Where is Breeo Stove Made 2024 – (All You Need to Know)

Breeo Stove is made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Before Lancaster, Breeo Stove was made in Ohio.

As they began working with PennEagle Manufacturing, all of Breeo’s manufacturing facilities were moved from Ohio to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Where is Breeo Stove Made

Breeo is an American brand of smokeless fire pit. Breeo was built to find adventure and cultivate a deep love for a real wood fire.

They value continuous improvement and developing others. Consequently, Breeo has become one of the best wood burning fire pits manufacturers in the world.

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Is Breeo Stove made in China?

No, Breeo Stove is not made in China.

The Breeo is manufactured in Pennsylvania. You may find Solo Stove in the market which is completely made in China.

Breeo is the name of a long-lasting fire pit manufacturer. Breeo makes the best smokeless fire pits that money can buy.

The concerning issue for the consumer is where the Breeo Stove is made. Breeo manufacturer has ensured that all of their smokeless fire pits are made in the sweetest manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania.

Hence, you won’t find any Breeo Stove labeled with a Made in China tag.

who makes Breeo stove

Who makes Breeo Stove?

Currently, PennEagle Manufacturing is making the premium Breeo Stove.

In 2004, the first MALLET models and Highland blades were introduced. Their innovative design and advanced technology have enhanced alignment guides to maximize performance.

Penneagle currently makes $5 million in revenue. The company operates all of its manufacturing processes in San Mateo, California.

Is Breeo Stove a good brand?

Breeo was the pioneer in designing smokeless fire pits in 2011. They have expanded their product lines and updated them to the original products.

Now, Breeo is offering two major lines including the Luxeve and X Series. As X Series are customizable, most people love this one. Besides, the X Series is made of stainless steel and Corten steel. Consequently, the Breeo X Series has become the most advanced and beautiful backyard fire pit on the market.

As the X Series can be made of Corten Steel, it is different from most of the other featured fire pits. The sear plate ring has the most functional options. Besides, it is wide enough for cooking.

For grilling, Breeo sells fire pit accessories. The brand provides advanced and functional features for your outdoor experience.

In short, have a look at the pros and cons of the Breeo Stove:

Sear Plate can be used to cookHeavier than its competitors
You can choose between corten steel & stainless steel 
Outpost accessories are available for open-fire cooking 
Corten steel develops a handsome patina 
Patent-pending X Airflow technology supports stronger fire 
100% USA made 

Talking about affordability, both Breeo Stove and Solo Stoves are expensive. Considering overall prices, the solo stove appears a bit cheaper in the market.    

Where to buy a Breeo Stove?

Breeo Stove is widely available. You can easily purchase your favorite Breeo stove in their retail stores and online.

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Breeo distributes all of its products worldwide. You can also find a lot of retail stores in the US that are selling Breeo stoves.

Apart from retail stores, Breeo stove is available online. You can easily order a Breeo stove on their official webpage. Besides, Breeo stove is available on:

  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

Considering these aforementioned marketplaces, we strongly recommend Amazon as it sells authentic products for a reasonable price. Sometimes, they offer seasonal discounts.

You can also use promotional codes on their platform to get a discount.

How much does Breeo Stove cost?

For the smallest model, the customizable Breeo X series fire pits start at $349. The large Breeo stove may cost you up to $1,249.

As mentioned, Breeo offers two models — the X Series and Luxeve. The X series are customizable. You can find the use of corten steel and stainless steel in these Breeo X Series. Consequently, the Breeo X Series may appear as the expensive one.

However, if you chose the small Breeo X Series, the price starts at $349 only. The large Breeo X series will cost you $1,249!  

Is Breeo Stove worth buying?

The Breeo X series is made of Corten Steel or sustainable Stainless Steel. The X Series is designed for smokeless operations. The Breeo is hand-built from heavy-duty materials. Hence, it should last for years. 

As Breeo Stove is the most durable fire pit on the market, it is obviously worth buying.

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Is Breeo made by the Amish?

Yes, Breeo is made by the Amish.

The Breeo stove is 100% USA-made. These products are designed and well crafted by the skilled craftsmen of the US.

According to the manufacturing authority, a large number of their team members are Amish. They bring their cultural ethics with them to work each morning.

Who owns Breeo?

Jonathan Miller is the proud owner of Breeo. 

In 2011, Breeo officially debuted its original prototype. This year, the Company was co-founded by Jonathan Miller. Later, the flagship product became the 1st smokeless fire pit on the market. 

Currently, the Company operates its production facility from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Is Breeo Stove ethically made?

The brand makes all of its products with skilled craftsmen from the USA. No burning issues have been found regarding their factories.

The employees working here are well paid. No financial crises have been found. Consequently, we can conclude by saying that the Breeo Stove is ethically made.