Where is Caraway Cookware Made 2024

Caraway is widely known for manufacturing quality cookware, cookware storage, and bakeware. Caraway is an exciting name in the United States of America for its minimalistic design of kitchen accessories.

American people adore the cookware merchandise of the Caraway company. The reason is that its products are free of harmful chemicals that can contaminate food.

Now, let’s find out where Caraway manufactures its cookware.

Where is Caraway Cookware Made

Here is a short answer to where is Caraway cookware made:

Caraway manufactures cookware in the region of China and India.

In addition, the factories where the company used to produce cookware must meet the BSCI, Fair Trade, and SMETA standards. However, Caraway designs its products in New York, USA.

Is Caraway cookware made in China?

China is one of the major countries for industries as from there companies can maximize profit. In that country, the labor wage is comparatively lower than in other developed countries.

Caraway is not an exception. Its headquarter is in New York City, and the company prepares its product design there.

However, Caraway does not deal with some random industries to manufacture its cookware. It seeks factories that strictly follow ethical manufacturing and adopt global standards such as SMETA, BSCI, etc.

Who manufactures Caraway cookware?

Caraway Company is a newbie in the cookware market. In 2018, Jordan Nathan first established the company in New York City, New York. He created this company to provide toxic chemical-free cookware products to its consumers.

Sixteen people and organizations are investing in Caraway, and it has a vast 5.3 million dollar fund. Anyways, the company’s owner and chief executive officer is Jordan Nathan. In addition, he is the top investor and orders products to be manufactured in Chinese and Indian factories.

Is Caraway cookware a good brand?

Caraway makes brilliant cookware products. So, there is no doubt that it is a good brand. Looking into its products, we can easily say that its material sciences engineering department is working to hold the company up. Besides, Caraway cookware’s design is also excellent.

The attractive look and high material quality make Caraway cookware very much desirable. The coating given on aluminum is considered non-toxic. Besides, its cookware transfers heat too quickly. Thus, cooking time reduces significantly.

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How long does Caraway cookware last?

Cookers and homemakers are always concerned about cookware’s lifespan. And this is something to worry about because no one wants to buy these every day, of course.

Caraway’s cookware is well-built and should last more than three years of average use. The kitchenware has an aluminum core, and a ceramic coating is given to it.

One astonishing thing is that the ceramic coating Caraway uses is nonstick. In addition, the pans have a multi-layer ceramic coating so that they last longer.

The company could use the traditional nonstick coating that is polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE short. But ceramic coating is more sustainable and does not contaminate food.

Where can I buy Caraway cookware

Where can I buy Caraway cookware?

Caraway is a United States-based company, and the company only supplies its products in the following country. In the USA, you can find the company’s cookware merchandise in malls, stores, and markets.

Besides offline stores, you can buy Caraway cookware online. Several online marketplaces sell the company’s products. The online platforms are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart

How much does Caraway cookware cost?

I am not saying that Caraway cookware is the most budget-friendly item in the market. But in some respects, this pricing is legit. As you can see, Caraway manufactures its cookware with materials that will never intoxicate your food.

If someone’s budget is very tight, they should think twice before buying Caraway cookware. Currently, the company sells its cookware set only for 395 dollars, which is at a discount. The original price is a hundred dollars more.

There is more. Caraway is a direct-to-consumer or DTC type company. Thus, the cost of passing through a third party is not added to the price. Therefore, one can buy Caraway products from the company’s factory outlets.

Is Caraway cookware worth buying?

Caraway is a brilliant company as a newbie. The company knows how to capture the market. In addition, it reads the market, and what people want.

There are some significant benefits one can have by using Caraway cookware. All companies cannot provide all these advantages in their products at once. The benefits are pointed out below to see at a glance:

  • Fast heating and spreading evenly
  • Sustaining up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Non-toxic ceramic coating
  • Compatible with induction cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not need much oil to slide eggs
  • Comfortable handle design and does not heat up

Is Caraway cookware ethically made?

It is assumed that Caraway manufactures its cookware in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, its products are made in Chinese and Indian industries, and those industries maintain ethical manufacturing.

The industries that produce Caraway are SMETA, and BSCI certified. And that means they must pay fairly, regulate work hours, and control and safe workspace. So, yes, Caraway cookware is made ethically.