Where is Fiestaware Made 2024

Fiesta is the brand name of ceramic glazed dinnerware. In 1936, Fiestaware was introduced in the US market. Today, Fiesta has become a widely recognized brand for its solid colors and Art Deco styles.

Before 2020, Fiesta was known as the Homer Laughlin China Company. Later, it was rebranded as Fiesta Tableware Company.

However, the first thing you should know about Fiesta is, “where is Fiestaware made in 2024”  

Fiestaware is manufactured in Newell, West Virginia. Since its birth, Fiesta has utilized a handcrafted process to give the shape of your favorite Fiesta Dinnerware.

However, Fiestaware is made in the historic Newell plant in West Virginia, USA.

Where is Fiestaware Made

The first Fiestaware was manufactured in the Newell plant. You can visit the historic Fiesta factory. It will take less than an hour to visit the Fiesta Newell factory.

In the Fiesta factory, you will notice a large Fiesta Tableware Company Museum. This Museum has a broad collection of china ceramic products from the past 144 years of Fiesta.  

Where is Fiestaware made in WV

Where is Fiestaware made in WV?

In West Virginia, the Fiestaware factory is located at 672 Fiesta Dr, Newell.

Right along the Ohio River, you will find the Fiestaware factory. After collecting raw ingredients, the Fiesta Tableware Company makes each piece of dinnerware at the Newell plant.

Fiesta Dinnerware is made of:

  • Clay
  • Silica
  • Feldspar
  • Alumina

Each Fiesta piece is made of ivory clay which is transformed into one of the brand’s 15 colors with the use of glaze. The manufacturer collects these raw ingredients locally.

Sometimes customers become confused thinking Fiestaware is china or stoneware. Well, according to a report in the New York Times, Fiestaware is the most collected brand of China in the US.

The unique thing about Fiestaware is its color. Medium Green is considered to be the rarest color in Fiestaware. Besides, you will find a variety of colors in Fiestaware such as:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Cobalt
  • Light Green
  • Old Ivory
  • Turquoise

Fiesta dinnerware is capable of lighting your dining table.

Is any Fiestaware made in China?

All Fiestaware products are made in the Newell plant, USA. You won’t find any Fiestaware product tagged with made-in-China.

Fiestaware is proudly made in the USA. They make all of their products in the USA. Its factory is located in Newell, West Virginia.

The first Fiestaware product was designed and manufactured at the Newell plant. Even today’s Fiesta product is made at the Newell plant.

For over 75 years, the Fiesta Tableware Company has been manufacturing Fiesta dinnerware. In 2020, Fiesta was rebranded as Fiesta Tableware Company.

Before Fiesta Tableware, the company was known as the Homer Laughlin China Company. The first Fiesta product was made by the Homer Laughlin Company in the West Virginia factory.

Steelite International bought the Homer Laughlin China Co. and renamed it Fiesta Tableware Company.

Fiesta and Lenox are the two famous brands in the United States that make fine china products.   

Is Fiestaware still being manufactured

Is Fiestaware still being manufactured?

Yes, Fiestaware is still manufacturing its colorful products.

Fiestaware was introduced in 1936 in the US market. Since then, the Company has been manufacturing its unique colorful dinnerware. Today, the company has become one of the top-notch dinnerware makers in the US.

In Newell, West Virginia, you will find the only Fiestaware factory. After collecting raw ingredients, Fiestaware makes these colorful products in the Newell factory.

Fiesta red was confiscated by the US government due to stocks of Uranium. However, they resumed their production in 1959.

Currently, the Fiesta Tableware Company is not Fiesta Red of natural uranium. Rather, today’s Fiesta Red is made of depleted uranium.

In 2022, Fiestaware introduced the new Peony color in its production line. This Peony color is the 54th color of Fiesta products!

In short, due to the presence of natural Uranium, Fiesta red was banned by the US Government. But, they resumed their production line in 1959. This time, Fiesta used depleted uranium in their Fiesta Red products.  

Who manufactures Fiestaware

Who manufactures Fiestaware?

The Homer Laughlin China Company manufactures the Fiestaware. In 2020, the company was renamed the Fiesta Tableware Company. Under the brand name Fiesta, the company supplies all of its colorful products.

In West Virginia, the Homer Laughlin China Company is a renowned family-owned company. This company has remained in business.

Since 1877, the Homer Laughlin Company has been manufacturing china products. This company is one of the largest producers of china in the US.

From Newell, West Virginia, the Homer Laughlin Company manufactures and distributes its products. Though some of its plants have been abandoned, the company makes almost all of its products in this plant.

According to the company’s financial report, the Homer Laughlin China Company makes $160 million in sales revenue each year. However, the Homer Laughlin China Company is now owned by Steelite International.

Are old Fiesta dishes worth buying

Are old Fiesta dishes worth buying?

Fiestaware has both advantages and disadvantages. We can’t deny its reputation. Considering some key criteria, we conclude by saying that Fiesta dishes are worthy of buying.

Here are the key considerations:

  • The Company is almost 150 years old
  • Completely made in the USA
  • Looks like Handmade
  • Unique colors
  • Affordable pieces
  • Uses of safe materials
  • Widely available
  • Having annual tent sale
  • Available for Fido too

These unique features of Fiestaware have convinced us to recommend it. On Amazon, consumers have reviewed Fiesta dinnerware. Check suggestions before purchasing. 


All products of Fiestaware are manufactured in the sweetest facility in Newell, West Virginia. This brand is one of the china makers in the US.

The company’s annual revenue shows us its enormous popularity in the United States. Fiestaware will surely brighten your dining table through its unique colors.