Where is Crown Royal Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Crown Royal is made in Manitoba, Canada.

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky. The brand is famous for its creamy, rich, and reserve-grade blend.

Where is Crown Royal Made

In 2021, Crown Royal set a trademark of recorded volume sales. This Canadian whisky brand sold nine million liter cases worldwide in 2021.

Since 2014, Crown Royal’s sales volume has been increasing steadily.

Today, Crown Royal has become one of the top-selling whisky brands in the United States.

The unique things of Crown Royal whisky lie at the heart of the blend. This signature blend of Crown Royal is made by meticulously blending fifty of the finest whiskies.

The main ingredients of Crown Royal whisky are corn, rye, and malted barley. While manufacturing, the proportions of Crown Royal ingredients are:

  • 64% Corn
  • 32% Rye
  • 4% Malted Barley

As mentioned, Crown Royal is an extraordinary blend of 50 full-bodied Canadian whiskies. Every drop of Crown Royal is crafted to meet the same uncompromising standards. Consequently, Crown Royal is the finest whisky of all.

In short, Crown Royal whisky is made solely at the company’s distillery in Manitoba, Canada.

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Is Crown Royal made in the USA

Is Crown Royal made in the USA?

The answer is NO. Crown Royal is not made in the United States. Instead, this top-notch whisky is produced in Canada.

According to the production unit of Crown Royal, this Canadian whisky is made solely at the company’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba.

The brand has its signature blend, wholly produced in its distillery. Seagram first introduced this Canadian whisky brand. The British multinational alcoholic beverage company, Diageo Plc, makes Crown Royal in Canada.

While producing, the manufacturers source raw ingredients like rye, barley, and maize from Manitoba and surrounding provinces.

After manufacturing, Crown Royal is stored in 1.5 million barrels located in 50 warehouses.

However, Crown Royal is wholly produced in Canada. The brand has no manufacturing facilities across the United States.

How long is Crown Royal aged?

The production unit of Crown Royal has confirmed that this exceptional liquid has been patiently aged for more than eighteen years.

Crown Royal is made of quality ingredients. Generally, an unopened bottle of whisky does not get better the longer it sits on your shelf.

After 18 years of aging, Crown Royal imparts many subtle and robust notes that include vanilla, spice, and others that weave around each other’s palate.

Besides, the aging process of 18 years produces three of Crown Royal’s most exquisite whiskies.

The Canadian Crown Royal whisky name promises 18 years of an extra rare blend. Thus, the age of Canadian Crown Royal whisky is 18 years.

What Crown Royal is only sold in Canada?

Some limited editions with select batch-distilled whiskies of Crown Royal are sold in Canada.

Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky brand famous for its signature blend. You will find a lot of variants of Crown Royal, including,

  • Limited Edition
  • Deluxe
  • Special Reserve
  • XR
  • XO
  • Black
  • Maple
  • Honey
  • Regal Apple
  • Northern Harvest Rye
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Peach

Crown Royal entered the US market in the 1960s. This Canadian brand has become one of the top-selling whisky brands in the United States.

Crown Royal was first introduced in the Canadian market in 1939. Though Crown Royal offers a lot of whisky variants, only the limited edition flavor is sold across Canada.

Who owns Crown Royal?

Crown Royal is now owned by the British multinational beverage company Diageo plc.

Throughout history, Crown Royal was founded by Seagram in 1939. In 2000, Diageo plc acquired the ownership of this Canadian whisky brand.

Since 2000, the production team of Diageo plc has been producing variants of Crown Royal. After making it at Gimli, Manitoba, the manufacturers bottle Crown Royal in a facility in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Though Samuel Bronfman introduced Crown Royal, it is owned by a British multinational alcohol beverage company.

Diageo plc makes over $300 million in sales revenue from Crown Royal.

Does Crown Royal have a distillery?

The answer is YES. Crown Royal has a distillery.

The production unit of Crown Royal has confirmed that the brand solely produces its whisky at the company’s distillery at Gimli.

The crucial part of whisky production is distillation. Without distillation, the alcohol created during fermentation can’t be removed. Hence, it is a vital part of whisky production.

Talking about Crown Royal, the brand has an advanced distillery where they process its distillation. Crown Royal’s distillery is located in Gimli, Manitoba.

Can you visit Crown Royal Distillery?

As the distillery of Crown Royal is open to the public, you can visit its distillery.

We have mentioned earlier that the distillery is an integral part of the whisky manufacturers. Without a distillery, we can’t imagine the distillation process.

Crown Royal’s distillery is located in Gimli, Manitoba. The place and its infrastructure are open to the public. Consequently, you can easily visit Crown Royal’s distillery.