Where is Flexsteel Furniture Made 2024

Flexsteel is a prominent American wood furniture manufacturing company. The company is nearly hundred and thirty years old and still produces furniture with quite a reputation. People look up to Flexsteel for the quality product its makes.

In September 2018, Flexsteel acquired the seventh position on FDMC 300’s list of the largest furniture manufacturers in the United States.

Where is Flexsteel Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Flexsteel furniture made:

Flexsteel Industries, Inc. manufactures ninety percent of its total furniture production in the USA. Moreover, most of its domestically-made furniture is from the company’s plant in Dubuque, Iowa.

Besides this plant, Flexsteel has eight other production houses in the USA and one in Mexico and China.

where are flexsteel recliners made

Where are Flexsteel recliners made?

Among the furniture Flexsteel manufactures, recliners’ popularity is at the top. Recliners are armchairs with reclining back along the integrated footsteps.

Flexsteel’s recliner production line is in Dubuque, Lowa, United States.

Flexsteel manufactures its recliners with hand-picked materials, and all the parts of this furniture are handcrafted. So, quality assurance and longevity are some things you do not need to worry about.

Where are Flexsteel sofas manufactured

Where are Flexsteel sofas manufactured?

In the furniture market, Flexsteel’s furniture has unique demand. And when it comes to picking a brand to purchase a sofa, many people prefer this company.

Flexsteel has a hundred years’ reputation for manufacturing comfy sofas. Besides not only being comfortable, but the material used for sofas is also hand-picked. That makes Flexsteel sofas mid-ranged luxurious.

Now, let’s learn where Flexsteel sofas are made. The company manufactures Latitude line sofas in China. Besides the Latitude line, another production line named South Heaven is produced in Mexico.

is flexsteel made in usa

Is Flexsteel made in USA?

Flexsteel holds the status of a multinational company. So, it is evident that the company needs to produce furniture regionally to meet the market demand.

However, Flexsteel manufactures most of its furniture, estimated 90 percent, inside the United States.

There are nine plants all over the USA where the company produces and distributes its furniture. The locations are, including

  • Dubuque, Iowa
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Dublin, Georgia
  • Riverside, California
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Huntingburg, Indiana
  • Harrison, Arkansas
  • Starkville, Mississippi
  • Edgerton, Kansas

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Which Flexsteel lines are made in the USA

Which Flexsteel lines are made in the USA?

There are a few lines that Flexsteel makes, including Recliner, South Heaven, and Latitude. In these lines, South Heaven and Latitude are made in Mexico and China accordingly.

On the other hand, the Recliner line is made in the United States. Flexsteel developed hundreds of furniture models in this line. Besides, Recliner sofas are made of high-grade leathers and fabrics that make this line more desirable than others.

Who makes Flexsteel furniture?

In the 1960s, Flexsteel was first announced as a public company. In that year, the company first publicly traded stock on NASDAQ.

So, as an independent and public company, Flexsteel makes its furniture in its plants. Besides, Flexsteel does not have to order outside to fulfill the production. The company manufactures every part of its furniture itself.

Is Flexsteel still making furniture?

The answer is yes. Flexsteel is currently one of the top-selling furniture brands in the United States. So, the company has no reason to shut down its operation.

Flexsteel Furniture shut down one of its riverside factories in 2019, and 87 employees lost their job to this. The event started spreading a rumor about the company’s closure.

We assure you that the company’s production operation is going well, and is making great progress in the furniture business.

How much does Flexsteel furniture cost?

Flexsteel produces mid-ranged furniture. So, it is not expensive as a luxury-grade product. However, the material used in Flexsteel furniture does not feel mid-ranged.

The leathers and fabrics used on the Flexsteel Furniture last long. Besides, with the aging of the product, it does not feel aged. So, for long-term use, Flexsteel is a better choice.

Flexsteel furniture has a price that is as low as 99 dollars. On the other side, you would find high-end furniture prices up to 4000 dollars. The pricing is reasonable and worth buying.

Who owns Flexsteel furniture?

Jerold K. Dittmer is the owner of the Flexsteel company with a share of 51 percent. Besides being the owner, he is also the eighth president and chief executive officer of the company.

In 1893, Flexsteel Industries, Inc. was first established in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The founder of the company was Frank Bertsch, and he was also the first president of the company.

Is Flexsteel Furniture natural wood?

Flexsteel is very precise about using natural wood. The company does not compromise its quality in the name of cost-cutting. So, you can buy Flexsteel furniture without any worry of being scammed.

Naturally, Wood Furniture is the authorized dealer of Flexsteel to supply fresh wood. This company is from Michigan City, Indiana.

Is Flexsteel furniture ethically made?

First, let’s learn what ethically made means. You can say a product is ethically made if the product’s manufacturing does not harm the environment. Besides, the workers are treated well and paid correctly to declare a product ethically made.

There is no mention on the official website of the ethical production of Flexsteel furniture manufacturing. There is a slim chance that the company’s products are ethically made.

To make furniture, you need wood. Without causing harm to the environment, wood collection is impossible. So, Flexsteel’s production may not be ethical.