Where is Frigidaire Made 2024

Frigidaire has been around for more than 100 years and was originally part of the General Motors Company at one time.

Since they are best known for making kitchen appliances, their contribution to American households is still a celebrated name.

But, if you want to know where Frigidaire is made now, here is what you need to know.

A majority of Frigidaire appliances are proudly made in the USA. The remainder of kitchen appliances (most fridges) is made in Mexico.

Where is Frigidaire Made

Three states in the US produce Frigidaire appliances including Tennessee, Minnesota, and South Carolina.

There were factories in Canada at one time but now have been replaced by the factory located in Tennessee. Since many Americans already know the Frigidaire name, it’s not uncommon for these kitchen appliances to be built in the USA.

These appliances include refrigerators, freezers, and stoves, but are not limited to many other types of household items.

Where are Frigidaire dishwashers made

Where are Frigidaire dishwashers made?

The only factory in the US that builds Frigidaire dishwashers is located in Kinston, North Carolina. The company also used to produce washers and dryers in Webster City Iowa but was moved to Juarez, Mexico.

The cost to make dishwasher machines in Iowa was too costly, so the Frigidaire Company moved this work to their Mexico-based factory. This factory in Mexico is on the border, making it possible to ship finished washers to the US.

The Mexican factory only made a small portion of dishwashers that are shipped to the US. The North Carolina factory makes a majority of Frigidaire dishwashers.

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Where is Frigidaire water filter made?

The official Frigidaire water filters are all made in the USA and were produced in Minnesota, South Carolina, and Mexico. All of these water filters use quality carbon filters to catch harmful additives in water that are safely filtered out.

Frigidaire warns many customers to watch out for fake water filters that are sold in some stores. These are made in China and aren’t using quality filters inside, which can be more dangerous to filter water.

Fake filters look almost the same but often weigh less than a real Frigidaire water filter. The packaging and label look nearly the same, but the biggest clue is the discounted price.

Where are Frigidaire stoves made

Where are Frigidaire stoves made?

All Frigidaire stoves are made in Memphis, Tennessee, and aren’t made anywhere else. At one time these stoves were made in a Canadian factory located in Quebec. The Frigidaire Company moved the factory location back to America for practical reasons.

This stove factory in Tennessee is responsible for all of the new stoves that are shipped to American consumers all over the US. They make induction stove top ranges and gas-powered stoves for homes that use natural gas connections.

The newest stoves are featuring induction stove tops to replace the need to use gas. These make their new line of stoves more energy-efficient.

Where are Frigidaire dehumidifiers made

Where are Frigidaire dehumidifiers made?

Frigidaire dehumidifiers are all made in China but are all designed in the USA to be assembled in China. They have all been UL certified and have passed a strict set of needs that make these machines safe to use.

There is no further info on where the parts are made unless certain parts are made in the US and then shipped to China for assembly. The factory in Mexico makes fridges which could likely make dehumidifier parts sent to China.

This would allow the Frigidaire humidifier line to cost less at stores across the US. These humidifiers can be repaired at any US location because of the warranty that’s given.

Where are Frigidaire air conditioners made

Where are Frigidaire air conditioners made?

The Frigidaire Company has all of its air conditioners assembled in China, but the parts and design are all made in the USA. Some factories located in the US and Mexico are responsible for making air conditioner parts and pieces.

The separate pieces are then shipped to China where they are assembled and shipped back to warehouses in the US. After this, air conditioners are then sold to customers who are covered by the US warranty for various repairs.

The quality of Frigidaire air conditioners is still considered very high for this reason even when they are assembled in China.

Is Frigidaire an American product?

Since the company was created over 100 years ago, Frigidaire is an American product built by Americans. Many people who live in the US know the name Frigidaire for kitchen appliances that include fridges and stoves that are American-made.

In the past, some factories were used in Canada but now these factory locations are not used by Frigidaire anymore. There is also a factory in

Mexico that’s on the border of the US where many Frigidaire appliances are made.

The history of Frigidaire is also easily remembered by three generations of Americans who trust this brand.

Are Frigidaire appliances made in China?

Only dehumidifiers and air conditioners are currently made in China. The parts are all made in the US or Mexico and shipped to China for assembly. The design for these appliances is made in the USA under strict Frigidaire rules.

Any of these types of appliances are still replaced and fixed in the US by an authorized factory repair center owned by Frigidaire. This makes it possible to replace faulty and broken air conditioners or humidifiers that came from China.

It’s not common for a brand like Frigidaire would have products made in China, however, some exceptions can be made to keep prices affordable.

Where Can I buy Frigidaire products?

Frigidaire products are easy to buy at any name brand store in America. These will include home improvement centers like The Home Depot and Lowes. The main website for Frigidaire also helps customers find a local store in their city.

With help from the internet, Frigidaire is now sold online and is often shipped to many other locations all over the globe. Even big discount chain stores including Target and Walmart will sell Frigidaire appliances for the kitchen and home.

The ease of finding all Frigidaire appliances in many stores also makes this brand name an easier choice by having such a familiar name.

Is Frigidaire made by Whirlpool?

There is no relation between Frigidaire and Whirlpool and for this reason, there never has been. These two big competitors are continually compared to each other. This comparison is because they are the two biggest names in top kitchen appliances.

In recent years, Frigidaire has been gaining more popularity from customers as Whirlpool becomes lower quality. This can change since the ownership of each company can join with another competitor brand to increase the brand name and volume of sales.

Whirlpool is also a well-known brand that likes to copy what Frigidaire is making, which is fair competition for any American brand.

Who makes Frigidaire appliances?

American workers who work in factories located in the US are making the Frigidaire brand. There are also employees in Mexico that also make these appliances that sometimes have American citizenship. There are also workers in China who are included.

Even though Frigidaire is an American company, there are select appliances made in China due to the cheaper assembly cost. Because most of the parts are made in the US, Frigidaire workers can say these products are American-made.

Are Frigidaire products worth buying?

Frigidaire is a top-selling brand that hasn’t lost interest with customers in the US. With more than 100 years of history, the Frigidaire brand is respected because it’s found in every American kitchen from coast to coast.

Owning any kitchen appliance from Frigidaire also comes with the latest technology that improves this brand. They have introduced many new refrigerators and stoves that make everyday living feel comfortable and simple and also look just as classy.

Because Frigidaire products last longer than most appliances, they have a quality that customers can appreciate. The value of what is spent is why this brand still sells new products so often.

Who owns Frigidaire?

Frigidaire is owned by a Swedish company called Electrolux which also makes products in the USA. Electrolux is a multinational company that sells its appliances all over the world and helps Frigidaire remain a top-selling American brand.

Electrolux has been responsible for opening many new factories in the US to make their products. And though some Electrolux products are made in China, a majority of their products are all known for being made in America.

Are Frigidaire products ethically made?

Because the factory locations in America are all run by a Swedish company, practices by the Electrolux Company make sure these products are ethically made. Due to lower costs for labor in Mexico and China, some products are produced cheaper.

This is so the pricing for finished appliances will be affordable all across the US and for many other countries where Frigidaire appliances are sold. The US factories are not working with union labor, allowing them to keep prices affordable.