Where is Caracole Furniture Made 2024?

Caracole Furniture is a young American company. This furniture brand is characterized by safety, reliability, and durability. They have a furniture collection for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, hallways, dining rooms, and other rooms.

Under the leadership of Christiana Capra, the Caracole furniture designer meets a talented team of artists. While purchasing Caracole furniture you may wonder, “where is Caracole furniture made?

Where is Caracole Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Caracole furniture made:

Caracole Furniture is predominantly made in North Carolina. Some of its factories are located in South Asian countries.

While manufacturing, Caracole uses premium materials to make its furniture stylish and innovative.

They work with natural solid wood, metal, MDF, natural stone, artificial leather, silk, wool, crystal, and so on. Using these raw ingredients, Caracole makes its furniture in over 11 countries.  

Is Caracole furniture made in China?

Yes, Caracole furniture is also made in China. Ten modern manufacturing plants in China make Caracole furniture.

In 2009, Caracole became a subsidiary of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd. Consequently, Markor International took the leadership and manufacturing ideas of Caracole. Talking about Markor International Furniture Co., its operation is based in China. They have more than ten manufacturing plants in China.

As a subsidiary of Markor International, Caracole began manufacturing its furniture in South Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam, and so on. Hence, Caracole furniture is made in China.

Is Caracole furniture made in the USA?

Yes, most of Caracole’s furniture line is made in the USA. Its manufacturing plants are located in North Carolina, USA.

In the US furniture market, Caracole is the trusted name of a stylish furniture manufacturer. They make most of their furniture line in the US. Nonetheless, some of their premium items are manufactured outside the USA.

Caracole’s North Carolina-based factories are larger than other manufacturing plants. Although it has more than ten factories in China, and South Asian countries, USA-based factories are the largest of all. They make quality furniture lines in these USA-based factories.  

In the competitive furniture market, USA-made caracole furniture has gained an enormous reputation. This brand has become one of the leading furniture brands in the US. In a word, Caracole furniture is made in the USA — specifically in North Carolina, USA.

Is Caracole furniture made in the USA

How much does Caracole furniture cost?

Caracole is typically a high-end furniture line. Pricing of Caracole ranges from $100 to $5k. Its first classic dining set will cost you more. The average price of Caracole’s classic first-class dining set is $9,790. Its Bedroom collection will averagely cost you $1,175.  

Caracole is well-known for elevating ordinary furniture through extraordinary design in the furniture market. They have a variety of furniture collections. From Bedroom furniture to the outdoor collection, Caracole is all over.

Caracole sofa goes for $5,470 in the competitive furniture market. Their high-class furniture collection prices a lot if we compare the furniture market. Their dining set also costs you more than other furniture brands. Consequently, Caracole has become a high-rated furniture brand.

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Where to buy Caracole furniture?

Being a subsidiary of Markor International Furniture Co., Ltd., Caracole furniture is now widely available. Their furniture line is now available in both retail stores and online marketplaces. Their outlets are located in numerous states in the US.

You can easily find Caracole’s nearest outlets providing some information here:

By visiting these Caracole outlets, you can easily purchase your desired furniture. Apart from retail stores, Caracole furniture is also available on online marketplaces. Caracole sells its furniture through:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

In terms of online purchasing, you may prefer Amazon as your favorite shopping platform. You will get authentic products through a discount on Amazon. Besides, Amazon provides the facility of using Amazon-affiliate promotional codes. Using these promotional codes, you may also get a discount.  

Who manufactures Caracole furniture?

Caracole Furniture is manufactured by Schnadig International Corporation. Schnadig is one of the world-class furniture manufacturers and furniture retail operators in the world.

Under the instruction of Schnadig International Corporation, Caracole makes its furniture line. They are the manufacturer of living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, sofas, and so on.

Schnadig’s factories are located in North Carolina. According to the Schnadig authority, they are moving their manufacturing facilities from China to North Carolina.

Is Caracole furniture good quality

Is Caracole furniture good quality?

In the US and European furniture markets, Caracole has gained an enormous reputation. They have earned positive feedback from their customers. Within a short time, Caracole obtained the leading position.

If you ask, why Caracole is good, the following characteristics can mention:

  • Caracole has a variety of furniture collection
  • They have a furniture collection for over 15 different rooms
  • Caracole’s manufacturing facilities are located in over 11 countries
  • Their furniture line is widely available

Caracole has a custom upholstery program that will allow you to design your own signature furniture

Talking about pricing, Caracole follows high-end business philosophy. Consequently, they have set their furniture pricing high. They should make their furniture affordable.

Who is Caracole furniture owned by?

Markor Furniture is now the owner of Caracole Furniture.

As mentioned, Markor Furniture purchased Caracole furniture in 2009. Since then, it has been a subsidiary of the renowned Markor International Furniture, Co., Ltd.

Caracole Furniture is manufactured by Schnadig. But, they changed their name to Caracole in 2009. In October 2009, Markor International Furniture, Co., Ltd., purchased the furniture brand. Consequently, Markor Furniture is now the owner of Caracole furniture.  

Is Caracole furniture real wood?

Yes, Caracole furniture is made by using solid wood from Oak, Walnut, Pine, and Mahogany. They also use metal, MDF, natural stone, polyurethane foam, and so on in their furniture line. Hence, Caracole is made of real wood.

Does Caracole make its own furniture?

According to their authority, Caracole makes its own furniture. They added that they create high-style furniture that is filled with personality and exceptional value. Caracole uses unique materials and creates individual pieces.