Where is First Lite Made 2024 – (Who Owns + Who Makes)

First Lite is a hunting and outdoor wear company. The manufacturer makes the best-possible hunting apparel that will allow you to stay longer and hunt harder.  

Approximately 15 million Americans go hunting each year. As a hunting enthusiast, you must be concerned about the best hunting apparel. 

In the USA, there are a lot of hunting gear manufacturers. Among these brands, First Lite comes with value-for-money hunting gear. Let’s find out, “Where is First Lite made?

where is First Lite made

Where is First Lite manufactured in 2024:

The manufacturer makes the majority of First Lite products in the USA. But, they outsource raw materials from numerous countries like China, Vietnam, South Africa, and so on.

First Lite entrepreneur, Scott Robinson, prefers the USA for manufacturing trusted goods.

After sourcing raw materials from numerous locations, the manufacturer makes First Lite hunting gears in USA-based factories. Nearly 65 employees are working hard manufacturing value-for-money-hunting apparel.

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Is First Lite made in the USA?

Yes, First Lite is made in the USA. In Ketchum, Idaho, the First Lite manufacturing plant is located.

Many hunters prefer USA-made trusted hunting gear. Scott Robinson values your trust in them. They make quality hunting gear in their USA-based factories.

Before manufacturing, First Lite collected raw materials mostly from China. Some are claiming that First Lite hunting gears are made in China. But, according to the manufacturer, First Lite sources materials from China and makes the final product in the USA.  

Where is First Lite hunting gear made?

The manufacturer makes First Lite hunting gear in Ketchum, USA.

First Lite allows you a longer and hard hunting experience. Even in the toughest condition, these hunting gears will stay long.

Besides, the revolutionary two-layer hunting gear is warm and breathable. First Lite hunting gear is one of the lightweight gear available in the market.

Scott Robinson first launched First Lite hunting gears in the USA. He outsources raw materials from numerous countries and makes the final product in the USA.

In Ketchum, Idaho, the First Lite factory is located. There are 65 employees working in the Idaho manufacturing plant.

who is First Lite owned by

Who is First Lite owned by?

Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson own First Lite. They first started the business of First Lite. Today, they partially own First Lite as MeatEater Inc. took a lot of share of this brand.   

The idea of making lightweight hunting gear came from 23 years old, Scott Robinson. He first initialised the factory in Ketchum, USA.

In 2007, Scott Robinson and Kenton Carruth founded First Lite. Through the hands of Robinson, First Lite is committed to providing the best technical apparel developed for hunters.

Today, MeatEater sponsors First Lite for its fast-growing popularity. MeatEater has focused on bringing influential brands beneath its umbrella. Consequently, MeatEater acquired First Lite.

However, Scott Robinson is now the co-owner of First Lite. Since its birth, Scott has worked hard for First Lite. He has introduced many lightweight models for hunters.

The founder of First Lite, Scott Robinson, has an estimated net worth of $12 million. He earned most of his wealth through First Lite.   

how much did MeatEater pay for First Lite

How much did MeatEater pay for First Lite?

Two young entrepreneurs, Scott Robinson and Kenton Carruth founded First Lite in the USA. They brought some amazing features in the hunting gear. First Lite hunting gears are affordable and extremely lightweight.

Today, Scott and Carruth don’t own the First Lite fully. MeatEater Inc. took a lot of shares of First Lite. This company continues to pave new roads toward an excellent outdoor experience.

Though the exact amount is unknown to us, numerous magazines estimated that MeatEater paid $50 million for First Lite.    

Where is the First Lite headquarters?

First Lite headquarters is located in Ketchum, Idaho. The company also manufactures its lightweight hunting gears in Idaho.

Two young entrepreneurs, Scott Robinson and Kenton Carruth developed and founded First Lite in 2007. They chose Ketchum, Idaho as its HQ.

In Idaho, you will find a First Lite brick-and-mortar store. You can also shop by visiting First Lite’s shops in Idaho.

First Lite sources its raw materials from numerous countries. After collecting raw materials, they manufacture lightweight hunting gear in Ketchum, Idaho.  

Wrap Up

Since 2007, First Lite has been manufacturing quality products for hunters. They are promised to bring innovative technologies that suit much for the hunters. As a new brand, First Lite is growing noticeably.