Where is Dove Chocolate Made 2024 – Is It in USA?

If you have searched for tasty chocolate, most people will suggest the Dove chocolate brand. Despite being an American brand, Dove chocolate is sold in giant countries like the UK, Ireland, India, Australia, and the Middle East.

Feeling the creamy flavor of Dove chocolate, the first thing you may search is: “where is Dove chocolate made?

Dove chocolate is produced in the United States. In Chicago and Pennsylvania, you will find large manufacturing facilities for Dove Chocolate.

Where is Dove Chocolate Made

Under the manufacturing guidelines of Mars Incorporation, Dove chocolate is produced. The ingredients of Dove chocolate are mostly processed ingredients.

Is Dove chocolate made in the USA?

Yes, Dove chocolate is made in the USA.

Dove chocolate is specifically made in manufacturing facilities in Chicago and Pennsylvania. The Chicago-based manufacturing plant has a traditional root. Dove Candies and Ice Cream came into the market from a sweet shop in Chicago.

After 38 years of Devotion, the founder of Dove has handed the business to his son. Currently, Dove chocolate bar is commercially manufactured in the sweetest manufacturing plants in the US. 

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Is Dove real chocolate?

The cacao used in Dove has made it a bar of real chocolate.

Below are the key ingredients that have been used in Dove chocolate bar:

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Semisweet Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate processed with Alkali
  • Milk Fat
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors

In European countries, Dove chocolate is sold under the trade name — Galaxy. Dove chocolate has been highly recommended for children and gift purposes.   

Is Dove chocolate made by Dove Soap?

No, Dove Chocolate and Dove Soap are not made by the same parent brand. Both Dove chocolate and Dove Bar are successful companies in the USA. But, they operate independently from each other.

The ingredients of Dove chocolate and Dove soap are completely different. Different types of chemicals are used in Dove soap whereas ingredients from agriculture are used in Dove chocolate.

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate and Stearic acid are the vital ingredients of Dove soap whereas Sugar, Cocoa Butter, and Skim Milk are the prominent ingredients for Dove chocolate.

Dove soap is the product of Unilever but Mars, Incorporated makes Dove Chocolate. Both Dove soap and Dove chocolate have their identical parent company.

Hence, Dove chocolate is not made from Dove soap. They have their own parent company.

Who manufactures Dove Chocolate?

Mars, Incorporated manufactures Dove chocolate.

Dove chocolate is an American brand that produces a wide range of chocolate candies and ice creams. Historically, the brand name Dove came from the Chicago-based ice cream and candy shops.

Since 1986, Dove chocolate has been manufactured by Mars, Incorporated. In 2020, Mars, Incorporated made a giant sales revenue of $40 billion! This American multinational manufacturer makes food items for pets and mankind.

In 1960, just before Mars, Incorporated, Dove chocolate was introduced as Galaxy in the UK. Hence, many European countries eat Mars’s chocolate under the brand name, Galaxy.  

Where does Dove get their chocolate?

Recently, Dove has declared that its chocolate bars are ethically sourced. The raw ingredients of Dove chocolate are completely harvested and collected from numerous states in the USA.

Mars, Incorporated is the proud owner of Dove chocolate. The Manufacturer first sourced the key ingredients of Dove chocolate from numerous states of the US. Later, they manufacture your favorite Dove chocolate bars in their Pennsylvania and Chicago factories.

In 1939, Dove chocolate was introduced. Nearly half a decade, Mars Incorporated began manufacturing Dove chocolate bars commercially. Currently, the parent company of Dove has begun making a billion-dollar fortune.

Nearly all ingredients of Dove chocolate are collected and harvested in the USA. Mars Incorporated doesn’t import anything for their Dove chocolate. Hence, Dove chocolate is completely made in the USA.

What is Dove chocolate made out of?

Dove chocolate is made remembering its nutritional value. It is a fine mixture of Cocoa with other key ingredients. In general, the manufacturer of Dove chocolate uses Sugar, Skim Milk, Lactose, Cocoa Butter, Milkfat, and Natural & Artificial flavors.

Special roasting and grinding techniques are applied while making Dove chocolate. After applying these techniques, a smooth silky taste is generated.

After adding the aforementioned raw ingredients, Dove chocolate is tested twice by expert Mars technicians. The manufacturer of Dove chocolate ensures the high quality and flavor of their chocolate bars.

The silkiness of Dove chocolate has made their products different. Making little segments, Mars Incorporated packs a lot of chocolates. The Dove chocolate bars weigh 1.3 ounces only.  

Where is the Dove chocolate factory?

The Dove chocolate factory is located in Pennsylvania, United States.

In 1986, Mars Incorporated acquired Dove Chocolate. Before Mars, Dove chocolate was produced in a Chicago-based manufacturing plant.

Currently, Mars Incorporated is making Dove chocolate bars in their Pennsylvania-based manufacturing plant. Though Dove chocolate is sold in numerous countries, they completely manufacture their chocolate bars in the US.

Besides, all ingredients of Dove chocolate are collected from numerous locations around the United States.

How much does Dove chocolate cost?

A Dove chocolate bag contains 28 pieces of chocolates. However, Dove chocolates may cost you from $3 to $5 on the market.

You can easily find Dove chocolate in the confectionery shops and online. Numerous online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair sell Dove chocolate at a reasonable price. To know the updated price of Dove chocolate, check these online marketplaces.  

Who owns Dove now?

Mars Incorporated is now the proud owner of Dove chocolate. In 1986, they made a big deal. After acquiring Dove chocolate, Mars Incorporated began manufacturing Dove chocolate in the Pennsylvania-based manufacturing plant.

In 2020, Mars Incorporated grossed an annual revenue of $40 billion!