are comfort-coated and sharp as well as comfortable and very smooth.

Besides Persona, other razor blades company are;

Brand NameHeadquarters or Manufacturing Location
Timeless RazorRoyalton, OH
Wet Shaving ClubPA
Sixty8 Provisional CoChicago, IL
Classic ShavingSandpoint, ID

Where are Gillette Mach3 blades made?

Gillette Mach3 blades are made in the United States. In Berlin, they are manufactured.

The company revealed the Mach3 razor on 14 April 1998. Unbelievably, for only two-year advertisements, Gillette budgeted over $300 million for the campaign of Mach3 razor.

In the Mach3 razor, three blades are included that help to shave with less pressure on the skin as well as reduce skin irritation.

The system that is used in the Mach3 is equally offered by other brands, including DR Harris, Muhle, and Truefitt & Hill.

Besides Mach3, PRO, SkinGuard Sensitive, and Fusion5 blades are also manufactured in the Berlin factory.

who owns Gillette

Who owns Gillette?

Procter & Gamble owns Gillette. This is a multinational company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was established in 1837.

Gary Coombe is the current CEO of Procter & Gamble. But the multinational company was founded by James Gamble and William Procter.

On 28th January 2005, P&G brought Boston-based Gillette with an investment of $57 bn, and by that, they became the world’s biggest consumer goods company.

The deal between P&G and Gillette was a dream deal for P&G.

P&G is specialized in manufacturing personal health or consumer health, hygiene, and personal care products.

Their products are managed into various segments, including grooming, beauty, health care, baby, feminine, & family care, and fabric & home care.

Once, P&G also sold snacks, beverages, and food items. Now, the company is incorporated in Ohio.

Besides Gillette, P&G equally owns other brands, including;

  • Ariel
  • Bounty Paper Towels
  • Crest Toothpaste
  • Charmin
  • Dawn
  • Febreze
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Pampers & Pampers Kandoo
  • Tampax Tampons
  • Seven Seas, etc.

How can you tell if Gillette blades are fake?

It is slightly impossible to identify whether Gillette blades are fake or not. But there are some ways to identify it. They are;

Serial Number

Blades from the Gillette brand are marked with a tiny serial number. The number is printed behind the lamellas on both the right and left sides of the blade frame.

The serial number contains one alphabet and four numbers. But on the fake one, the serial number will be missing out.

Quality of the Gillette Blades

Original razor blades are rich in quality and bear a sharp blade. Gillette Fusion blades are completely parallel to each other.

Gillette blades fit compactly in the frame. Additionally, the weld spots are oval in shape and the surface is clean and smooth.

Blade Attachment

In this segment, precise and clean processing is provided. For assembling the blade with the handle, the attaching must be equipped very precisely.

If the attachment is messy and looks to be smoothed or rounded, then this one is a fake blade.


The original package of Gillette razor blades comes with high color and print quality.

If the package has a blurred print, deviating or faded color then it will be considered a fake one.

So, in these four ways, a fake or genuine Gillette razor blade is identified. You should be careful while buying Gillette razors as the market is full of counterfeit.