Where is Coca Cola Made 2024 – Is Coke Made in USA?

Coca-Cola, further known as coke is a leading carbonated soft drink. The Coca-Cola Company manufactures Coca-Cola, whose current formula remains a trade secret.

Statista showed that from 2004 to 2020, the Coca-Cola Company was the market leader in the beverage industry. After Mexico & Chile, the United States is the biggest per capita consumer of Coca-Cola.

Thus, the origin of Coca-Cola has become a trendy issue for Americans as well as the rest of the countries. 

Where is Coca Cola Made

Here is a short answer to where is Coke made:

Coca-Cola for US market is made in the United States.

Throughout history, it was John Pemberton who first invented the recipe of Coca-Cola. Pemberton did it to avoid the addiction to morphine. However, the United States is the country of origin of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola is an excellent mixture of its ingredients. Its ingredients have to pass through special care, which takes place in different locations in the US.

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Where is Coca Cola made in US?

The main ingredient of Coca-Cola — which is the cocaine-free extract from “Spent” leaves is prepared in Maywood, New Jersey. 

The Stephan Company prepares this cocaine-free extract. Such “Spent Leaves” is referred to as Coca Leaf that the Stephen Company obtains from Peru & Bolivia.

Is US made Coca Cola taste better than other countries?

The Coca-Cola Company stated that the basic ingredients and processes used to make Coca-Cola are the same everywhere. But, the taste may differ slightly due to bottling.

Mexican Coke comes in glass bottles whereas American coke comes in plastic & metal. Thus, Mexican Coke tastes better than the US.

Tons of research has been done regarding the taste of beverages according to their vessel. Taking the gist of these researches, we find that — beverages served in glass bottles taste better than plastic ones.

How many Coca-Cola factories are there in the US?

How many Coca Cola factories are there in the US?

You will find thirteen factories in the US manufacturing your favorite Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company is now extending its reach to portions of the Midwest, Southeast, and the Mid-Atlantic. Besides, there are 75 distribution and sales centers that offer more than 300 brands and flavors.

In the United States, you’ll find three types of Coca-Cola buildings. Such as —

  • Bottling Plant
  • Attraction
  • Office Building

Besides, there is a Coca-Cola museum in Monroe and a Coca-Cola Airport in the city of Oregon. 

Furthermore, there is a large Coca-Cola Park in Pennsylvania.  

Where does Coca Cola get its ingredients?

The Coca-Cola Company gets its main ingredient from Peru and Bolivia. Maywood based Stepan Laboratory is the only legal commercial importer of coca leaves. Besides, the Coca-Cola Company imports cane sugar from Brazil, Mexico, and India.

The Coca-Cola Company further uses water, sugar beet, corn, fruits, coffee, tea, and soybeans to ensure the best flavor of Coca-Cola.   

Which country produces the most Coca Cola?

Mexico produces the most Coca-Cola. Though Coca-Cola originated in the United States, Mexicans love it more than Americans.

A table is provided below featuring the average per capita consumption of Coca-Cola —

CountryAverage Per Capita Consumption

Thus, the Coca-Cola Company is looking to expand its production in Mexico & America.

How many Coca Cola factories are there?

There are more than 900 Coca-Cola factories across the world. Among these, there are some of the world’s fastest production lines. The Coca-Cola Company produces and sells in more than 200 countries and territories. 

Thus, the brand value of Coca-Cola is recorded at $87.6 billion! as of 2021.

How many Coca Cola bottling plants are there in the world?

You will find nearly 225 Coca-Cola bottling plants in the world. These bottling plants are independent. The Coca-Cola Company does not own or control these bottling plants. The Company generates its net operating revenues by selling syrups and concentrates to its authorized bottling partners.  

The top five largest Coca-Cola bottling partners are —

  • Coca-Cola FEMSA in Latin America
  • Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc (CCEP) in Western Europe
  • Coca-Cola HBC AG in Eastern Europe
  • Arca Continental
  • Swire Beverages in Asia

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Where is Coca Cola made in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, Coca-Cola is made in CCE Wakefield. This soft drink factory is located in West Yorkshire and is owned by Coca-Cola Enterprises UK. This factory is further referred to as the largest soft drink company in this region.

Where is Coca Cola made in Australia?

Coca-Cola is made in a Sydney factory in Australia. Coca-Cola Amatil is the main production line in Australia. The Coca-Cola Company owns 30.8% of this production line. In 2014, the net income of this production line was recorded at A$79.9 million.

Where is Coca Cola made in Canada?

Coca-Cola is manufactured in the Montreal suburb of Lachine. Throughout history, Coca-Cola arrived in Canada over 120 years ago. In 1905, a small factory of Coca-Cola was set up at 65 Bellwoods Avenue in Toronto.

Where is Coca Cola made in Ireland?

The largest Coca-Cola factory is located in Ballina, Ireland. Coca-Cola is made in six locations in Ireland. The largest Coca-Cola operation on the Island of Ireland is known as Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland Limited.

In 1934, Coca-Cola first arrived in Northern Ireland. Since then, Coca-Cola factories in Ireland have boosted their beverage trade.