Where is Everfresh Juice Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Everfresh is a brand of an American company, National Beverage, that is popular for preparing fruit beverages. Recently, the brand has had 47 different flavors available on the market. From children to adults, everyone adores these flavors.

More than fifty years since this brand, Everfresh, started functioning as a fruit juice producer.

Where is Everfresh Juice Made

Here is a short answer to where is Everfresh juice made:

National Beverage prepares Everfresh juice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

However, it is a single facility of the company. It has 62 other beverage manufacturing facilities located all over the US.

Is Everfresh a Michigan brand?

Everfresh juice’s headquarter is not in Florida, but it’s parent company National Beverage is. However, its manufacturing facility is in the following region.

The headquarter of the Everfresh juice company is in Warren, Michigan, USA. That makes Everfresh a Michigan brand.

Who makes Everfresh?

National Beverage is the one that produces Everfresh juice. It is an American beverage developing company, especially soft drinks.

In 1985, National Beverage was first established in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Currently, its headquarter is in the same place as its first establishment.

Currently, Nick A. Caporella is the owner of National Beverage Corp., which has a 77 percent market share. Besides Everfresh, there are 12 other brands under this corporation, including

  • Shasta
  • Faygo
  • La Croix Sparkling Water
  • Rip It
  • Clearfruit
  • Mr. Pure
  • Ritz
  • Crystal Bay
  • Cascadia Sparkling Clear
  • Ohana Punch
  • Big Shot
  • Double Hit

Who distributes Everfresh juice?

National Beverage or sun beverage is the one to distribute Everfresh juice. It supplies beverages of the brand all over the US.

In the US, Sundance Beverage or National Beverage is a famous company for owning some mouth-watering subsidiary brands. Besides distributing Everfresh juice, National Beverage holds ownership as a subsidiary brand.

Where can I buy Everfresh juice?

However, today’s shopping is vastly dependent on delivery services. Thus, some online platforms sell Everfresh juice, such as

  • Amazon,
  • Sam’s Club,
  • Drizly,
  • Walmart, etc.

Conventionally, you cannot find Everfresh juice everywhere. There are a few provinces where you can purchase this refreshing drink, including

  • California (Woodland, Encino, Cotati, Sonoma, Montebello, and Bassett)
  • Maryland (Brentwood)
  • Florida (Jacksonville, Daytona Beach)
  • Michigan (Dearborn Heights and Detroit)
  • New York (Great Neck)
  • Oregon (Saginaw, Aloha)
  • Washington (Vancouver)
  • Texas (Rosenberg)
  • Georgia (Marietta)
  • Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

Besides these provinces of the USA, you can find Everfresh juice in Vancouver, Canada. It may be the only place outside the US where you can notice this mouth-watering drink.

Is Everfresh juice 100% juice?

In the modern era, selling wrong and adulterated products with false marketing has become a general issue. However, in terms of trust issues, you can trust Everfresh. The brand produces 100 percent organic, delicious juice.

Some brands use food color, artificial flavor, sugar, and other chemicals to produce beverages. These chemicals cause harm to the human body. On the other hand, Everfresh prepares natural juice that hospitalized patients can drink.

Is Evefresh juice good for you?

Everfresh delivers some refreshing flavors to its customers. However, many think it is not good to drink. Again, some drink Everfresh juice regardless.

According to Everfresh official statement, they are Kosher certified. Kosher Certification Agency is an Israelian agency that provides the seal of approval to products, including beverages, canned and packaged foods, ingredients, etc.

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However, Everfresh juices are pasteurized products. It may seem odd to certain people, but pasteurized products are harmless to eat and drink.

So, it is safe to say that you can enjoy Everfresh juice without hesitation. Besides, the health issue is not an option for this product.

How much does Everfresh juice cost?

Everfresh’s bottles are designed to hold 12 ounces or 0.75 pounds. And its average cost fluctuates from 1.1 dollars to 6 dollars.

For an average 16-ounce or one-pound bottle of juice, it costs nearly 2.5 dollars. So, Everfresh is not charging its consumers more than average. It is an excellent strategy to hold the market.

Is Everfresh juice worth buying?

After having a hard day or in hot summer, everyone deserves a mouth-watering beverage. However, most people prefer juices and lemonades instead of soft drinks.

In this case, Everfresh holds the above characteristics. It is a brand that specializes in preparing juices. There are 47 different flavors on Everfresh’s list.

Besides providing a wide variety of flavors, Everfresh juices’ pricing is lower than other brands. So, the brand puts itself in an ideal position of people’s choice.

How do I know when my Everfresh juice expires?

Bottled juice lasts from a week up to 12 months. It depends on how good the pasteurization process was.

Most of the bottled juices’ expiration labeling is on the bottom. But if you are looking for Everfresh’s expiration date, look for it on the neck of the bottle.

Everfresh puts a six months period on its labeling before the juice expires. However, there is an exception. For apple juice, there are no seals of expiration.

How long does Everfresh juice last?

An average juice lasts around four to five days most if no preservatives are used. However, it is different for commercially produced beverages.

Companies use preservatives and pasteurization processes so that fruit juices last long.

Everfresh uses the pasteurization process to make their product’s life longer. For this reason, the brand’s juices last around six months at the most.

Does Everfresh have pulp in it?

The pulp in juices is fibrous leftover, sometimes found in juices. It makes people believe that the juice they drink is authentic.

Everfresh juices are pulp-free. However, they claim that their product is a hundred percent natural juice. Besides, they also said that there is no harmful chemical to make their juice taste better.