Where is Fossil Watch Made 2024 -Is All Fossil Swiss Made?

Fossil watches are proudly made in China & Switzerland.

Most of the Fossil watches are made in Asia, mainly in Southern China.  The company has a manufacturing facility & corporate office in Shenzhen.

where is Fossil watch made

Fossil watches were first made in Hong Kong. But now there is no manufacturing facility in Hong Kong for the brand. Fossil’s parent brand has spread its manufacturing factories around the world.

In addition, headquartered in Texas Fossil has offices & distribution centers in Hong Kong, Germany, and Dallas. On the contrary, the European headquarters of the company is based in Basel, Switzerland.

Despite 80% of the company’s revenue coming from the United States, they did not establish manufacturing factories in this country.

As of 2023, there are 23 subsidiaries as well as 75 independent distributors of the U.S. group in 140 countries. Currently, the company has about 400 stores worldwide.

are any Fossil watch Swiss made

Are any Fossil watch Swiss made?

The answer is “Yes.” Several models of Fossil watches including FSW7000 & FSW7004 are Swiss made.

In 2001, Fossil started manufacturing watches in Switzerland besides Hong Kong. In addition, it acquired the Swiss brand Zodiac for $4.3 million and expanded its manufacturing facilities.

The brand has a design studio in Biel, Switzerland. There is a distribution center at the same location.

Most of the time, you will find a “Swiss Made” tag on Fossil watches. According to the US Fashion Network, Fossil manufactures and exports more than 400,000 Swiss-made watches every year now.

The production was started in Switzerland in 2002. Fossil has expanded its manufacturing facilities in Switzerland by building a new production plant at Glovelier.

By 2015, the company started construction in a Glovelier-based manufacturing factory. Currently, more than 30% of Fossil watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

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is Fossil owned by Michael Kors

Is Fossil owned by Michael Kors?

No, Fossil is not owned by Michael Kors. The company is currently owned by Tom Kartsotis.

He is an American entrepreneur & also the founder of the watch brand. On the contrary, Kors is the owner of his own brand Michael Kors.

By the way, Fossil and Michael Kors are not the same brands. But Fossil is responsible for manufacturing Michael Kors’ watches.

In that case, many people might think that Fossil and Michael Kors are the same brands. Not only Michael Kors but also some other company’s watches are made by Fossil.

According to the sources, Fossil Group Inc includes some well-known watch brands like,

  • Relic
  • BMW
  • Misfit
  • Michele Watch
  • WSI
  • Zodiac Watches
  • Skagen Denmark

Is Fossil Watch a luxury brand?

Yes, Fossil is undoubtedly a luxury brand.

The company offers excellent-designed & durable watches at an affordable price. Over the years, it has been producing high-quality watches at affordable prices so that people can afford its products.

Last year, Fossil’s annual sales increased by 37.9%. It has grown into a billion-dollar company. The company has already crossed $2 billion in net sales.

It never compromises the quality of the products. Every watch is made by expert manufacturers. Fossil watches are made from the best materials including,

  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Premium leather

In the fiscal year 2020, about 43% of Fossil’s global watch production was assembled through wholly or majority-owned factories.

Besides, sales were down more than 27% in the fiscal year 2020 compared with 2019. However, the annual sale of this brand is rising again rapidly.

Previously, Fossil was voted as one of the Top 100 best companies in the UK.

Therefore, Fossil has been keeping its popularity as a luxury brand on the market. After analyzing, we can say that Fossil watches could be the best choice for you if you are looking for budget-friendly fashionable watches.

Who wears Fossil watches?

There are several celebrities including Mandy Moore, an American Grammy & Golden Globe nominated actress, who wear Fossil watches. 

For its latest advertising campaign, Fossil had chosen four celebrities as brand ambassadors- KJ Apa, Izzy Bizou, Darryl Westly, and Mandy Moore.

Does Fossil use Swiss movements?

Fossil uses Swiss movements in Swiss-made watches.

The company often uses Chinese quartz movements in its watches. In addition, Fossil uses Miyota movements in Japanese-made watches.

Swiss-made STP1-11 movement is an automatic watch movement that is used by the Fossil Group. Sometimes, the brand also uses the Japanese Quartz Hattori movement in certain watches.